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Guest Post: Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road

So while thumbing through blog buddies that are ag related I came across this gem! Erin is pretty neat and a neighboring state buddy so in my opinion (which is always right) she is my friend. She's pretty neat and what she's talking about today is pretty fun! I was in 4-H and FFA growing up. Both ag programs were created to involve youth on the farm and agricultural opportunities for future. I loved both programs and it looks like she enjoyed them too!


Hello everyone, I'm Erin and I blog over at Diaries from the Dirt Road. I started my blog, last November, with the intentions of just a place to write out my feelings and to share some of my lifestyle with others who want to learn about it. I share about my life on the farm, cooking, crafting, and many of my other hobbies. I also will be blogging about my journey of becoming a nurse. I've been accepted into an LPN program beginning this fall.

I currently live on a small farm in the northwest corner of Missouri. We currently have 8 head of Lowline cross cattle. They are the shorter and slightly smaller version of the normal Angus. We also have a donkey named barney, a corgi named duke, 2 goats, and 3 bee hives. One of my biggest passions growing up was showing livestock. I have been showing livestock for 10 years now and it has been a big part of my summers for equally that long. I started out showing just goats and then for about 4 years I showed pigs. But this year I decided I wanted to go back to showing goats I realized the years I was showing pigs that I really missed having goats and showing them. This year I bought 2 wethers (fixed boy goats). During a summer I go to about 4 to 5 local county fairs. In Missouri the county fairs are mostly open which allows you to go to other county fairs besides your own. They are also not terminal shows meaning you don't have to get rid of your animals after the show.

My First Show Ever. I got Grand Champion Market Wether

Me winning Showmanship

Last Wednesday I attended my first show of the year. I have attended this show every year, except once, for the past 10 years. It is just a county south of us so it's not that far of a drive. Its one of our favorite shows because it pays well and it usually has a good amount of competitors to compete against. My goats ended up being in the same class so I got a friend to help me show. I placed 2nd and 6th place in the class. Nothing to complain about because I had lots of fun.

Showing livestock is quite a commitment. It involves a lot of work and dedication. You are not only busy on the day of the show but rather the year and weeks coming up to the show. It all starts when you first get your animal. Some people raise their animals like we have done for years but others buy their animals, which is what I did this year. When I got my goats this year they hadn't been handled at all and were a little crazy so I had to first gentle them down so that I could even touch them. After I gentled them down I began the process of breaking them to lead. This involves them being tied up and me dragging around the barn (humanely not violently)  until they get use to the lead and walking with me. Now I won't say mine are perfectly trained yet but for the most part they do ok. The more I show them and handle them this summer the better they will get too.

Now the week of the show is a pretty crazy time. Last Monday I clipped my goats. Since they are market wethers you have to body clip them from the knee up. Some times I will give them a bath at home but since I clipped them and they weren't that dirty I will just do it at the show. You also have to get health papers from the vet clinic which involves loading them up and having him take a look at them. The night before the show I gather all of my equipment and stuff I need to show with all gathered up and loaded in the truck so I'm not as rushed the morning of the show.

Doesn't his haircut look great :) Just Kidding just to show the difference.

The day of the show it can be a pretty crazy time. From making sure your on time and haven't forgot anything. Most of the shows are in the morning which means we have to get up rather early in order to be at the show in plenty of time to register, wash, and do any touch ups on the animals. Then the show lasts about 2 hours or more depending on the size of the show and how fast the judge goes and then your on your way home with your prizes including bags, buckles, banners, ribbons, or lawn chairs and a nice fat check if your lucky :)

Just a few of the awards my sister and I have won over the years.

Showing livestock has taught me so much and has given me many good memories. I've made many friends all over the state and country and had many awesome experiences showing all over the country. I wouldn't have traded the past 10 years of showing for anything. There have been some not so happy moments but they have been learning experiences for which I am grateful for now. I plan on posting updates and more information about showing on my blog along with all of my experiences through life. So come check my blog out and join in on the fun!!


Seriously, totally dig her style of showing! I so wish I showed when I was younger, but my fam bam wasn't into that thing. I had many friends who showed, but I was more into the sewing, growing veggies, and baking goodies for county fair inside. I was part of the pansies group I suppose you could say.

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  1. Love this feature that you do...I think I need to jump on the bandwagon and get in line to do a guest post.

    This weeks feature is a great one! She is a sweetheart with such amazing goals and a fabulous outlook! I did 4h as a kid and loved it. I learned so much in the show ring!!!!


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