Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farming On The Four's

Time is quickly flying by and I'm excited to finally give you some updates on the farm life!!

Corn planting is DONE. I want to sing it from the mountain tops but it's not quite time to sing yet. We've still got another 900+ acres of soybeans that need to go into the ground. We've been blessed to receive over an inch and a half over the past week but luckily Travis got it all in and was ready to switch to beans anyways.

I really don't feel like putting into words what we've been up to so I'll mostly leave you with pictures. I'll leave small snippets of each one under it but for the most part. Check out the farm via fun photos!

What the barn looked like when the storm clouds came rolling through. Scary but gorgeous! :)

My little onions are growing in straight little lines just like I asked them too! I'd say all in all my garden is looking fairly good this year. I still need to plant some goodies but I had enough time to plant tomatoes and peppers so that's a start. I need to get out there and pull the weeds that are just now popping up but those can wait, I've got some serious miles to log in order to hit my thirty miles in thirty days challenge!

Someone got caught with a muddy muzzle this past week! We threw him an old ham sandwich that was leftover in the fridge for too long and instead of eating it he decided he wanted to try to bury it. Now for the story behind the choice to bury it: Earlier that day, I had given him some rotten beef that we've got in our freezer. It was from an old cow and we didn't know it was rotten until after it was all processed and paid for. The pup gets a froze 1.5 lb block every one in awhile in the summer because it's a fun challenge to watch him try to eat it while the thing is still frozen. That morning we gave him one of those, and he still must not have been hungry or he wanted to save that sandwich for a midnight snack. Whatever the choice, we laughed as we looked out and saw him trying to bury it in my flower landscape by the house. Caught red handed Bubba!

The rest of these photos are just a compilation of a day during planting season. 

Gotta stop to dump those seedlings into the planter! :)

I love this macro close-up of all the buttons!!

Ok, seriously, you leave me in the cab and ask me to hold a lever while you check something out. Of course I'm going to get bored and take some selfies. I look terrible, hairs a mess, but welcome to the farm life! No time to take care of yourself, we've got a family to feed.

The new thing is a business band radio, CB's are so 1990's. But I do remember my dad having one! We'd always use it and our handle was "KJ to KJ" and then hold a conversation. Nerud is the boys' last name, it looks neat and it pretty much sums up Nerud Farms! I want to use it in some creative way but have yet to be creative enough to use it. Someday Kelsey, someday. Now with the new business band channels the boys buy their own frequency meaning they can talk to each other without the entire neighborhood knowing what their business is. Great to keep rumors at minimum too...

Ok, so don't get overwhelmed but this is just one of the many "button command centers" as I call them in the cab of the tractor. I know it looks like a lot but once you get used to it you really only use 2-3 buttons at a time.

And here's the state-of-the-art computer technology! You can mess things up quite quickly in here if you're not careful. Just ask Trav, I accidentally changed something and about got my neck rung over it. It also runs the auto-steer. Yes, we have enough technology in the agricultural world to set up and run auto-steer on the tractors. That means all we have to do is tell it where to go and then at the end of the field take back control to turn it around. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works, but sometimes the GPS goes out so you've got to pay enough attention to be able to still plant straight rows.

I should send this into Producers and see what they think of my skills. This is the type of seed we plant, we're actually seed sales reps so we sell it too! 

And here's my ideal way of planting, auto steer on and feet up kickin back and taking some pictures! :)

I kinda dig this shot, taking a look ahead into what needs to be done but not forgetting what's behind us that will soon be worked again. Just playing around with the camera in hopes of finding some quality shots.

Here's some liquid fertilizer that we use when we plant. If you look on the planter you'll see the tank that this will get transferred into.

Dropin into the ground, the sixteen row planter was something my dad wouldn't have even thought of back in his corn planting days but now they're testing the limits and building things bigger than ever before! Who knows, in ten years I could be blogging about the new fifty row planter we just bought?! 

We've been receiving a LOT of rain lately as well. On Monday, May 29th we received 2.4 inches of rain which resulted in major flash flooding and wiped out a lot of our planted corn. Some of the corn that was washed out was well over 4 inches tall. It took a lot of flooding to wipe out those babies! Below is a picture of me I pulled from Instagram that I posted standing next to a terrace that was washed out. Like I said, A LOT OF WATER in a short amount of time lead to a lot of flooding. Here's to hoping anything that wasn't washed out will still grow!


  1. You are making me wish I lived on a farm again! I am loving these pictures!

  2. ^ditto! These pictures are GORGEOUS and I've always wondered how living on a farm would be!


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