Friday, May 17, 2013

Work-Out Q&A

So, I have a couple questions. I hope you've noticed I've been doing this running thing lately and I've ran into a couple questions that I figured would be easiest answered by asking for your suggestions. Here goes:

Sports Bras- Any go-to brand that are better than the other? Right now I'm LOVING this Colosseum brand bra because the pocket makes it perfect to throw my phone into and zip it up so it doesn't go bumping out. I love it for race days because it holds my car key, my phone, my id and spare change I might need. The only thing that stinks (besides me when I get done running) is that they're kind of pricey. They're tough to find right now, a lot of places are sold out so everyone else must be loving them as much as I do! Good luck finding another brand of bras that have a zipper front pocket, I've searched high and low for these puppies! But, is there any brand that I should look into for functionality? I've got a couple Nike's, Adidas and Under Armor's but I always take this lady with on race day.

MP3/Phone Armband- Do you have one? What brand do you use? I'm wanting something that will hold my Droid 4 but my biggest issue that I run into is that when I'm running I usually pull my phone out to check my stats. Right now I'm using the above sports bra for race days and the occasional run but I'm still mostly just holding my phone when I go out running. Suggestions!??!

Running/Training Apps- My go to app is RunKeeper (add me as a friend!) but I also have MapMyRun. I like RunKeeper and the commands I can select for it to tell me while I'm running. I haven't used MapMyRun for almost two years now but yes, it's there. I also like that RunKeeper syncs with my GymPact account. I've found GymPact especially useful in that I can earn money and it also motivates me to keep moving because I don't want to lose $10 a workout. And what kind of workouts would it be without some kind of jams to listen to? Yes, I use Pandora and no I don't mind the occasional ad because its free and easy to use while running. So, you're probably thinking, ok Kelsey, seriously, you've got enough apps running on your phone while you run, buuuut, I want to bring up one more app that I use. It's this super awesome app called Charity Miles! This one is easy and it works in the background while I switch between RunKeeper and Pandora. I love knowing that my miles are being donated to a good cause!

Heart Rate Monitors- This is a whole new subject that I'm wanting to find out more about. I've never used one, but I feel the want/need to get one. I've seen others use them, I want one. I just do not know anything about them so I don't know what brands to get and what to look for in one. I'd prefer to go the cheapest route to see if I really use it and then invest in a better one later but if you have an idea of how they work or what works and what doesn't please let me know!!

Energy Bars/Treats- Anything you like? I haven't discovered any super yummy goodies yet. I just try out all the new bars and treats I get from my StrideBox subscription.

Shoes- Yup, I've got about a million pair of running shoes but I want to know what works for you and why you like them? I've always been an avid Nike runner but I tried a pair of Adidas kicks on and haven't taken them off since. I've been dying to try out Brooks but have yet to purchase them.

So there it is, anything I'm missing or anything you suggest? I'm all ears about finding new ways to boost up my running experience! I'm not into the weights thing obviously, and I don't do gyms, so anything at home workout related I'm ears for listening in on! Thanks for all the suggestions!!

*Eeek, I totally forgot to ask about actual workout clothing gear. Any must-haves? I prefer cheap so anything that's cute and cheap make sure to send me the links to!

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  1. Sorry I can't help! Haha! I do only get VS sports bras cause these girls need the underwire support.

  2. I have Brooks and I love love love them!!!!

  3. I'm currently training to run my first 5k in June and our have vs want lists are just about opposite.

    I really really need to get a good running bra, but I'm oh so cheap.
    I currently have some New Balance shoes that seem decent, but I'm always reading shoe reviews.
    I have a heart rate monitor, the Polar FT4 and I find it to be so so. I used a Polar FT60 for two weeks and loved it's extra features.
    I love RunKeeper and Runtastic. I have MapMyRun but never use it. I also use Pandora for my music.

  4. Happy Monday Dearest Friend.

    I am currently downloading some of those apps and so excited to try them.

    I have just been using endomondo and pandora of course! :)
    I will add you on runkeeper that way we can motivate each other in hopes of that half marathon :)

  5. I love Luna Bars! They are delicious and have a lot of protein and nutrients.
    Light & Sweet {giveaway going on now!}

  6. I buy whats functional, comfortable and cheapest! I don't have to have name brands just something that works and solves my problems... so I always recommend shopping somewhere like TJMaxx and Marshalls. I find the best deals and items there each time. I love my runners world hand held water bottle, found at Marshalls. Every sports bra and outfit pretty much all found there too! I've even bought my foam roller and medicine ball there! I seriously hope you have one nearby that you can scope out! At home I use a kettlebell to get in all kinds of strength training and when I run I use either a Garmin or Runkeeper like you to track myself! I'm a nike runner too!

  7. THE BOUNCE STOPS HERE! Enell Sports Bras are the BEST sports bras made ever! I kid you not! They were featured a few years ago on Oprah's favorite things which brought them to the publics attention! But we here in MT knew about them along time ago because they are made right here in Havre MT. A woman here invented them! They really are amazing. Not inexpensive but worth every penny!
    I believe it is

  8. I am so glad that I came across this page.
    Very well composed and presented.
    Well done!

  9. Brooks running shoes. Quest bars or Kind bars for protein/energy (low sugar, no funky ingredients). Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

    Found you through the #NOtivation link up!

  10. I LOOOVE this!

    This is so awesome, and a great way to get feedback in a fitness sense! I'll keep checking back for other's answers because I have ALOT of your same questions!

    As for that sports bra? NEED IT!

    thank you so much for linking up with us!


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