Friday, May 3, 2013

The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In

So, I decided to link-it-up again! This link-up's fun and I get to show you the real crazy Kelsey you can get a couple laughs out of. This time I wanted to show you that it's quite possible to live an aboslutely normal life with a drink in your hand and that it's totally possible to do so many more activities WITH a drink in your hand!

So, here are a couple examples of situations that I've made it through with a drink in hand and my suggestions on ways to make it through them safely and learn from them....


Notice the ombre look my hair was doing? Ya, that was happening
back before ombre was even cool!!
Drinking While Ironing: I've made it through ironing, yes, ironing in college. We made some t-shirts, but what you don't see in this picture is the fact that we sat around for about half an hour waiting for that iron to get hot, it wouldn't, I mostly blame it on "someone" not turning it on only plugging it in, but we won't name any names....

Things you can learn from this situation: You need to make sure that there are a couple of procedures you need to do before you pick up the drink again. A, you need to make sure the chord is plugged into the wall and B, you need to make sure that it's on. Once those two steps are completed feel free to pick up your beverage and continue drinking. But make sure to avoid touching the shiny side of the iron, rumor has it that it's hot.


Ok, so I just wanted to post this so I could remind
myself of  what my body USED to look like.
Get over it!
Drinking While Boating: Next up, ways to safely party while pulling the boat safely onto the lake. Now I won't say what years but I'll admit that we did indeed make it a point to celebrate the last day of school each year by heading out to the lake and dropping the paddle boat into the water. Sometimes it meant pulling out some beverages in celebration of finishing up another school year. 

Things to learn from this situation: Make sure you have mud boots on. I'm really not sure why, but just make sure you have them on. Perhaps to prevent your tootsies from getting dirty before you jump in the lake? Also, make sure you're extremely agile when it comes to holding things above water and treading water at the same time. Someone always tipped the boat so I learned to hold cell phones and my beer above water while they got the boat right side up again. (again, sorry dad for you having to find out via my blog but yes, I'll admit I did a little partying in my younger years, we can chit chat about it later)


Drinking While Drinking: I'm thinking this one doesn't even need a caption but I'll go ahead and give in one anyways...

Things you can learn from this situation: Always. Make. Sure. You. Save. Your. Boxes! Recycle here people, be proud of your accomplishments! Heck, if nothing else you can always use them as wallpaper against your focal wall! Another thing to learn from this situation is that you should not attempt to consume all the alcohol alone, and do not, ever never, like ever, try to consume all that liquor on the "mantle" at once. Oh, and ask your mom to patch your jeans, this style was so ugly now that I look at it!


Drinking While Picturing: Well lookie who we have here. Big Bird! He's not your average big bird those, he's the dirty close-minded adult drunk big bird. I apologize because normally, I like to keep this blog family friendly. If the kiddos are around please send them to watch ABC at this time instead of looking at this next shot. The boys found this hilarious to turn their mailbox into a HUGE big bird, equipped with big bird holding a beer bottle, smoking a cigarette  holding a case of Busch Light and attach a 3D, er, uh ya... So, while out for a drive one evening we decided to stop and snap a picture of him. Looking back I'm so grateful I did because I'm sorry to report big bird has left the nest. He no longer is located at that farm stead and those boys are growing up. The shenanigans are still happening but big bird is no longer involved. 

Things to learn from this situation: Make sure you have a camera handy at all times to ensure that big bird will forever be a cherished memory on film. Also, make sure you just throw your hand around his neck instead, this makes for a dirty picture! Oh, and hide a deer trail camera in hopes of snapping a picture of the mailman's reaction when he has to insert mail into this "thing" daily. I'm sure he got some kind of laugh out of it too!!


Drinking While Freezing: Ok, so if you didn't already know this, Nebraska has COLD weather. Not just the normal, 32 degree freezing thing. This was one of those nights. We ended up going to a friends place to celebrate winter quarter ending and the boys weren't exactly into heating the place. So, you needed to bring your own warmth. I choose to bring coveralls and a super warm jacket.

Things to learn from this situation: Always keep a pair of insulated coveralls in your vehicle. No matter what, you'll need them in the most random times and places!


Drinking While Hanging Around: This is one of my favorite places to party. Country Stampede!! I have so many memories of Tuttle Creek Grounds and the people I've met there! This is a picture from when we were cruising around the campsites and harassing people. Yes, I've been known to have an extroverted personality and go around to tease people (jokingly). It's so fun to meet all the randoms and everyone parties extra hard because we know that most likely we'll never have to see these fools ever again.

Things to learn from this situation: Go hard or go home. Seriously, act like a fool, but just don't get arrested!


I've got so many more tips for you guys but I want to keep this post short and sweet. Stick around, hopefully next week I'll go ahead and give you more pointers on ways to learn from situations I've experienced!


  1. Can you please move to VA so we can drink together and have redneck fun?

  2. Hahahaha!!! I love all of these, drinking while drinking is my favorite!!


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