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The Good Life: Your Vehicle

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I really didn't know which direction I wanted to take this when I knew we were going to talk about our rides. So I decided to give you the "low down" on my rims. Here's my vehicle history since I turned legal driving age. 

16th Birthday- I received a neighbors car as a pre-sixteenths birthday gift from my parents. While being a good samaritan and picking up some friends from a party and driving them home I hit a deer and slammed into a ditch. Car totaled, Kelsey's entire length of a vehicle, max of two weeks. Failure.

16th Birthday Round #2- This time I was able to help decide my faith! I knew I wanted a truck. There was absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind I was a country girl. I knew that all country girls drove trucks and I knew that Ford's were the way to go. (I was young, give me a break!) So, with a little searching we discovered the truck of every 16.5 year old's dream. An F150 maroon extended cab short box truck. I loved it, I treated that gem named Timmy, like he deserved. I loved him so much he made it into my senior pictures! I looked pretty awesome right?!? ;)

Me and Timmy had our rounds, somehow I ended up blowing the motor in him by pulling a trailer to town for my dad. We replaced the motor and while waiting for the new motor I got stuck driving the Dodge truck. I didn't have a choice again on this one. I drove dad's truck, but it wasn't terrible. It was a truck, every country girl's dream!

A little history on the Dodge truck. My sister was born in the truck on the way to the hospital so it's been dubbed the Delivery Truck. Mom was a nurse, dad and EMT so naturally the situation worked out and my sister was born about ten minutes from the hospital. She never was patient!

Back to the Timmy story, so after the engine was replaced it was back to driving down the highways and dirt roads with my old pal. We went through a lot, breakups, proms, parties and the occasional road trip to Kansas but my old friend never left me stranded. I loved him so much!!

High School Graduation- I did it! Congratulations to myself for surviving high school! Go me :) As a special gift to myself I bought my very first vehicle on my own! I bought a 2002 Ford Explorer. I kept it in the Ford family and decided to step up my game a little bit. Something cute, a little navy blue gem that I loved to death. Still crappy mileage but I had gotten used to it driving a truck. I loved my Exploder! Yes, you read that right, I called it my Exploder. And sadly, the Exploder exploded. It was a terrible way to go, but a tractor and me collided, both unharmed but I still went to the ER to make sure all was ok. Back to driving dad's rigs for awhile...

College Shenanigans- Well I obviously HAD to get another vehicle. Everyone has bad luck with insurance except me. I actually made money on my Exploder and bought a 99 Dodge Durango with it. Insert>> Did you notice I made the switch? I went from Ford's to now a Dodge. It's all a learning curve. I loved my Dingo. Yes, Dingo was her name-o! We made it through a lot, I ended up selling her with over 202,000 miles. Cash. The fool who bought her I felt sorry for, I told him honestly that she had a transmission problem and he was ok with her. I walked away with more money than I bought it for (win again) and I was stuck driving Travis' big ol Chevy 2500 Truck for awhile until I found my next set of wheels.

Big Girl Time- Well, after college was over, it was time to get an adult vehicle. I like to keep the soccer mom persona so I choose a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. Yup, switched again. Chevy is the root of all things wonderful lemme tell ya.This Taco was an extreme upgrade. Seriously, I love it though and it was worth every penny I spent on it.

Taco has been through some fun times with me. Since she's the first vehicle I've spent over $10k on I've really babied her. She's precious and to be honest, I rarely drive her over 75 mph. I love her too much to hurt her and I'm scared that someone might end up running into her. Silly because I do have full coverage but it'll never replace her if something were to happen. Let's just enjoy our time together and live life to the fullest. ;)

And anther rig I've been known to cruise on, four wheelers and ATV's. Of any type of size, I'm not too picky. I love them all! Seriously though, nothing is better than a good old relaxing ride. I don't mind using them for work but the best riding time is pleasure time!

Ehibit A:

Exhibit B:

Notice on the second one how I'm soaking wet? Ya, it may have rained that day, and the cooler in back was not holding water in, it was leaking everywhere! Warm beverages anyone?

I've always been a truck or SUV person and I'm afraid of the day I have to down size. The gas mileage I'm used to, I pay about $70-90 a week to fill up and if I'm not doing anything I can make that last a week and a half. If I were to downsize the amount I'd spend in gas would also go down by I wouldn't feel as safe. SUV's are extremely roomy and I'm so used to it I'd feel squished in anything smaller!

Over the years I've owned several vehicles. Some were just too cool, others were reliable enough to get me to and from events. All of them have a special meaning to me. I'm been extremely blessed to have safe functional vehicles that haven't left me stranded on the side of the road so that in itself is totally awesome. 


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  1. This cracked me up! I love how you named your vehicles haha!

  2. OMG you crack me up lady. I love that truck up love it!! Also..the taco..amazing. Can you please convince my husband to get me my SUV I dream of please?

  3. Just a few thoughts! 5 to be exact.

    1. Love how you name your vehicles. Ive have Blue Belle, The Bubble, and TB (Trail Blazer).

    2. I love the way to write. you always make me smile! :)

    3. ATV totally count as vehicles. Our 4wheeler is names Tiffany. My step son lives on it. He actually just left on it heading down to the neighbors to go help mow.

    4. Love that your senior picture is with your truck! I had mine taken with my cutlass also :)

    5. YOUR AWESOME!!!!! So glad we are doing this link up. It's so fun to get to know each other so much better!!!!!!

  4. Your senior pic is adorable!

  5. I love that you name your vehicles! I can't wait until aI get a car, just to name it. Your senior pictures are adorable!

  6. I can totally picture you driving that pick-up around! And I love Tahoe's. I think that would be one of my SUV choices if I were thinking about getting one!

  7. Love this post - I grew up in rural Northeast Nebraska and was the girl who had girl friends with trucks! We had some pretty great moments in those trucks!

  8. Thought I was the only one that named her vehicles!! Thats awesome!

    Shelly minettesmaze

  9. Growing up in the country side, driving a truck is indeed everyone's dream. Good thing you had a fair share of its fun in your teens. Anyhow, you're still lucky with your Dodge or “Dingo”. Even if it has a transmission problem, you still managed to sell her in good cash. Well, it's not surprising since there are lots of service centers for fixing transmission problem. Maybe the buyer knows one. Jae Gunderson @


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