Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

This was in 2009 at a family owner's bar. They always play polkas there about once every other month.
As if you haven't read 100 other people's blog posts about their father's I'm going to bore you with mine too!

My dad, Kelly Jay Homolka, is a pretty cool pops. He hates getting credit for anything so I'm sure he's already annoyed by seeing a picture of himself on my blog but oh well, it's MY blog and I'm going to dedicate this day to ya daddio! 

I've been blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents in general but to be real honest, I've always been a daddy's girl. I was the first born and so I got to spend a little extra time with my dad. Don't tell my sister, but I think he might even love me more and I'm probably the favorite. Just sayin...

This was during my community college homecoming, yes I was crowned the homecoming queen.

A dad is not only a father figure but someone who goes above and beyond to show their child the meaning of life. To teach you how to become a good Christian woman (which might have been tough at times) and to allow you to learn how to be non-judgmental of others, even if you know they're making a mistake. My father has shown me how to take the lime light and show off a bit but to also know when to sit in the back row and allow others to speak up and steal the show. 

My dad has shown me how to be compassionate to others and to give more than you receive. It's not all about money in life but about the journey, meeting new people, making memories and showing others that good will is truly a thing you will learn to love and inspire you to do good for others. 

My dad was inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame in 2009, proud daughter moment!!

For those things and many more, I am proud to be a daddies girl. I'm proud that my dad has done so much for me and has pushed me to become an individual who cares about the people around me. I'm grateful that although life has changed over the years, our relationship has stayed the same and although we may no longer argue about curfews or football games we can still hold a good argument about Shriek and Duck Dynasty. 

My sister, dad and I this past January at the annual shop party. We LOVE him :)

So, with all that mushy stuff being said, my dad may not be able to run faster or beat your dad in football, but I bet my dad can beat your dad in a polka jam session! Did I mention he self-taught himself how to play every instrument known to man? It's true!

Thank you dad for being the role model in my life that has shaped me into a caring, compassionate, outgoing, always smiling woman that I've become. You truly are my rock and a HUGE inspiration of mine. 

I love you.

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