Friday, June 21, 2013


So, I just came across Stitch Fix while browsing and I felt the urge to share with you!! Basically here's how it works: You fill out a style profile, you schedule when you want them to mail it to you, they mail it out, you try the items on and then pick what you like and don't like, mail the rest back. Simple right?!?

Well, my first shipment came earlier this week. I was beyond excited to get all the goods and try them on. Here's what I all received:

Look at how cute the box is! I am a fool when it comes to adorable boxes, like seriously! They wrapped it up with tissue paper and have a personal note written to you by your stylist, the clothes even have dress-up ideas to help you make the piece multi-functional. Look at it!!

So the first piece I got was this dress. I was NOT in love with the pattern, like seriously, it just wasn't at all cute and it reminded me of a pioneer outfit I wore for a play once. Plain nasty! But the fit was great, and had it been in any other pattern I would have considered keeping it. This type of dress would actually be ideal for me to wear to work.

Moving onto the next piece. This cute tank! I thought it was great, the fit was good, I'm not a fan of the "tail" type of blouses quite yet, I just can't jump on that wagon but I would have considered this one except again, the pattern wasn't a fav. I had to pass on it, I contemplated it for awhile but choose against it due to the fact that I knew I wouldn't wear it that often. What I loved was the chiffon type of material, so breathy and stylish!

This one might have been a keeper, had it not been for the larger fit and tail again. Seriously ya'll, enough with the tail fashion! Not cute, and just plain weird! I loved the chiffon fabric and the lace was right up my alley. I really tried to convince myself to keep it but instead I knew that with it being so large it wasn't worth paying for unless I really was going to wear it. Passed.

Ok, this top was fun, it was flowy, it was everything I wanted in a top... Except for when I turned around and saw the weird frillies on the back. Not. A. Fan. Oh, and it was a little loose on me. I don't like things extremely tight but I don't want them so loose it looks like I lost twenty pounds over night. Needless to say, I struck out again.... I was starting to get a little worried about not finding anything in this pile of goodies :(

Then, BOOM, there they are. These lovelies! They were nothing special, just an expensive pair of skinny jeans. But I've been dying to find a cute pair of just plain, nothing special skinny's for awhile now. They fit amazingly well, they were stretchy and they were just screaming keep me. The price was a little much, but if I were to go into any boutique type of store and buy these they'd be just as expensive if not more. So, I did. I bought these babies. They're ALL MINE!!!

After reading my reviews on the clothing item's you'd think I was disappointed in them all. I was but I have confidence that by giving them my feed back they'll take it and run and find me some new cute outfits. I will continue to keep my subscription with them, if I decided none of the goodies were for me, I'd just lose my $20 styling fee but I really think they'll come up with something super creative and I will fall in love with another piece. 

To start your own fixing go to THIS LINK and try it out! Send me a notification if you sign up through me so I know you're trying it too! I'd love to see how your fix goes!!

*These are my personal opinions and this post is NOT sponsored by StichFix


  1. sooo cute! my fave is that white lace top!
    Helene in Between

  2. I'm glad you shared this! What a great idea. Even if you don't buy anything filling out the style profile and trying on clothes just for the heck of it would be fun in and of itself.

  3. I always love reading Stichfix reviews. I really like the lace top, even with the whole high-low thing going on! I'm happy to have found your blog and I can't wait to follow future adventures! I love your blog design!
    xo, Hima
    P.S. I just started a blog and joined the cool kids club. I'd love for your to swing by and leave me a comment with some feedback! Thank you so much.
    Hima Hearts

  4. I might just have to join.
    dang you girl!


  5. how fun!!!! Such a fun idea. I have to check it out!

  6. I LOVE the long shirts in the back that you're calling "tail" shirts! They're fantastic with leggins because they cover your toosh!


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