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Guest Post: Kayla from Green Mountain Couple

Finally we've got another guest post lady! It's been a couple weeks. I blame it on my lack of motivation but I also have to admit its mostly because no one has been wanting to step up to the challenge and come blog over here. Sooo, with that being said, if you'd like to take over the blog on a Tuesday, look me up :)

Enough about me whining, I want you to meet a lady friend I got to know via the Cara Box exchange from a couple months ago. She's an absolute gem and I get so excited to meet randoms from all over the US. I love that she's a prepper, maybe not the same type as me, but us prepper's need to stick together!


Hey, I am Kayla and I blog over at Green Mountain Couple with my hubby Dan! (I tend to take over our blog, Oops!). Anyways Kelsey is letting me take over her corner of the blog-o-sphere today and I thought I would share with you a little bit about life in VERMONT! 
Where is that you may ask? (Trust me I get asked this more often than not) It is the little state that is crammed right in there between New York and New Hampshire.


Yep that tiny little state in red is where we hail from!
 Anyways I am going to share with you some of the best things about Vermont!
{Vermont is also known as "The Green Mountain State", 
which is derived from Verd (French word for Green) and Mont (French word for Mountain)}

 1. We are known for our FOOD PRODUCTS!
Maple Syrup

Ben & Jerry's

From our local Creemee Stand! When the hubby and i go for our walks we sometimes treat ourselves to creemees afterwards. Some of you are probally sratching your head wondering "What the HELL is a Creemee?" Well it is soft serve Ice Cream.

3. The Scenery!

 All of the Above Photo's are taken by Kayla Emerson

4. Fishing & Hiking!

Bristol Pond / Lake Winona 

So on second thought maybe the reason you haven't heard of Vermont because we are the state with the second smallest population. I am going to leave you with a few interesting facts about my state.

It is rumored that there is a sea monster living in one of Vermont's lakes. What is his name?Facts About Vermont

Champ. Champ was named after the lake he is rumored to be living in, Lake Champlain. He has reportedly been spotted by many people. In fact, there are photographs of what appear to be some sort of sea monster in Lake Champlain. Although there is no solid proof of Champ's existence, many Vermonters believe that he is real, and he is believed to be friendly but shy. Another interesting fact: The story of Champ was featured on the television series "Unsolved Mysteries."
Vermont is the U.S.'s largest producer of which product?Ten Interesting Things about Vermont

maple syrup. Vermont is by far the biggest U.S. producer of maple syrup, with Maine a distant second. Freezing nights and warm days are needed to induce the flow of the sap, so the usual time period for maple syrup production is when winter is changing into spring.

In which Vermont town was the northern-most battle of the American Civil War fought?Facts About Vermont

St. Albans. St. Albans, Vermont was the farthest north that any Civil War battle took place.
What is the state animal?Vermont--The Green Mountain State

Morgan horse. The sire of all Morgan horses was a stallion belonging to Justin Morgan, a composer and music teacher from Randolph. More than 200 years later, Morgan horses show the same traits as their ancestors.
What is the state rock?Vermont--The Green Mountain State

All of these (Granite, Marble, Slate). Granite is used as building stone all over the world, including the state capitol. Vermont's marble was used for several buildings in Washington D.C. Slate is used for roofs and floor tiles.
Does Vermont have a state fossil?Vermont--The Green Mountain State

Yes. Railroad workers found the fossilized bones of "Charlotte" in 1849. Charlotte was a white whale who lived about 12,500 years ago.
All facts are from FunTrivia.com 

P.S Vermont is the ONLY state that calls the night before Halloween "Cabbage Night"

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you stop by Green Mountain Couple and check us out!


Wasn't it fun learning some fun facts?! I seriously did not know that the state animal was a horse. I went to google what Nebraska's was, evidently ours is the white-tailed deer. Makes sense and actually now that I think about it, I like killing those bad boys. Mostly with a rifle but I've had bad luck and killed a few with vehicles. Oops.

Also, don't forget if you're interested in doing a guest post get a hold of me (kelseyhomolka@hotmail.com). We'll figure out a date that works or here's what the schedule looks like so far for the next couple of weeks:

June 18th- Sarah from To Be Mrs. Collier
June 25th- Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road
July 2nd- OPEN
July 9th- OPEN

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