Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post: Sarah from To Be Mrs. Collier

So, I started doing the Cara Box exchange awhile back and I met this lovely lady named Sarah. Me and here were paired together during the April Cara Box so she was mailing a box to me. That girl went OVERBOARD I tell ya! Like seriously, look at the oodles of goodies she sent me via the post I did. Ya, a ton! I still wear the mint nail polish she gave me, I re-touch up about once every other week. Over the moon love that color! So, less about my toes, more about Sarah:


Hi there! I'm Sarah and I blog over at To Be Mrs. Collier. Although my blog started off as a wedding planning blog, I'm all about living frugally, recipes, faith, pin-busting and clean, natural living. Mr. Collier and I are shacked up in Nashville, Tennessee the Music Capitol of the U.S.A. a.k.a. Music City.  I blog about my curious life. I blog about things that I do that I think that you might find interesting or uplifting. And I hope you like it, because I really like writing it for you to read. I am happy to be guest posting here and sharing a little bit of what I do with you!


Mr. Collier loves She & Him. You know the band that Zooey Deschanel is in? Well, they just kicked off their summer tour here in Nashville on Thursday night at the legen, wait for it, dary concert venue, The Ryman Auditorium. I had never had the distinguished pleasure of attending a concert at The Ryman but I must say that I was blow away! What a beautiful and historic building! There is a simple quietness to historic buildings, don't you think? Hanging on the white painted brick walls immediately before entering the auditorium are dozens of signed vintage screen print concert posters from the greats. All the way from Patsy Cline to R.E.M. stars have graced the beautiful wooden stage to test their vocals with the perfect acoustics of the Ryman. The Secret Sisters opened and with their bluegrass almost gospel sound, I felt like I was transported in a time machine to a simple more appreciative time. 

Anyway, as Mr. Collier and I are sitting in the pews, that is right, the seat is old wooden church pews I begin to notice something of a fashion trend among the 18-35 year old crowd. Bra straps! I mean not only just "oops" accidentally sticking out with tank tops or sleeveless tops but I'm talk about with tube-top dresses. When did this become a fashion thing? I know it makes me sound old but what is the point, Regina George?



I didn't realize that showing off your bra was a "thing" until I saw the picture on the left as a summer shirt DIY on Pinterest. The design is essentially cutting out the sides of your shirt so your bra or swim suit can be seen. But then what, may I ask, is the point of underwear if it going to be visible? Isn't the point that it is hidden or under? Is the appeal of lingerie that one a "special someone" gets to see it? I don't know maybe I'm just too "old" or old fashioned and like to keep my bra straps hidden?


Point taken and I couldn't agree more! She cracks me up, but really, what is the point! I'm old school in agreeing that things are meant to hide. Did I mention that I'm going to Nashville this next spring and I'm beyond excited to find the local hot spots and not just do the tourist thing?! Oh, to dream of meeting my blog buddy Sarah in real life! I hope it all works out!!

Also, don't forget if you're interested in doing a guest post or would like to get in on the action and inform others of a fun subject get a hold of me (kelseyhomolka@hotmail.com). We'll figure out a date that works or here's what the schedule looks like so far for the next couple of weeks, if the dates open, it's all yours:

June 25th- Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road
July 2nd- OPEN
July 9th-Rachel from Rachel's Country Roots
July 16th- OPEN
July 23rd- OPEN
July 30th- OPEN


  1. Haha, I never knew about that little fashion trend either, that's random! Sounds like a fun date though!


  2. Alright, I'm guilty of the bandeau trend. Only because I think they are super cute under sheer shirts!


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