Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Brother Week #3

So, let's be honest, you probably thought I was dead or in a coma right? Ya, I've felt that way too! Although I'm currently unemployed (my decision) I have been absolutely SWAMPED with busy work! Between my week long hiatus while out partying eleven hours away and teaching young bucks how to Czech dance I really haven't had a spare minute to sit down and give you guys updates. I swear that I'll fill you all in but just be patient lovies!! And now, for the real reason you're here:


Elissa- Your about to dig yourself in a BIG hole without a way of getting out!! I mean really, I get it. You think that because you're Rachel Riley's sister you can walk on water and America will always want to keep you around but you might be hands down just as annoying as your sister. And that lip thing, stop doing it! No one likes your facial expressions, seriously. But, I will admit I'm jealous, you are kinda pretty after all. But "pretty" doesn't win games (except for on drama shows like this) so as long as you keep finding friends to do your dirty work (Hellen) you might just luck your way out of it and end up climbing to the top. I really think she'll go far in the game now that Nick is gone. I never saw that back door move coming and I'm sad to see the Moving Company crashed and burned but maybe, just maybe, this might be her chance at winning.

McCrae you little sly devil! This past week we barely saw anything about you! What are you doing lurking in those shadows? Laying low for awhile and letting the girls take all the heat? Keep it up and you will climb your way into a final four seat. But really, I hope you cut your darn hair already! It's ugly and I have this thing with guys and weird hair. I don't mind it, but a least maintain it. Put some colors into it, comb it or just straighten it so it's not all bushy at the ends. Also, watch out for your crush Amanda. I just think she's bad news. If she admits she has a boy toy at home what's stopping her from having you as her pawn boy toy? Just watch it pizza boy!

GinaMarie- Girl literally, you have got to get over Nick going home! I know, it's sad. But all of your other buddies will go home too and I cannot handle watching you cry yourself to sleep an entire hour every week. The accented trash talk after he walked wasn't so classy and I'm glad they choose to fire you from your pageant directing position. Not a role model when the cameras are rolling so guessing you're not a role model when you're off the air either. You've got game when it comes to mad trash talk but during competitions you suck. Focus on that more and you might have a chance to win this. Trash talking the other players is not only rude but it's also a way to earn a quick ticket out of here. The numbers are slowly turning and you're going to loose momentum so stop acting all tough and suck up to those in power. Trust me, you'll thank me once your girl scout troop moves out in these next couple of weeks.

Aaryn- You're in deep doo doo not only with America but with your lifestyle choices! I'm not 100% sure what makes you think that making racial comments are ok and then flat out denying it but it's not. I realize you're from Texas and I'm guessing down there your family did deal with racial moments in time but that does not give you an excuse to act like an uneducated bimbo and throw around words like they mean nothing. People do get offended when you say hurtful things and you do deserve some type of consequence for saying them. It sucks that you've lost your job but trust me, once people see you on the streets losing your job will be the least of your concerns. It's sad to see you at 22 years old messing your entire life up because you're trying to belittle someone. I was rooting for you for awhile but now that I've seen the real you I know your days are coming to an end. And flipping Candice's bed was childish. I know you guys get bored in the house but that was rude. It was nice of you to make a fake apology but I could tell it wasn't sincere enough.

 Andy- Step up your game brother! You're awkward and funny to watch in private interviews but you really need to get with the program. I know you're not a true floater but you're acting like a wimp whose always hiding in corners. I want to see you make a move or two to see what you're made of. I don't think we've even seen you get into an argument yet. Come on! Entertain me at least a little bit!

Helen- You might be using your political campaigning background to your advantage right now but I really don't see you going far. Elissa will throw you under the bus just like her sister did so watch your back. Congrats on the HOH, you deserved it but your victory dance was too much for me. I'm still not sure how you're playing this game but crying to Elissa about missing home won't help it any. Just suck it up and know that your kiddos are watching you. At least you're being a good role model to them!

And now for my guesses:
On The Block- Aaryn & Kaitlin (we already know this)
3rd On The Block- GinaMarie (this is my guess)
Eviction- Aaryn
MVP- Elissa
PoV- Aaryn


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  1. HOw did I not know that you liked Big Brother! I LOVE Big Brother too! Looking forward to recap each episode with you.


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