Friday, June 7, 2013

Han(g)over Kansas Did It Again!

This past weekend was quite the test of kicking off our Alumni Band summer tour. If you remember last year we went to Han(g)over Kansas to play and we ended up behind the bar taking fun photos. I'm not sure what it is about that town but we always go down there acting like power houses and pretending to own the world and bringing them the best party they could have ever imagined!

This was how the trip started out. "Hanover or Bust" to be exact. We were lucky enough that our best friends forever Randy and Kim Sasek decided to take the lead and drive this time. Me and Shelby were over the moon about their absolutely positive decision. We had quality bonding time with Randy our third stooge and fun with Kim on the way down there. (we made them wish they didn't have two boys but instead two girls, just ask them!) There were a couple giggles and a LOT of hairspray involved on the trip down there, it was quite the scene but our hairs stayed in place the rest of the evening.

If you look at the picture of me before we left you'll notice that I'm wearing a dark colored Czech vest with patches on it. Then, if you look at the picture of Shelby, Randy and myself above you'll see that we're all in matching vests. 

The story behind it is last summer tour we created the nicknames The Bohemian Stooges. Larry (Shelby), Curly (Randy) and Moe (myself) became an inseparable bond and we toured the entire state together. We would take on alter egos and power through some events with just us three. It was quite the scene. We even came up with a playing rotation so we were all "blowing our lips out" to the same tune and could save ourselves. How that system worked, I'd take the easy songs, Randy would take the rest and Shelby would manage to find someone she knew and disappear. Great system! ;)

So, the Bohemian Stooges went a full season just throwing our nicknames out there but we needed something official, something to really cement the stooges. We took it upon ourselves to get some officially vests done! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the backs, they've got a trumpet and say The Bohemian Stooges. And the fronts have our nicknames embroidered on them. Classy!

After giving out of official vests it was time to get our parade on. We played through and made it out alive. We stopped down at their carnival area, played a tune or two, froze a bit, ate some sandwiches, drank a few more beers and then loaded up to head on back into town. But fear not, we're all about safety and in order to safely participate in Alumni Band you need to practice using the buddy system while tying your shoes. Thank Heavens Shelby was there for me!!

Then down to the bars. Free beer for the band always results in us making a scene, not a bad scene but a fun scene. We were givin out YEEEOOOWS and even talked some "fans" into learning how to play along. They loved it. Our sponsors are always so great to us and then we had to head on over to Snappers the other lovely bar in town to play them some tunes.

Snappers, oh how you never let us down! They always give us the best apple pie shots. They're TO DIE FOR! We may or may not have taken too many shots this evening... But seriously, the whole house whiskey and pickle juice chaser shots were SOOO good! The amount of excess ones was what made them entirely too bad the next morning. (they don't taste as good coming back up)

And due to the excessive amount of shots you get pictures like this... I had a bet going that evening with Shelbs saying she couldn't get a guys number with a cowboy hat. I kid you not, the entire night there were only two guys we saw with cowboy hats, and then boom, we're drunk and needing to leave and this guy walks in. FML. So yes, I did loose the bet, but some random guy (Orville) insisted I take his number so my sidekick Vern gave him "Sara's" number back (my drunk bar name I always use). 

The next morning/afternoon was a complete wreck. We got back to Wilber then bar hopped for awhile and ended up in DeWitt to crash the rival high school's class reunion. Fun but drunk!! I was in a fetal position until 8 pm on Sunday. I finally got up around noon to go puke in hopes of making myself feel better. I blame it on the shots, but they were too good to pass up.

This past weekend was a BLAST and I cannot wait for the shenanigans we'll have this next weekend.Tonight I'm attending a Sawyer Brown concert, tomorrow morning a 5k run, a road rally and then potentially helping to serve at the bar and then Sunday the Alumni Band is getting back together to play for another parade. Please everyone say an extra prayer in hopes that I do not do anything stupid like last weekend! :)


  1. Whiskey with pickle juice chasers?!?

  2. Oh Kelsey! Whatever will we do with you?!?!

  3. You forgot to post about how you were feeling the next day at your Scentsy Team Meeting! HAHA!


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