Monday, June 10, 2013

Milligan June Jubilee

If you've never gone to a small town celebration I highly suggest you get your rear to Nebraska and come to one with me. I'm not sure about what people do from where you're from but around here we all get together and celebrate small towns for being around another year. This year we celebrated an even bigger milestone, it was Milligan's Q125 celebration!

One of my good friends Margo was nice enough to let everyone crash at her place over the weekend so it was like a giant slumber party except everyone was drunk and no one shared bunk beds.

Friday night was the Sawyer Brown concert. If you've never heard of him Google him. He sings this amazing song called The Nebraska Song and it was written about a former Husker player, Brook Berringer, who Sawyer met while playing in Lincoln. He got to know Brook and became friends with him over time and the day before he passed away Sawyer played this new song for him. Brook said he loved it and then that next day he was in a plane wreck and passed away.

A quote straight from Mark is: "We were asked to perform at the University of Nebraska during their 'Second Title' National Championship Celebration. I was asked to write a song for this event by my good friend Brook Berringer, quarterback for the Cornhuskers. The song was never heard and the celebration never took place due to Brook's tragic death one day prior to the event. #18 The Nebraska Song was inspired by Brook and is dedicated to his memory." -Mark Miller of the country band, Sawyer Brown

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, and if you want to read more good look at Wikipedia. (I know it's not reliable but whatever, it's got a good summary of the whole shebang) When events like those happen, it makes our small state join together and pray for each other. Just because he came from Kansas doesn't mean we don't love him to pieces. And, for those of you who missed the concert, when Mark started to sing that song you could hear a hush over the crowd and the hair on your skin was standing. Truly, a moving moment that I'm so glad I got to be a part of.

I was extremely impressed with the amount of people I knew at the concert as well. We had a HUGE group of friends from Dorchester show up, quite pleasantly surprised and it's always fun to chit chat with the buddies I don't see as often as I'd like. I wish we were more social and went out more often but sometimes I get crowd phobia so I often have to be invited with no way of getting out in order to have fun.

So, Friday after the concert we ended up partying it up more, going to the bar until about two and then that's when trade struck. Not major issues as in people dying or anything but the old saying "nothing good after midnight happens" stands true. Without disclosing too many deets but still being able to fill you in on the situation I'll give you a summary.

Friend falls.
Time to find a sober driver.
2:30 am ER visit.
Meet some unfriendly nurses.
Hang out at hospital until 5 am.

Yup, that's about it... Oh and of course you can't be a good friend unless you pull some moves straight out of the hangover. Ya, we took pictures with the person who was laid up and in pain. That's what friends are for right?!?!?

So now that you got the summary please note the 5 am bedtime... Ya, I was up by 7 am the next morning so I could run my 5k race. UGH! But, for as little sleep as I did have. I kicked butt! Like seriously, I'll recap in another post but be proud.

That evening I was obviously tired so after walking around for awhile with my bestie Mo and checking out all the activities it was nap time. I was really surprised with how many activities were going on in town on Saturday! They had a sand volleyball tourney, a softball tourney, the 5k, a kiddie parade, a craft show, the carnival rides, vendors, bingo, a tractor pull, a bbq cook-off, a road rally and that was just during the day! I admittingly went home to rest, I need more than two hours to function, just sayin.

Saturday evening after I awoke from my five hour cat nap we decided to stick around home. Went on a little crop tour to see how much damage was done after the flooding only to discover that some stands are alright while others will more than likely be replanted. I am proud to say I was in bed by midnight! :)

Sunday was the big parade! The Alumni Band made their appearance so of course the Stooges had to make their grand appearance as well. Sadly, Larry was missing from the goof troop on this event. Oh well, she doesn't really play anyways ;) (shhh don't tell her we said that) The parade was warm, and Jeremy brought Grandpa's Lemonade so all is good in the world of hydration.  We played through the parade and then went over to the beer garden to play a song or two. The whole time we were in the beer garden I was dying to try a turkey leg and then once we got done playing we head over to the stand only to find out they were already closed down. Complete let down!!

The weekend was fun, Milligan impressed us again and I'm glad everyone came home without causing too many battle scars upon themselves. Thank you Milligan community for always being so awesome and welcoming everyone into your town! You rock :)


  1. A drunk er trip...nothing could be funner!!

  2. I've never seen Sawyer Brown but they have always been on my bucket list to see! I didn't know they were still doing concerts, most of the people I want to see are either retired or have passed away in the past five years, ha- and I was wondering what was with the two hours of sleep when I saw your pic on instagram, haha you are a trooper! I would NOT have gotten up- definitely would have used the "I was a good Samaritan friend and now am going to sleep" as an excuse to not run :)


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