Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Good Life: What's Your Favorite Go-To Outfit

So, before I kick off this week's lovely post, I just want you to know this post is written a week in advance. Win on my end because last week's was written the morning of. 


What is your favorite go to outfit? I've got several! If that tornado were to rip through my yard I'd be taken away with it still trying to decide what to grab. I'm so picky when it comes to clothes shopping that no one ever wants to go with me. And since I'm all over the place with many different things going on what my go-to outfit is depends on the situation.

If I'm at work, I like to shimmy into a few little numbers like this:

As you can tell it's professional attire. Not my absolute fav but that's what I'm stuck in so I just embrace it. I like to do black pants because I can wear them with anything but I think this summer I'm going to have to go out of my bubble and get some kind of shorts that are office professional worthy. I'm gonna die without something to wear outside. Yet my office is freezing so I have to wear something to keep my leg hairs from growing. Such a freakin toss up!

If I'm out playing with friends you might find one of these outfits on me:

I'm all about comfort and I admit I lack style. I see all you lovely bloggers and think to myself, er mer gerd I'd love to look like that. You ladies make styling yourselves look like pie, I mean really. How do you do it?! I'm lucky if I can plan one outfit let alone all these creative thrown together looks! HELP! (did you notice the adorbs maxi? Get one for yourself from my girl +Rachel Silski she has a store called Country Corture!)

Aaaand, if I'm not out playing or at work more than likely you'll find me in this:

Yup, workout clothes are my weakness! I've tried oh so hard to veer away from these lovely duds but I'm a sucker for them. I cannot stop buying them! To be completely honest, I own more workout clothes than anything else. Seriously, I eat, sleep, run, and play in these bad boys! Sometimes when I get home from work I'll dig around and find my absolute fav (expensive) ones to throw on in hopes it'll motivate me to get my butt outside and go running. Sometimes it works, others, not so much. And to go with my workout clothes is a fav meme of mine:

So, I'll admit it. I have a shopping addiction. I've tried to help cure it but nothing seems to work. Instead I found a new way to give my clothes that I no longer wear a new home. I set up a fbook page, Kelsey's Items For Sale in hopes of selling some to pay for my addiction. If you're interested go check the page out. I've actually shipped a lot of the goodies to others so the page works out great! I'll even split the cost of shipping with ya if you'd like :)

Even after selling almost $350 worth of clothes I still have a huge closet. I'm not talking like can't fit it all into one dresser type of closet, I'm talking like I have a room as a closet and it's time to downsize majorly. Exhibit A:

Problem here people! MAJOR problem!! And, I'm admitting, I've got 2-3 loads of laundry that aren't done right now. But oh how I love to find new things, my problem is my choice in what style I want to dress all depends on where I'm going. It's just as free spirited as my personality. One day I want to be a cowboy, the next I want to be a sorority girl, or the girl at the gym, or that cute boutique worker. Ugh, I hate having a five year old brain some days! :(

I got a little artsy on the next photos, I loooove accessories! The problem is, I hate spending money on them. If there's someone out there selling their cute jewls by all means shoot me up! I'm a willing buyer if you're a willing seller, or shucks, I'd love to do a product review on a couple business' so this is your opportunity. Any takers?! No... my luck sucks.

And who doesn't love a cute scarf? The possibilities are endless when there are so many different gorgeous kinds to choose from!

Aaand, a little extra unnecessary info for those of you who know I sell Thirty-One and Scentsy, here's the other half of the room. My stock area! I have a crap ton and I really think this would be a great time (in the near future) to unload some of it! Discounts?! Add my groups on fbook so you can stay in the loop and get in on some of the deals!!

So, to sum up what would be my go-to outfit, really it depends when the tornado comes through. I could quite possibly be at work in which case I'd grab a pair of black pants and a dress top. Or if it were a Friday night I'd probably grab my lovely leopard top that I'm obsessed with and a pair of heels but if it were anytime in between then, I'd reach for the trust tennis shoes, a pair of nike shorts and my fav workout tops. Hands down, I'd rock that nader's world!!


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**On another note: How many of you watch Big Brother? Me and my right hand woman +Rachel Silski   from over at Rachel's Country Roots have a genius idea up our sleeve. Stick around and fill us in if you're game to try something new out with us!


  1. Kelsey you are SO STYLISH! lol waaaay better than what I am dressed in every day. I'm a sucker for work out clothes as well! Just so easy and comfy. :) Thanks for these link ups, sorry I'm always late on them but I will EVENTUALLY link up! ;)

    Jessie @ Jessie Jo At Home

  2. seriously girl... i love that closet!! what a fun post!! so lovely! I dont watch big brother but am excited to see what y'all have up your sleeve!

  3. that maxi and the shout out! Thank you! Also...CAN I HAVE YOUR CLOSET? Dang..that is alot of clothes!! I am going over to check out that FB page too!!!! I am loving all of those looks you put together!! You a fashion blogger now woman!

  4. You're adorable and your "out playing with friends" outfits is my everyday outfits - love them!

  5. Well you ARE stylish!!!!
    I love your outfits and your boots!!!!
    Your closet is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!
    Great post!

  6. I don't know how you can't come up with creative ideas with all of those clothes! Seriously, your closet looks like a store! =)

    I don't generally find myself overly stylish, but I do know what I love (dresses & skirts) and wear those pretty much every day. I think it's all about figuring out what you'll be comfortable wearing in any given situation, as long as it's appropriate for the time/place. You know, no mini skirts and thigh high boots at the office... =)

  7. Love it all!! You're pretty stylish..a lot more than me for sure! :) I haven't quite tried out the scarf trend but yours are so cute!!!

  8. Love your play clothes! You've got style girl! Love the post.

  9. Holy Crapolla you got some outfits! Jealous of your closet!



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