Monday, June 24, 2013

Farming On The Four's

I have very few fun pictures to share with you this time. But, I do have some fab updates to include! First off, that alfalfa we were scared we were going to loose last time, it all got baled up and is currently sitting in the stock pile with all the other bales! We saved the 20+ big round bales that we thought would be a loss!

I'm upset with myself for not getting outside to take my "corn update" pictures to show you guys how tall they've gotten! I've noticed that I've paid more attention to the crops growing since I started to document it's growth for this ol blog. Just looking at last "four" post compared to what they're at today is a major difference. Here's to hoping I get outside tonight and snap some shots, if I do, I'll be sure to add them for you guys to check out! Below is the stages of corn growth. Right now we're close to stage V7.

What V7 Means To You: The V stands for vegetative, meaning it's growing and not yet producing reproductive products yet (ie corn cobs). The numbers 1-10 represent the number of corn leaves full expanded with collars growing. So, if you count the number of leaves popping out you'll get a good guess on what stage it's in. A leaf is considered fully expanded if the leaf collar (discolored line between the leaf blade and the leaf sheath) is visible.


Alright, I'm sure you're bored to death with my education so here's the fun updates:

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that this past weekend we were busy making a crap ton of fence. First the horses were all bent out of shape that they were hungry for more fresh tall grass, then the next day the cows were complaining about wanting something new and green instead of the brown crap and weeds. So, we got to work making new fence. 

Saturday evening was spent making the ponies fence. They must have been super antsy to get their grub on because they were pacing back and forth neighing excitedly as we were stretching wire and pushing electric fence posts into the ground. I wanted to stop and grab a photo op of them reaching under the fence to get to the green goodies and this is what I got. Jed reaching as far as he possibly could without getting shocked to get to the good stuff. Notice in the background it's all eaten down to nothing? Yup, they were THAT hungry!

And here is the "I'm free oh they let me into greener grasses" picture. Notice where the dirt is? That's where the gate was sitting, they ate all the way up to it and couldn't reach any further. It's funny because we release them into the entire section and they have to stand and eat by us while we're in the pen. Oh, notice the brat in the back of the pickup? You didn't think I'd post a farm update without him did ya!? This is beginning to look like a where's Red kind of fun post! hehe

Sunday was a hot one ladies and gents. Like in the 90's with NO breeze and standing in overcast muggy sun. I put on sunscreen but once I was out in the bug infested head high pasture I contemplated if that was such a good idea after all. I really should have grabbed the bug spray instead, oops! I got lucky and my job was to sit my butt on the four wheeler and drive along side Travis while he was walking the entire pasture to check the fence. I only tipped the four wheeler and it's contents on top of me once, I didn't get stuck and I successfully managed my way through tall grasses and didn't hit any stumps. That in itself was a miracle!

There were a couple spots in the fence line that required me to get off and help. We spent almost an entire hour working on one spot that was demolished after that major flooding went through the pasture. I'm talking like whole tree trunks that were at least 3-4 feet wide and at least 5-6 feet long were laying on top of the fence. We pulled the ol chainsaw out and had to cut them up to push them off and fix the fence up. This is where the bug feast was held, this is where I lost my battle against the mosquitoes and that is the exact spot I threw in the towel and decided that fence fixing isn't my ideal Sunday afternoon gig. 

But no fear, I stuck with it and didn't complain the entire time! We finished up with about an hour to spare before I had to clean up and move on to my next event, a meeting that evening. The three mile ride back to the house on the four wheeler was just enjoyable. I've come to find moments like those where I can close my eyes and thank the Lord for giving me moments like that. Some people have never experienced that moment and taking the time to let it all soak in and taking a mental picture of it was amazing.

We've been blessed to receive a continuous amount of rain over the last week. On and off we've been getting up to an inch at a time. I caved and water my weed garden but then two days later it rained. God's timing is everything and lately, he seems to be working in our favor! Winners :)

Oh, I got a shot of the "super moon"! Whatcha think? Do I win? Did I at least do ok? Like it? I'm fairly impressed with myself!! It was a fun challenge, and speaking of photography, I've got my FIRST session on Wednesday. Eeek! Excited and nervous all in one shot. Here's to hoping everything works in my favor!

Pathetically, I don't even want to show you my garden. Every year seems to be a bigger flop and with so much going on in my life I'm embarrassed to admit that my garden has been completely in my back burner through it all. The weeds are higher than the produce but I've kept up with watering consistently. I've gotten out there to weed it but then I don't have time to lay out my straw to prevent more weeds from taking over. I didn't get everything planted due to constant rain fall so it looks like this year I'll have onions, potatoes, jalapenos, green peppers and tomatoes. That's it. Not much of a garden but it's something at least. I'm banking on snitching items from my mom's garden, she's like a super green thumb!


  1. Sounds like your garden will make some perfect salsa! :-D

  2. I am so jealous you have horses. We have the barn and field and all for one..but no damn horse. I want one really really bad.


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