Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Brother Week #1

It's our first link-up and there's already so much I want to talk about! Starting off I wanted to mention that this link-up can go any direction you want it to go. If you'd rather chit chat about how you hate so and so, that's your perogative. If you'd like to go the route of making guess' on who the winners will be, I challenge you! Make it fun and interesting!


I really didn't have time to watch the episodes but I quickly watched them anyways. The first couple weeks are hard for me, I have a short term memory issue and I cannot for the life of me remember names of house guests. Quite frankly, I don't try to remember their names because I know half of them won't be on the show much longer. 

A couple that really stuck out for me:

Elissa- Ok, first off, she's RACHEL RILEY'S sister! Threat? Double Check! If she's anything like her sister, watch out. Not for the fact that she could win but for the simple fact that if she doesn't win, she'll annoy you to death in the process! Ugh!! Kill me softly... I think she's gonna be a drama queen, just by watching her the first night she acts all tough but mentally she falls apart quickly. She just seems overly confident and I think her sister winning is giving her a big head. Don't bank on her taking home the half mil.

Next up is the good ol air head David. I want to believe this guy with go far in the game but I cannot for the life of me get past him flipping his fair back every five minutes. Use hairspray boy! I think right off the bat he's gonna be a chick magnet. I'm not so much into surfer dudes but there are so many ladies in this world who judge a character by the way they look that this dude will have no problem attracting those gals. Good luck this summer David!

And now is the weird McCrae. Hands down, creepy. At first glace, he reminded me of another Ian the show's last season winner. I thought at first he could potentially win it but unlike Ian he just doesn't have it. I can't pinpoint why, but he's just awkward. I think he'll go far in the house but he won't hit the home run to make it home. But, if he plays a good game, this guy might capture America through it all. Thus far, my vote is for him on the MVP!

GinaMarie- Like seriously, over the top obnoxious, giving Jersey a bad name, total accent, prissy pants, drama sucking queen. I wish I lived in the house to vote her out. The house guests see her as a total friend but I think this little knifing pageant coordinator is gonna throw the house for a loop. Don't make her mad, she'll tell you how it is while playing with her fake long extensions. Say it with me friends, DO NOT TRUST HER!

Judd, the only reason I added him to the topic's of discussion for this week is because I absolutely just love him. I'm not sure why, but I feel he's gonna be a good player this season. He seems like he lacks common sense but that's alright, he's captivating to watch. He's got a personality that makes you want to dig around and find out his story. Like, what's you history? Maybe it's just because I'm interested in the south and he seems like a good ol boy. That or probably because he's boring and laid back.

On The Block- Candice and Jessie (we already know this)
3rd On The Block- GinaMarie (this is my guess)
Eviction- Jessie
MVP- McCrae
PoV- Jeremy


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Also, don't forget we're giving away a prize packet! Here are the deets:

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  1. I didn't link up this week but my predictions are:

    Nominations Jessie, Candace, Elissa
    MVP Aaryn
    Eviction Elissa

    They are gonna spread the Rachel/Elissa thing all over and get her out.

  2. I agree with your eviction guess, I think Jessie is going byebye. and Crea has a great chance of getting the mvp. but third on the block I'm gonna have to say Elissa.

  3. OMG....David drives me insane!!! He is such a Douche!!! Can't wait to link up next week!!!

  4. I don't mind Elissa at all..her sister though? ahhh.

  5. Ahhh I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet but I now know Candace and Jessie are nominated.
    I think MVP will be Kaitlyn.
    Eviction: Elissa (backdoored).
    POV: Candice.

  6. I do not watch this show but I love your recap! I found your blog through Tennessee's Honey giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I LOVE this show and I love that you are recapping each week! I can't wait to see your thoughts! I actually like Elissa, and I am so rooting for her and Helen. I'm an underdog lover though! :) Can't stand the Aaryn/Jeremy/Kaitlin camp.


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