Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello! I know it's Friday but I took a little bit of time getting to posting. This week is all quacked out! Last year was a bit more low key than this year for the big Memorial Day Weekend.

Saturday we were out the door by noon to make a wedding in North Bend. It was about an hour and a half drive so we got to spend some quality time with Travis' parents. Quite the day let me tell you! The wedding was gorgeous, I was jealous of all the rustic looking pretties and then I was of course excited to sip on some of the grooms signature drink: Jack & Coke. The evening was spent dancing away and enjoying company of friends! We got home around 1-ish and I stayed up extra late baking cookies, if you're my buddy on Instagram you were delighted to see some of the pictures I took of my late night baking festivities. Fun. Stuff.

Sunday morning came sooner than expected and I was super excited to get into the river to canoe the Blue and hang out with friends I don't normally see all the time. We dropped in the river around noon and we took almost seven hours to get to our final destination. I was lucky enough I got to go with my bestie, Timmy. We have known each other for years, we even went to prom together in high school and there's nothing that I wouldn't do for him. I love that boy to death. :) 

If you take a look at the first shots above, you'll see there's about eight canoes full of coolers. These were not all of the canoes and I know I've got more shots somewhere but I wanted to get as many canoes as possible. It's fun to see what they looked like starting out before they dropped in the water.  Also, take not of the bungees on the coolers, in case of emergency capsize those will hopefully hold the beverages inside of the coolers until we can tip them back over. The picture below pretty much explains what you should do in this situation. No title or caption needed. :)

These shots are just randoms from before and after the trip. Poor Sierra got sunscreen in her eye, luckily for her (and us) there was plenty of ice cold beer to help her get some relief of the sting a little. The giant fleet of people dragging their canoes is such a fun picture I think! I also love the polka dancing that was occurring after we got back from the trip. As you can tell, everyone has mad skills.

This is my bestie. He's been there through thick and thin. He's stuck up for me and has never once walked away. Don't think we've gotten where we're at without our ups and downs. I can distinctly remember a fight we shared last winter about something rediculous but lucky for me, he's always came back and didn't stay mad for long. We may have the weirdest friendship ever, we may act like complete children but that's us. Take it or leave it we're besties and I will never have another guy friend that I'm this close to. Ever. Like ever. (T-Swift there for ya)

So after the canoe trip we ended up over at Ben's where we cleaned out the canoes, hung out and re-grouped together. We sat around for awhile but then when we all took off I ventured over to the neighbors where I got lost and next thing I knew the clock said 3 am. It was time for beddy!!

Sunday was a fairly relaxed day, we received over 1.40" of rain so we happy danced for awhile then decided to get up and do something productive for the day. Trav and me jumped in the old truck to get some shots of the growing corn. Now that it's all planted I have intentions of doing the growth stages dealo! Figured my blog buddies that aren't into the ag world would love to learn a thing or two. After I took some fun pictures we stopped at mom and dad's to hang out for awhile. I brought the camera along so I'll sometime post pictures of all of my mom's gorgeous flowers along with a couple of other "farm" pictures I took. We shared some fun on the farm and took off to make a stop at the cemetery. My grandpa was a war vet and I'm so grateful for him serving so I figured it was only right to stop by and see him. Now grandpa passed away in 2003 and I hadn't stopped to see him since 2010 when grandma passed away. And since grandma passed away I haven't been out there, so it was time. I cleaned off the graves (grandma always insisted we did this when I helped her put out the war vets flowers each year) and then walked around to visit the other loved ones and friends that have passed away. It was a weird feeling knowing there were so many people around but not able to chit chat with you. Romantic? Naw but fun to see everyone again! We had plans on grilling that evening, but it was getting late and with rain (heavy rain) showing up on the radar we decided to eat Chinese instead. YUM!

This past weekend was filled with many memories I will forever cherish, many friends I will forever love and spending time with the most important people of my life. I love my parents and I miss my grandparents but such is life. Things and people change, time changes and we're constantly growing old in age, but NEVER forget to live a little and be a kid at heart. People may say I'm childish or that I'm a constant goof but I'd prefer it that way. That just means if I don't make it until tomorrow I did what I love doing, making people smile and giving people memories to re-tell of me in the future.

Until the next post, -Keep On (trying to) Keepin Up


  1. HAH I love this..I stalked your pictures when you posted these. Also....more reasons why I need to live can make me cookies!

  2. It looks like you had a blast! I think my favorite picture is the line of people dragging the canoe's, haha, love it. I too would love to jump on the "invite" for cookies? ;)

  3. Hi love!

    looks like such a fun weekend! :) :)

  4. I love these pictures! I also went tubing this past weekend but was too scared of water damage to bring anything!

  5. I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Check out SunShine PenPals and join the fun! We'd love to have you!



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