Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pancakes & Bacon Cupcakes

After a couple people asked (SUZI!) for the recipe because they saw my picture on Instagram I decided to just share with everyone! This recipe is super yummy and although the bacon might seem deterring trust me, it's soooo good! It's got the sweet & salty thing going on. Here is the link to the recipe I used but I adapted some parts to work a little easier for me.

-2 1/2 cups flour
-2 teaspoon baking powder
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (it called for ginger but I didn't have any and didn't want to buy any)
-1 stick or 1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
-1/2 cup light-brown sugar
-2 large eggs
-1 1/4 cups maple syrup
-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1/2 cup buttermilk

1. Preheat your oven 350 degrees F.
2. Mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon together. Set aside.
3. Then beat the butter and sugar on medium speed in a large bowl until they are fluffy. (Your butter must be soft!) 

4. Add in eggs, syrup and vanilla. Mix until blended.
5. Then mix in the flour mixture alternating with the buttermilk. Do about 1/3 of the flour and then 1/3 of the buttermilk, and so on.
6. Fill muffin or cupcake tins, either lined or buttered, according to your preference. (I used liners)
7. Cook for approximately 20 minutes or until your tester comes out clean. (I use a steak knife)
8. Cool totally and then ice with Maple-Butter Frosting.

Makes about 24 cupcakes.

-1 cup of softened, unsalted butter-3 ounces of cream cheese, also softened-2/3 cup of dark-brown sugar (I use golden)-1/4 teaspoon salt-3/4 cup of maple syrup-3/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract-1 cup of confectioners' (icing) sugar

1. Beat the softened butter, cream cheese, brown sugar and salt in a medium-sized bowl until fluffy. Once again, it is critical that your ingredients be softened.
2. While you keep beating, add both the maple syrup and the vanilla.
3. Slowly add the confectioners' sugar and gradually increase the speed to high. Continue beating until the icing is fluffy. (DO NOT leave on for too long, it'll look funky and not look fluffy anymore, I got side tracked and came back and it looked weird, tastes fine just looks odd)
4. Chill the maple-butter frosting for one hour before using.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Texas Trip Part #1

As most of you already know Travis and I took a trip down to Texas at the beginning of March. Another thing that most of you know is that I'm a slacker and I tend to forget things often. Add those two things together and you get for someone who doesn't blog about events until a month or three after it happened.

So here I am, finally getting around to posting a couple posts about our vacation. First stop on the thirteen hour drive was in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum. This is the location of the bombing that happened in 1995 that killed over 168 people when Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice blew up the Murrah Federal Building. 

In 1995 I was only about six years old so to be honest I really don't remember a whole heck of a lot. I remember hearing about it, but at that age I don't think you really realize exactly what a bombing is. I do remember in the years to come hearing about McVeigh's court hearings and death sentence. 

This place was amazing to say the least! When we first walked up to the huge memorial I noticed a couple things, one included was the chain link fence of items. These were items that people from all over the world have left behind to pay their respects to those who lost their lives on that day. It was very interesting to see all the tiny items that children, parents and people who didn't even know anyone personally left. There were tiny notes, some personal items, necklaces, ribbons, bracelets and I saw a pacifier in there among other personal items. Quite moving.

Then we walked into the museum. It was worth the entry fee, I don't remember off the top of my head, but I want to say it was around $24 for the two of us. 

The exhibits were set up as "chapters" so it was kind of a walk-through of what started out as a day in the life in Oklahoma City, nothing major, the city streets buzzing, the people doing their normal thing. After you got the feel of what it was like you went into a room where you sat down and listened in on a regular meeting that morning of the bombing on April 19th. Next thing you know there's a loud crash and you hear sheer panic. This is to make you think you're confused and you do not know what's going on. I freaked out a little bit and then to show you the CNN shows with live footage from that day just puts your senses on high making you want to know what's all happening. 

Then they send you onto the "wreckage zone" which shows actual structures that were in the building, scraps of papers, clothing, personal items, kids' toys, watches, filing cabinets with shreds of metal in them. They show you everything that was recovered from the explosion. They try to make it look as realistic as possible with real ruble around, it feels as if you're walking through the explosion site and you're just in awe at how much destruction really has happened. At this point you really aren't sure if it's a terrorist attack, who did it, why they did it and so many other unanswered questions are rushing through your brain.

If that's not earth shattering then they take you through an area that has live media footage showing people getting pulled out. There were interviews with those who survived the event, they had then and now footage. Showing them the day of the bombing and where they're at now. The part that really hurt me was watching the millions of helpers carrying out limp bodies. You couldn't help but imagine how those survivors felt knowing they've survived one of the worst bombings in the US.

There is a section dedicated to how they went about creating the bomb, the court hearings and how they found the men responsible for this act of hatred. I was amazed how they traced it all back to them but it just goes to show that you cannot pull off something without justice prevailing. I'm proud to say that I live in America and those men were sentenced for what they did. Punishment is not a way to get even but it's a way to give the families who will forever miss their loved ones closure. It's a way to make sure these men do not re-create such horrible crimes.

If you want more on the actual bombing, the museum or anything related to Oklahoma City Memorial by all means go and visit their website or better yet, visit the memorial. I cannot put into words the emotional toll this bad boy took on me. It really takes it to a whole other level for me. I'm a realist, to me, the Oklahoma City bombing didn't really mean much, but seeing it in person. Seeing the actual "facts" really made me realize that millions of people were affected. That several families were torn apart. Mommies lost babies, babies lost daddies and mommies. It's tough. Life sucks. And terrorists are disgusting.  (I just finished this post up right after the Boston bombing some I'm still emotional about bombings)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Good Life: Your Vehicle

Thank you to all of have linked up over the past nine weeks! You're all too awesome, I've taken it upon myself to surprise someone and pick a "winner" out of those who link up this week and reward them with free ad space. Pays to link-up sometimes!


I really didn't know which direction I wanted to take this when I knew we were going to talk about our rides. So I decided to give you the "low down" on my rims. Here's my vehicle history since I turned legal driving age. 

16th Birthday- I received a neighbors car as a pre-sixteenths birthday gift from my parents. While being a good samaritan and picking up some friends from a party and driving them home I hit a deer and slammed into a ditch. Car totaled, Kelsey's entire length of a vehicle, max of two weeks. Failure.

16th Birthday Round #2- This time I was able to help decide my faith! I knew I wanted a truck. There was absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind I was a country girl. I knew that all country girls drove trucks and I knew that Ford's were the way to go. (I was young, give me a break!) So, with a little searching we discovered the truck of every 16.5 year old's dream. An F150 maroon extended cab short box truck. I loved it, I treated that gem named Timmy, like he deserved. I loved him so much he made it into my senior pictures! I looked pretty awesome right?!? ;)

Me and Timmy had our rounds, somehow I ended up blowing the motor in him by pulling a trailer to town for my dad. We replaced the motor and while waiting for the new motor I got stuck driving the Dodge truck. I didn't have a choice again on this one. I drove dad's truck, but it wasn't terrible. It was a truck, every country girl's dream!

A little history on the Dodge truck. My sister was born in the truck on the way to the hospital so it's been dubbed the Delivery Truck. Mom was a nurse, dad and EMT so naturally the situation worked out and my sister was born about ten minutes from the hospital. She never was patient!

Back to the Timmy story, so after the engine was replaced it was back to driving down the highways and dirt roads with my old pal. We went through a lot, breakups, proms, parties and the occasional road trip to Kansas but my old friend never left me stranded. I loved him so much!!

High School Graduation- I did it! Congratulations to myself for surviving high school! Go me :) As a special gift to myself I bought my very first vehicle on my own! I bought a 2002 Ford Explorer. I kept it in the Ford family and decided to step up my game a little bit. Something cute, a little navy blue gem that I loved to death. Still crappy mileage but I had gotten used to it driving a truck. I loved my Exploder! Yes, you read that right, I called it my Exploder. And sadly, the Exploder exploded. It was a terrible way to go, but a tractor and me collided, both unharmed but I still went to the ER to make sure all was ok. Back to driving dad's rigs for awhile...

College Shenanigans- Well I obviously HAD to get another vehicle. Everyone has bad luck with insurance except me. I actually made money on my Exploder and bought a 99 Dodge Durango with it. Insert>> Did you notice I made the switch? I went from Ford's to now a Dodge. It's all a learning curve. I loved my Dingo. Yes, Dingo was her name-o! We made it through a lot, I ended up selling her with over 202,000 miles. Cash. The fool who bought her I felt sorry for, I told him honestly that she had a transmission problem and he was ok with her. I walked away with more money than I bought it for (win again) and I was stuck driving Travis' big ol Chevy 2500 Truck for awhile until I found my next set of wheels.

Big Girl Time- Well, after college was over, it was time to get an adult vehicle. I like to keep the soccer mom persona so I choose a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. Yup, switched again. Chevy is the root of all things wonderful lemme tell ya.This Taco was an extreme upgrade. Seriously, I love it though and it was worth every penny I spent on it.

Taco has been through some fun times with me. Since she's the first vehicle I've spent over $10k on I've really babied her. She's precious and to be honest, I rarely drive her over 75 mph. I love her too much to hurt her and I'm scared that someone might end up running into her. Silly because I do have full coverage but it'll never replace her if something were to happen. Let's just enjoy our time together and live life to the fullest. ;)

And anther rig I've been known to cruise on, four wheelers and ATV's. Of any type of size, I'm not too picky. I love them all! Seriously though, nothing is better than a good old relaxing ride. I don't mind using them for work but the best riding time is pleasure time!

Ehibit A:

Exhibit B:

Notice on the second one how I'm soaking wet? Ya, it may have rained that day, and the cooler in back was not holding water in, it was leaking everywhere! Warm beverages anyone?

I've always been a truck or SUV person and I'm afraid of the day I have to down size. The gas mileage I'm used to, I pay about $70-90 a week to fill up and if I'm not doing anything I can make that last a week and a half. If I were to downsize the amount I'd spend in gas would also go down by I wouldn't feel as safe. SUV's are extremely roomy and I'm so used to it I'd feel squished in anything smaller!

Over the years I've owned several vehicles. Some were just too cool, others were reliable enough to get me to and from events. All of them have a special meaning to me. I'm been extremely blessed to have safe functional vehicles that haven't left me stranded on the side of the road so that in itself is totally awesome. 


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Next Week's Theme:

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Big Brother New Series, New Twists, New Fun!!

Puuulease tell me you're super excited for Big Brother to start! Like seriously, how could you not be?!?!?!?! I'm counting down the hours until it premiers tonight at 7 pm! Bad timing on my part because I have a photo shoot for a senior but oh well, DVR will be catching the action for me and I refuse to check fbook until after I watch it this evening!

Check out the new crew. Don't some of them just come across as total drama queens?!?!? With equal amounts of ladies and lads I'm sure this season will be filled with lust/love, fights, goofy bits and maybe even the occasional twist?! I hope some of you are planning on becoming BB addicts for the next ten weeks! I know I will be :)

And, for those of you who know me, you'll know that I was super sad about missing the season finale last year. Boy "accidentally" (or purposefully we'll never know) stopped my DVR recording so I didn't get to watch it! I was really sad and I vow to not let it happen again this year! But I'm in luck, my best bud +Rachel Silski over at Rachel's Country Roots and I have teamed up to make a fun game out of this seasons show!

What exactly does it consist of? A NEW LINK-UP SERIES!! Here's the deets:


1. Follow the Hosts: Keeping Up With Kelsey & Rachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'
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3. Write a little snippet on Tuesday's about your guess' for Wednesday's evictions and who the new MVP will be for the following week.
4. Come back to link-up your guess' and read what others think!


So there you have it! That's what will be happening around here on Tuesdays. I'm obviously excited to have a buddy who is just as obsessed as I am with the show, but, she might just beat me. She actually tried out for the show! I think it'd be fun, but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle all the backstabbing and talking crap behind each other's backs. And, I might go insane without being able to blog or have a phone. It'd be like jail to me!

Here's the kicker! We're wanting to make this fun so we're donating some fun things in honor of all the backstabbing that will be taking place over the season.

First off, we're giving away FREE Ad Space to TWO people for linking up on the first week. Give us your feed back, who you like, who you voted for  in the MVP area, who you think should be evicted, what you think of the new casa. Give us the juice!

And second prize packet info. The Big Brother Blog MVP!!! Basically the MVP is the most valued player, well in blog land, we're all players of the game! We're giving away a HUGE prize at the end of the season. We want you to stay involved and keep up with us, so we're going to donate some goodies to give to the winner. How to win: Link-up with us! Simple right? The person that links up the most will win the grand prize!

So, tune in tonight, get ready for the new link-up series and I cannot wait to see all you trash talking blog buddies link-up soon! This is going to be a fun way to keep up with the series and see who else follows along!! Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT tell me what happens until I say something via social media. I don't want you to spoil it for me on the first episode :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post: Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road

So while thumbing through blog buddies that are ag related I came across this gem! Erin is pretty neat and a neighboring state buddy so in my opinion (which is always right) she is my friend. She's pretty neat and what she's talking about today is pretty fun! I was in 4-H and FFA growing up. Both ag programs were created to involve youth on the farm and agricultural opportunities for future. I loved both programs and it looks like she enjoyed them too!


Hello everyone, I'm Erin and I blog over at Diaries from the Dirt Road. I started my blog, last November, with the intentions of just a place to write out my feelings and to share some of my lifestyle with others who want to learn about it. I share about my life on the farm, cooking, crafting, and many of my other hobbies. I also will be blogging about my journey of becoming a nurse. I've been accepted into an LPN program beginning this fall.

I currently live on a small farm in the northwest corner of Missouri. We currently have 8 head of Lowline cross cattle. They are the shorter and slightly smaller version of the normal Angus. We also have a donkey named barney, a corgi named duke, 2 goats, and 3 bee hives. One of my biggest passions growing up was showing livestock. I have been showing livestock for 10 years now and it has been a big part of my summers for equally that long. I started out showing just goats and then for about 4 years I showed pigs. But this year I decided I wanted to go back to showing goats I realized the years I was showing pigs that I really missed having goats and showing them. This year I bought 2 wethers (fixed boy goats). During a summer I go to about 4 to 5 local county fairs. In Missouri the county fairs are mostly open which allows you to go to other county fairs besides your own. They are also not terminal shows meaning you don't have to get rid of your animals after the show.

My First Show Ever. I got Grand Champion Market Wether

Me winning Showmanship

Last Wednesday I attended my first show of the year. I have attended this show every year, except once, for the past 10 years. It is just a county south of us so it's not that far of a drive. Its one of our favorite shows because it pays well and it usually has a good amount of competitors to compete against. My goats ended up being in the same class so I got a friend to help me show. I placed 2nd and 6th place in the class. Nothing to complain about because I had lots of fun.

Showing livestock is quite a commitment. It involves a lot of work and dedication. You are not only busy on the day of the show but rather the year and weeks coming up to the show. It all starts when you first get your animal. Some people raise their animals like we have done for years but others buy their animals, which is what I did this year. When I got my goats this year they hadn't been handled at all and were a little crazy so I had to first gentle them down so that I could even touch them. After I gentled them down I began the process of breaking them to lead. This involves them being tied up and me dragging around the barn (humanely not violently)  until they get use to the lead and walking with me. Now I won't say mine are perfectly trained yet but for the most part they do ok. The more I show them and handle them this summer the better they will get too.

Now the week of the show is a pretty crazy time. Last Monday I clipped my goats. Since they are market wethers you have to body clip them from the knee up. Some times I will give them a bath at home but since I clipped them and they weren't that dirty I will just do it at the show. You also have to get health papers from the vet clinic which involves loading them up and having him take a look at them. The night before the show I gather all of my equipment and stuff I need to show with all gathered up and loaded in the truck so I'm not as rushed the morning of the show.

Doesn't his haircut look great :) Just Kidding just to show the difference.

The day of the show it can be a pretty crazy time. From making sure your on time and haven't forgot anything. Most of the shows are in the morning which means we have to get up rather early in order to be at the show in plenty of time to register, wash, and do any touch ups on the animals. Then the show lasts about 2 hours or more depending on the size of the show and how fast the judge goes and then your on your way home with your prizes including bags, buckles, banners, ribbons, or lawn chairs and a nice fat check if your lucky :)

Just a few of the awards my sister and I have won over the years.

Showing livestock has taught me so much and has given me many good memories. I've made many friends all over the state and country and had many awesome experiences showing all over the country. I wouldn't have traded the past 10 years of showing for anything. There have been some not so happy moments but they have been learning experiences for which I am grateful for now. I plan on posting updates and more information about showing on my blog along with all of my experiences through life. So come check my blog out and join in on the fun!!


Seriously, totally dig her style of showing! I so wish I showed when I was younger, but my fam bam wasn't into that thing. I had many friends who showed, but I was more into the sewing, growing veggies, and baking goodies for county fair inside. I was part of the pansies group I suppose you could say.

Also, don't forget if you're interested in doing a guest post or would like to get in on the action and inform others of a fun subject get a hold of me ( We'll figure out a date that works or here's what the schedule looks like so far for the next couple of weeks, if the dates open, it's all yours:

July 2nd- OPEN (this is this next week!!)
July 9th-Rachel from Rachel's Country Roots
July 16th- OPEN
July 23rd- OPEN
July 30th- OPEN

Monday, June 24, 2013

Farming On The Four's

I have very few fun pictures to share with you this time. But, I do have some fab updates to include! First off, that alfalfa we were scared we were going to loose last time, it all got baled up and is currently sitting in the stock pile with all the other bales! We saved the 20+ big round bales that we thought would be a loss!

I'm upset with myself for not getting outside to take my "corn update" pictures to show you guys how tall they've gotten! I've noticed that I've paid more attention to the crops growing since I started to document it's growth for this ol blog. Just looking at last "four" post compared to what they're at today is a major difference. Here's to hoping I get outside tonight and snap some shots, if I do, I'll be sure to add them for you guys to check out! Below is the stages of corn growth. Right now we're close to stage V7.

What V7 Means To You: The V stands for vegetative, meaning it's growing and not yet producing reproductive products yet (ie corn cobs). The numbers 1-10 represent the number of corn leaves full expanded with collars growing. So, if you count the number of leaves popping out you'll get a good guess on what stage it's in. A leaf is considered fully expanded if the leaf collar (discolored line between the leaf blade and the leaf sheath) is visible.


Alright, I'm sure you're bored to death with my education so here's the fun updates:

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that this past weekend we were busy making a crap ton of fence. First the horses were all bent out of shape that they were hungry for more fresh tall grass, then the next day the cows were complaining about wanting something new and green instead of the brown crap and weeds. So, we got to work making new fence. 

Saturday evening was spent making the ponies fence. They must have been super antsy to get their grub on because they were pacing back and forth neighing excitedly as we were stretching wire and pushing electric fence posts into the ground. I wanted to stop and grab a photo op of them reaching under the fence to get to the green goodies and this is what I got. Jed reaching as far as he possibly could without getting shocked to get to the good stuff. Notice in the background it's all eaten down to nothing? Yup, they were THAT hungry!

And here is the "I'm free oh they let me into greener grasses" picture. Notice where the dirt is? That's where the gate was sitting, they ate all the way up to it and couldn't reach any further. It's funny because we release them into the entire section and they have to stand and eat by us while we're in the pen. Oh, notice the brat in the back of the pickup? You didn't think I'd post a farm update without him did ya!? This is beginning to look like a where's Red kind of fun post! hehe

Sunday was a hot one ladies and gents. Like in the 90's with NO breeze and standing in overcast muggy sun. I put on sunscreen but once I was out in the bug infested head high pasture I contemplated if that was such a good idea after all. I really should have grabbed the bug spray instead, oops! I got lucky and my job was to sit my butt on the four wheeler and drive along side Travis while he was walking the entire pasture to check the fence. I only tipped the four wheeler and it's contents on top of me once, I didn't get stuck and I successfully managed my way through tall grasses and didn't hit any stumps. That in itself was a miracle!

There were a couple spots in the fence line that required me to get off and help. We spent almost an entire hour working on one spot that was demolished after that major flooding went through the pasture. I'm talking like whole tree trunks that were at least 3-4 feet wide and at least 5-6 feet long were laying on top of the fence. We pulled the ol chainsaw out and had to cut them up to push them off and fix the fence up. This is where the bug feast was held, this is where I lost my battle against the mosquitoes and that is the exact spot I threw in the towel and decided that fence fixing isn't my ideal Sunday afternoon gig. 

But no fear, I stuck with it and didn't complain the entire time! We finished up with about an hour to spare before I had to clean up and move on to my next event, a meeting that evening. The three mile ride back to the house on the four wheeler was just enjoyable. I've come to find moments like those where I can close my eyes and thank the Lord for giving me moments like that. Some people have never experienced that moment and taking the time to let it all soak in and taking a mental picture of it was amazing.

We've been blessed to receive a continuous amount of rain over the last week. On and off we've been getting up to an inch at a time. I caved and water my weed garden but then two days later it rained. God's timing is everything and lately, he seems to be working in our favor! Winners :)

Oh, I got a shot of the "super moon"! Whatcha think? Do I win? Did I at least do ok? Like it? I'm fairly impressed with myself!! It was a fun challenge, and speaking of photography, I've got my FIRST session on Wednesday. Eeek! Excited and nervous all in one shot. Here's to hoping everything works in my favor!

Pathetically, I don't even want to show you my garden. Every year seems to be a bigger flop and with so much going on in my life I'm embarrassed to admit that my garden has been completely in my back burner through it all. The weeds are higher than the produce but I've kept up with watering consistently. I've gotten out there to weed it but then I don't have time to lay out my straw to prevent more weeds from taking over. I didn't get everything planted due to constant rain fall so it looks like this year I'll have onions, potatoes, jalapenos, green peppers and tomatoes. That's it. Not much of a garden but it's something at least. I'm banking on snitching items from my mom's garden, she's like a super green thumb!

Friday, June 21, 2013


So, I just came across Stitch Fix while browsing and I felt the urge to share with you!! Basically here's how it works: You fill out a style profile, you schedule when you want them to mail it to you, they mail it out, you try the items on and then pick what you like and don't like, mail the rest back. Simple right?!?

Well, my first shipment came earlier this week. I was beyond excited to get all the goods and try them on. Here's what I all received:

Look at how cute the box is! I am a fool when it comes to adorable boxes, like seriously! They wrapped it up with tissue paper and have a personal note written to you by your stylist, the clothes even have dress-up ideas to help you make the piece multi-functional. Look at it!!

So the first piece I got was this dress. I was NOT in love with the pattern, like seriously, it just wasn't at all cute and it reminded me of a pioneer outfit I wore for a play once. Plain nasty! But the fit was great, and had it been in any other pattern I would have considered keeping it. This type of dress would actually be ideal for me to wear to work.

Moving onto the next piece. This cute tank! I thought it was great, the fit was good, I'm not a fan of the "tail" type of blouses quite yet, I just can't jump on that wagon but I would have considered this one except again, the pattern wasn't a fav. I had to pass on it, I contemplated it for awhile but choose against it due to the fact that I knew I wouldn't wear it that often. What I loved was the chiffon type of material, so breathy and stylish!

This one might have been a keeper, had it not been for the larger fit and tail again. Seriously ya'll, enough with the tail fashion! Not cute, and just plain weird! I loved the chiffon fabric and the lace was right up my alley. I really tried to convince myself to keep it but instead I knew that with it being so large it wasn't worth paying for unless I really was going to wear it. Passed.

Ok, this top was fun, it was flowy, it was everything I wanted in a top... Except for when I turned around and saw the weird frillies on the back. Not. A. Fan. Oh, and it was a little loose on me. I don't like things extremely tight but I don't want them so loose it looks like I lost twenty pounds over night. Needless to say, I struck out again.... I was starting to get a little worried about not finding anything in this pile of goodies :(

Then, BOOM, there they are. These lovelies! They were nothing special, just an expensive pair of skinny jeans. But I've been dying to find a cute pair of just plain, nothing special skinny's for awhile now. They fit amazingly well, they were stretchy and they were just screaming keep me. The price was a little much, but if I were to go into any boutique type of store and buy these they'd be just as expensive if not more. So, I did. I bought these babies. They're ALL MINE!!!

After reading my reviews on the clothing item's you'd think I was disappointed in them all. I was but I have confidence that by giving them my feed back they'll take it and run and find me some new cute outfits. I will continue to keep my subscription with them, if I decided none of the goodies were for me, I'd just lose my $20 styling fee but I really think they'll come up with something super creative and I will fall in love with another piece. 

To start your own fixing go to THIS LINK and try it out! Send me a notification if you sign up through me so I know you're trying it too! I'd love to see how your fix goes!!

*These are my personal opinions and this post is NOT sponsored by StichFix

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday

If any of you 200+ pageviewers out there are the praying type. Would you mind saying an extra prayer when you give God your list this evening? There's a couple things going on in my life and tomorrow is going to be a tough one for me. Thank you guys, I'll be back to happy Kelsey here soon I promise :)


I fell off the bandwagon for one week but I'm baaaack! And I'm more than ready to continue to hike up to 1,000 thankful's. Here's to adding more goodies and reaching my list of 1,000 in no time! :)

  • Being able to spend another year with my Dad and having a day to get to celebrate him being the supportive father he's always been.
  • GRADUATING from taking a ten week photography course at the local community college
  • Meeting so many new friends via blog land (I know I always say this but seriously, Rachel is my new buddy and I just love her to pieces!)
  • Finishing all of my Cara Box goodies ahead of time and getting it packed to ship out this week
  • Being accepted as a GLOWBASADOR for the Omaha Glow Run 5k race! Eeeek!! (sign up to run with me, team: Mad Skittles)
  • Getting some cute new maxi dresses via Country Couture
  • Taking pretty pictures around the farm, I truly admire my photography skills
  • Falling in love with Instagram here lately, it's so wonderful to capture life in photos
  • The smell of rain in the breeze while working in the garden
  • My portable radio I got on clearance that allows me to listen to my jams while out pulling weeds in the garden
  • The dog for just giving me "that look" and I can start laughing, he truly is a man of many expressions
  • Being able to go enjoy a BBQ evening out with friends on a Saturday evening
  • A clean kitchen, more specifically, clean counter tops in the kitchen
  • Washing dishes as a team, spending time together while doing it
  • Phone calls from my mom to check up on me daily, life's been extremely tough lately (specific events I will someday tell you about) and she's been there to listen to me gripe the entire time
  • The book series House of Hope by Neta Jackson. My mind is a mess and it's the only thing that's keeping me going

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Good Life: What's Your Favorite Go-To Outfit

So, before I kick off this week's lovely post, I just want you to know this post is written a week in advance. Win on my end because last week's was written the morning of. 


What is your favorite go to outfit? I've got several! If that tornado were to rip through my yard I'd be taken away with it still trying to decide what to grab. I'm so picky when it comes to clothes shopping that no one ever wants to go with me. And since I'm all over the place with many different things going on what my go-to outfit is depends on the situation.

If I'm at work, I like to shimmy into a few little numbers like this:

As you can tell it's professional attire. Not my absolute fav but that's what I'm stuck in so I just embrace it. I like to do black pants because I can wear them with anything but I think this summer I'm going to have to go out of my bubble and get some kind of shorts that are office professional worthy. I'm gonna die without something to wear outside. Yet my office is freezing so I have to wear something to keep my leg hairs from growing. Such a freakin toss up!

If I'm out playing with friends you might find one of these outfits on me:

I'm all about comfort and I admit I lack style. I see all you lovely bloggers and think to myself, er mer gerd I'd love to look like that. You ladies make styling yourselves look like pie, I mean really. How do you do it?! I'm lucky if I can plan one outfit let alone all these creative thrown together looks! HELP! (did you notice the adorbs maxi? Get one for yourself from my girl +Rachel Silski she has a store called Country Corture!)

Aaaand, if I'm not out playing or at work more than likely you'll find me in this:

Yup, workout clothes are my weakness! I've tried oh so hard to veer away from these lovely duds but I'm a sucker for them. I cannot stop buying them! To be completely honest, I own more workout clothes than anything else. Seriously, I eat, sleep, run, and play in these bad boys! Sometimes when I get home from work I'll dig around and find my absolute fav (expensive) ones to throw on in hopes it'll motivate me to get my butt outside and go running. Sometimes it works, others, not so much. And to go with my workout clothes is a fav meme of mine:

So, I'll admit it. I have a shopping addiction. I've tried to help cure it but nothing seems to work. Instead I found a new way to give my clothes that I no longer wear a new home. I set up a fbook page, Kelsey's Items For Sale in hopes of selling some to pay for my addiction. If you're interested go check the page out. I've actually shipped a lot of the goodies to others so the page works out great! I'll even split the cost of shipping with ya if you'd like :)

Even after selling almost $350 worth of clothes I still have a huge closet. I'm not talking like can't fit it all into one dresser type of closet, I'm talking like I have a room as a closet and it's time to downsize majorly. Exhibit A:

Problem here people! MAJOR problem!! And, I'm admitting, I've got 2-3 loads of laundry that aren't done right now. But oh how I love to find new things, my problem is my choice in what style I want to dress all depends on where I'm going. It's just as free spirited as my personality. One day I want to be a cowboy, the next I want to be a sorority girl, or the girl at the gym, or that cute boutique worker. Ugh, I hate having a five year old brain some days! :(

I got a little artsy on the next photos, I loooove accessories! The problem is, I hate spending money on them. If there's someone out there selling their cute jewls by all means shoot me up! I'm a willing buyer if you're a willing seller, or shucks, I'd love to do a product review on a couple business' so this is your opportunity. Any takers?! No... my luck sucks.

And who doesn't love a cute scarf? The possibilities are endless when there are so many different gorgeous kinds to choose from!

Aaand, a little extra unnecessary info for those of you who know I sell Thirty-One and Scentsy, here's the other half of the room. My stock area! I have a crap ton and I really think this would be a great time (in the near future) to unload some of it! Discounts?! Add my groups on fbook so you can stay in the loop and get in on some of the deals!!

So, to sum up what would be my go-to outfit, really it depends when the tornado comes through. I could quite possibly be at work in which case I'd grab a pair of black pants and a dress top. Or if it were a Friday night I'd probably grab my lovely leopard top that I'm obsessed with and a pair of heels but if it were anytime in between then, I'd reach for the trust tennis shoes, a pair of nike shorts and my fav workout tops. Hands down, I'd rock that nader's world!!


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Next Week's Theme:

Your Vehicle(s) -"Your girlfriend drives a Honda, playin workout tapes by Fonda, but Fonda ain't got a motor on the back of her Honda" Ya, just quoted a famous lovely song. Name it! But really, tell us about your lovely wheels. If you've got more than one, give us the full background. How did you get it? Cheap, splurge? First ride? You're not required to give us your license number so feel free to blur that out if you'd like! :)

**On another note: How many of you watch Big Brother? Me and my right hand woman +Rachel Silski   from over at Rachel's Country Roots have a genius idea up our sleeve. Stick around and fill us in if you're game to try something new out with us!

Weekly Savings Challenge

**Please note: this was written up and hiding in my drafts for a couple weeks (obvi) so it should all be in past tense but hey, I'm working on it ok!**

58. Create an account for future house projects and add $400 to the account

I'm up to my shenanigans again ladies and gents. So along with pulling money out of my normal paychecks, scouring Swagbucks for gift cards and couponing, and saving all my five dollar bills I've found something new I've been doing. 

Well, I've started it and it's got a fairly big chunk of change in it thus far. I've gone about saving for this specific savings account in two ways.

#1- I have an automatic deposit set up to deposit $50 a month automatically. I do this with my other savings account but I have them staggered so it'll be deposited on the 1st and the 15th. I get paid on those days so it works great, I deposit my check and it's automatically taken so I don't even miss it. 

#2- It's the 52 week savings plan and I started it in January, I took a screen shot to show you where I'm at right now. I actually deposited next week's amount only because I'm lazy and I don't do the once a week deposit but instead I rack up a couple weeks and transfer it all at once. I keep track via a spreadsheet I've made that let's me know where I'm at and which weeks I've deposited so that is a major helper. We're at week 20 or 52, almost halfway through the year and I've kept up thus far. But, I know when the deposit amounts get larger I will end up depositing more often just to make me feel like I'm doing better than I really am.

If you want to get technical, you could deposit $26.67 a week for 52 weeks and get the same amount. Eh, I'm still just gonna stick with this program to see how far or if I can complete it. Wish me luck!!

So, what ways are you saving money? Any fun ways? And once you save up all that money, what are you going to do with it? I'm planning on spending it on my 5k runs and my goal is to someday (soon?) go and run at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm thinking that $1,387 I saved up over the year will put a great damper on paying for that dream right!? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post: Sarah from To Be Mrs. Collier

So, I started doing the Cara Box exchange awhile back and I met this lovely lady named Sarah. Me and here were paired together during the April Cara Box so she was mailing a box to me. That girl went OVERBOARD I tell ya! Like seriously, look at the oodles of goodies she sent me via the post I did. Ya, a ton! I still wear the mint nail polish she gave me, I re-touch up about once every other week. Over the moon love that color! So, less about my toes, more about Sarah:


Hi there! I'm Sarah and I blog over at To Be Mrs. Collier. Although my blog started off as a wedding planning blog, I'm all about living frugally, recipes, faith, pin-busting and clean, natural living. Mr. Collier and I are shacked up in Nashville, Tennessee the Music Capitol of the U.S.A. a.k.a. Music City.  I blog about my curious life. I blog about things that I do that I think that you might find interesting or uplifting. And I hope you like it, because I really like writing it for you to read. I am happy to be guest posting here and sharing a little bit of what I do with you!


Mr. Collier loves She & Him. You know the band that Zooey Deschanel is in? Well, they just kicked off their summer tour here in Nashville on Thursday night at the legen, wait for it, dary concert venue, The Ryman Auditorium. I had never had the distinguished pleasure of attending a concert at The Ryman but I must say that I was blow away! What a beautiful and historic building! There is a simple quietness to historic buildings, don't you think? Hanging on the white painted brick walls immediately before entering the auditorium are dozens of signed vintage screen print concert posters from the greats. All the way from Patsy Cline to R.E.M. stars have graced the beautiful wooden stage to test their vocals with the perfect acoustics of the Ryman. The Secret Sisters opened and with their bluegrass almost gospel sound, I felt like I was transported in a time machine to a simple more appreciative time. 

Anyway, as Mr. Collier and I are sitting in the pews, that is right, the seat is old wooden church pews I begin to notice something of a fashion trend among the 18-35 year old crowd. Bra straps! I mean not only just "oops" accidentally sticking out with tank tops or sleeveless tops but I'm talk about with tube-top dresses. When did this become a fashion thing? I know it makes me sound old but what is the point, Regina George?



I didn't realize that showing off your bra was a "thing" until I saw the picture on the left as a summer shirt DIY on Pinterest. The design is essentially cutting out the sides of your shirt so your bra or swim suit can be seen. But then what, may I ask, is the point of underwear if it going to be visible? Isn't the point that it is hidden or under? Is the appeal of lingerie that one a "special someone" gets to see it? I don't know maybe I'm just too "old" or old fashioned and like to keep my bra straps hidden?


Point taken and I couldn't agree more! She cracks me up, but really, what is the point! I'm old school in agreeing that things are meant to hide. Did I mention that I'm going to Nashville this next spring and I'm beyond excited to find the local hot spots and not just do the tourist thing?! Oh, to dream of meeting my blog buddy Sarah in real life! I hope it all works out!!

Also, don't forget if you're interested in doing a guest post or would like to get in on the action and inform others of a fun subject get a hold of me ( We'll figure out a date that works or here's what the schedule looks like so far for the next couple of weeks, if the dates open, it's all yours:

June 25th- Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road
July 2nd- OPEN
July 9th-Rachel from Rachel's Country Roots
July 16th- OPEN
July 23rd- OPEN
July 30th- OPEN