Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Good Life: Where Do You Blog From

WooHoo posting somewhat on time this week! Winning :)



This might be a loaded question but I'm going to be honest with you guys anyways...

I blog from my desk at the office. Yes, I tend to get side tracked and blog while on the clock but I have a secretarial job so when I'm not busy and I have the spare time that's where I blog most of my goodies. Shoot me. I showed you last week during Career Day what my office desk looks like so I feel there's no need to add another picture of it.

If/When I have the time and I actually pre-publish my posts they're usually done at home on my personal desktop. But, as of lately I have NO time to get anything done beforehand. And, if you'd read last weeks Career Day you'd know why.

I would LOVE to blog via mobile but I hate their app, it's annoying and hard to use so I choose against it. Plus, my phone sucks battery so I don't really have the patience to sit via mobile and type it all out. And I'm a fast typer, like super fast, so I don't want to wait to try to text it all out. Just too much work.


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Next Week's Theme:

What's Your Favorite Go-To Outfit? -So, you hear tornado sirens and you are rushed to grab two or three outfits to take downstairs with you before that tornado rips across Nebraska (or your state) and will steal the rest of your wardrobe. Quick, what do you take with you!?!


  1. Totally agree I cant not stand the blogger app!!!
    It is NOT user friendly. And I don't even have the internet other then on my phone and I chose to drive to town other than using the app.

    Another great blog post! Looking forward to next week and seeing your go-to-outfit(s)

  2. Blogger app blows and I blog from home and sometimes the ole office..but lets keep that on the downlow lady!

  3. I hate the blogger app! It drives me nuts!
    I also blogged from my desk but now that I am on summer vaca I need to find somewhere else to blog from considering that I currently do not have internet at my house! yuck.

    HEY! I am also commenting because I went to reply to your comment on my blog (the one about me moving to NE to be real life friends) and I agree I think we would be great real life friends! haha I mean technically we could be real life friends just states apart! ha. Anyways I went to reply and it says you are a no-reply blogger! :( what happened?

    talk to you later chica!

  4. I do the same thing! I thought I was crazy but it's so much easier. I blog from my desk at work while multi-tasking and doing a million other things...and during some downtime too!

    New follower now! Looking forward to it. :)

  5. The blogging app is not fun at I don't blame ya! I rarely use it!! Thanks for allowing me to join y'alls link-up party! :)

  6. I pretty much hate the Blogger app too! I wish you could actually read blogs on it! It's nice that you can blog from work! I feel like I am being watched like a hawk at work so I dare not do any personal business on my computer!

  7. I do NOT like the blogger app=totally agree with you!!
    :) Rebecca

  8. I blog from my desk at work too lol. and I HATE the Blogger app. I really hope someday they work on it.


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