Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Good Life: Career Day

I'm a day short and FIVE DOLLARS behind but what's new. Life's been really stressful and I feel no need to explain why. This is my space in blog land and I don't want to take the time to tell you.



So, I have many different "hats" or careers that keep me busy. I'm constantly busy doing something, I'm extremely active in my own community as well as active on many other sites. Here's a list of what I all do:

Investment Firm- This is my full time gig, the thing I do to rake in the dough that allows me to afford the fun things in life. I've worked in this specific office (same desk and everything) for over three years. As my bff Dolly would say "Workin 9 to 5, what a way to make a living, barely gettin by, it's all takin and no giving." I do love it (at times) but I really miss my aggie buddies and would someday love to get back into the ag world. If you didn't already know, I went to school for agriculture and have a degree in AgriBusiness with a focus in Crops. Once I finished up that degree I started working at this job in the office admin type of position. I felt compelled to get a BusinessAdmin degree because I was working here so I did full time online classes for my BusinessAdmin degree with a focus in Insurance. I was working full time and going to school online full time, it was tough, but I did it. Now, I'm still working here doing the office admin thing. I do everything from answering the phone, to getting client paperwork ready, to dealing with ads and marketing, to setting appointments and pretty much everything in between. It can be mind numbing but hey, aren't most admin type jobs? No, ok, just kidding then...

Scentsy- I started selling Scentsy in November of 2010 and haven't stopped yet! I now have a down line of 12 people that have signed up under me and I'm always looking to spread the Scentsy love and encourage other women to pick up a side income with as much or as little involvement in the business as you'd like. I've sold nearly $15,000 in volume and have intentions to continue to grow my business and increase the amount of sales I do. With the commission I make I've been able to afford to pay for a trip to Indianapolis through this company and I love it. Right now the market is getting saturated with consultants but I've learned ways to keep my customers loyal and pick up a couple parties here and there. If you're interested shoot me up and I'd love to talk business ideas with ya! Or, just join my private group on fbook and get the low down on sales I post to get a good deal on the goodies!

Blog- Well, that's kinda obvious, but this is one of my favorite "careers" and I love meeting with all you newbies and veterans that stick around to learn more about me. I can truly say when I'm getting a blog post ready to publish the time flies and I really don't consider it a chore to do. At times I may get behind and not get things published on time but that's ok. That's part of me and my blog can follow my lack of ambition too.  :) This job doesn't feel like a job but I know it could be considered one. I'd love to someday make it a full time job but for now I'll just focus on telling my stories and meeting new buddies.

Thirty-One- Yup, another direct sales company that I just started earlier this year! Amazing I started in February of 2013 and I've retailed over $2050 in just volume (not including taxes, shipping, etc) already. I was quite surprised with the amount of business I've sold via Thirty-One and the companies rewards are totally worth it. My friends have been so supportive and I never thought that I'd do so good with these products. I know and believe in them but to see the amount of interest my friends have really impressed me. I have a private group on fbook I set up to help with specials and to give my lovelies some great discounts so if you're interested feel free to join the group!

Running- Well, I'd consider it a type of career as I'm trying to dedicate myself to it more! I currently have a goal of running a 5k every month until the end of the year and hopefully running my first half marathon this next March! Another fun thing I participate in is the 30 miles in 30 days challenge. What is it? Basically you set a goal to get active and run/walk/jog or crawl 30 miles within 30 days! So, while I'm talking about it for the first week I've already ran 9.22 miles. Go me! (Oh, and that picture I snapped on Instagram awhile back, it won me a contest and I got a FREE entry into the Tomato Run in July, check that baby off my list for finding a July race to run!) I have found that running is my way to get out and do something for myself, no technically it's not a paid career but it's totally worth the time and money spent on it. Oh, and the workout gear is so addicting to buy! I find myself searching for cute new clothes that I can run in instead of what to wear to my non-exhistant date nights. :)

Social Media Partner- I've recently joined up with a great lady and am now the social media coordinator for a 5k race event, Totally Rad 80's Run. I totally got this opportunity by accident but now that I'm working with Jacque it's the best thing ever. I love social media so this just totally worked in my favor that I can help to bring the social media world into my life and make some side income while doing it. I'm finding new marketing techniques along with learning so much about what works and what does and they journey is so much fun. We're hoping to get this little idea launched and do runs in several states but for now we've only got 3-4 lined up. If you'd like to have a FUN run in your state and have any fun contact info by all means get a hold of me. We'd love to work with you and launch in new states. Aaaand, if you're a buddy from the Des Moines area, we've got a run coming your way at the end of the month! Sign up and use code FLASHDESMOINES to get $10 off your registration!!

Ellie Affiliated Sponsor- I know I haven't really said anything to you guys about it yet, but it's true. I'm an affiliate with Ellie, and they're awesome! I LOVE their workout clothes and have intentions to give you my full product reviews and all the deets here soon. I found them while blog hopping and once I found out I could be an affiliate and get you guys some cheaper workout gear it just made sense to sign up! I'm dying to tell you what I think about them but I just want to make sure it's all perfect before I reveal too much. But in the mean time, go shopping here and you'll get 20% off through my links!

So those are the main money-makers that I'm involved in. Of course those aren't the volunteer type of jobs that I do. I help to teach teenagers a polka-style choreographed dances each summer for 3-4 days a week for a month straight. I also am in charge of the local youth group and I play in a community band. There are a lot more volunteer type activities I do but I don't want to bore you to death.

Well, do you believe me yet?! I'm super busy, I try to keep it that way and I love it. Yes it does get overwhelming but that's life. Take it a day at a time and focus on doing the best you can to complete everything in a timely fashion. I do think I stretch myself too thin once in awhile but I'm ok with it because I believe the Lord would never give me more than I can handle. What's your "career" or what keeps you busy?


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  1. So glad you are participating in the 30 in 30! Sounds like you have a lot going on too! Good luck with everything!!

  2. Great Post!! I ordered some Scentsy air fresheners from you and got them today!!! I was super excited to see the package on my door step!! I can't wait to enjoy them. I hung the Happy Birthday scent in my car so it's going to smell great!!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. Wow, you sure are busy! I don't know how you keep up it but it sounds like your days are never boring!

  4. Great post! And you are one busy gal! I love sensy!

  5. hey lady!

    I want to start selling Thirty One...but I am too scared too! Maybe you will inspire me to start! :)


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