Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brother Week #4

This week was extremely boring to me. I mean, nothing too exciting happened and the challenges lately have been somewhat lame, there's no crazy hype over them and the players don't go all crazy like last year's season. Come on guys, get it together and stir the pot. I wanna see more drama :)

So a little re-cap from last week: My eviction of Aaryn was wrong. She was lucky and slid by since Jeremy was the bigger target and it was a smart move on Kaitlin's part to remove herself from the block otherwise she would have been sent packing. My MVP was spot on, I mean really though America, stop picking her! The only reason she keeps winning it is because of her sister. Let her play her own game and let's see if she can handle it on her own already. I got the MVP right and that was it! I really have to focus and start to guess better, but with the PoV winner it can flip it all around in an instant so it's hard to choose who goes home without knowing the third person.


And now onward to this weeks predictions:

Elissa- I have complained about it a little bit above but you have really got to stop banking on your sister's fame and start making a name for yourself! You've been slacking on winning anything at all! You cry about being a have not yet you haven't stepped it up yet. Stop hiding behind your friend Helen and make a bold move and instead cover for her sometime soon. No one likes a lady with too much botox done so get yourself together, stop with the fake eyelashes and pull yourself a win or two. Be bold and play the game instead of hiding in the shadows, let's see you prove you've got what it takes!

Aaryn there's a reason people keep coming after you and week after week you prove that you do not deserve to be on the show anyways. This week, you started a fight with GinaMarie over her being "mean" to you. All she did was say she was tired of your attitude of being negative about the situation of you thinking you three will be going on the block. I really hope the pretty brat you are pretending to be isn't who you are in real life. I want to believe that inside you are a genuinely nice person and that you really aren't meaning to be so hurtful!

Andy you crazy super hyper person! You might be the one person under the radar that I'm thinking might just get the chance to make it to the end without getting caught up in drama. Way to let Aaryn's comments slide by and way to be the weirdest house guest this season. You just take the back burner, play chill and be-friend everyone! How are you doing so awesome!?!?

Judd- I'm still in awe of you winning the HoH competition. It was pure luck to be honest in my opinion. I know it was a tough week but come on, stop sulking around and celebrate it! I would act the same though because I want everyone to love me and hate making others mad at me. If I were in the game I'd probably lose the competitions just so I wouldn't have to choose who to put up. Then if I were put up I'd just fight to win the PoV and rally my friends to keep me. Tough but that's the only task you're required to do as the HoH so just get it over with and stop over-analyzing it! :)

Here's the most current picture I created with the houseguests that are still left in the house. I thought this would be a fun little visual to see where or who is gone from the house! Who do you think will be next?!

HoH- Judd
On The Block- Aaryn & Kaitlin (we already know this)
3rd On The Block- GinaMarie (this is my guess but America got to pick it)
Eviction- Kaitlin
MVP- Andy (America got to pick this week)
PoV- Elissa


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