Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Last year I wrote about what I got my mom but this year I wanted to take a different approach on the subject. I wanted to talk about all the things that my mom has been there for me through the years.

Now I may be a "goody too-shoes" now but I've not always been that one stay-out-of-trouble type of kid. I was at one time quite the rebel who was straight up trying to earn my out-law badge. I've come a long way from being known as the trouble maker of the town. If you see that picture to the left you can tall I was deff out lookin for trouble in all the wrong places. But, I will admit, all those shots and staying out late make for some fun memories now!

There were a couple people who stuck with me through those crazy times. Some were close friends who have long faded since I outgrew my irresponsible age while others were family members who I've actually grown closer to since I left my rebel years.

But, the one person who saw the good in me through it all was my mother. She's been my rock who has supported me and was always there for spiritual encouragement 24/7. Although there were times where I was more than ready to leave the nest and the rules that said nest had enforced I was always lucky to have a good excuse to come home and just relax knowing my mom would be there to make me laugh.

I have never really considered myself similar to my mom, she was into sewing, and nursing, Christian music, quite places, gardening and reading books. I was into partying, dirt roads, crazy stunts and sleeping during the day. We were two totally separate people with two totally separate interests. Now, I look at myself and laugh because I am so much like my mother it scares me!

Back when I was a young pup, I can remember mom always keeping me busy helping her in the garden. We'd always finish up by watering the seeds and singing "grow, grow, grow" to each and every tiny plant. Now, while working in my own garden I find myself singing the same thing! We'd also always make it a big girls day to pull out decorations for the upcoming holiday, I can remember always sitting down and digging through the boxes of ornaments and re-telling the stories of how they came about and where we got each bulb from.

I can remember a specific time in high school where I went through a life changing event. I was disappointed in myself and the situations I had found myself in but never once did my mom look at me and tell me that I was going down a destructive road or that I would never amount to good things. She was the one there holding me, drying my tears of disappointment and promising me that the Lord has a magical way of making it all better and that if I trust in him things can and will soon turn around. I could have pushed her away, I could have scoffed it off and played the pity card, but instead, I choose the higher road and I decided that she was right. I could choose to do bigger and better things with my life.

My mom is extremely special to me because she's always been my supportive friend. Not just a mom but someone who is full of encouragement  I've heard from numerous co-workers that she's the one making the work atmosphere bearable. I'd believe it, I've even heard rumors that she's done cartwheels in the halls. Yup, like mother, like daughter....

Thank you mom for never giving up on my and also for listening to me complain about things that no longer matter in two days. Lately I've been in a whiny mood but mom listens, then agrees and we call people mean names together. Then it's out of my system and I move on and listen to her words of encouragement. Once in awhile I'll find she leaves me little surprises at the house. Those tend to make my day. I cannot wait to share a friendship throughout the years to come. LOVE YA!


  1. You have definitely grown up good. Your mom can be proud!

  2. You have definitely grown up good. Your Mom can be proud.

  3. aw, this was adorable! Haha I definitely remember telling myself when I was in jr. high that I'd never be like my mom... oops!


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