Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Brother Week #5

I'm still dumbfounded on how some of those bimbos in the house are still around!? Seriously, you are lucky they don't have me do the voting all on my own... Help vote to get those id-10-t's out! Now onto the good stuff, the juice of the post.


This week I'll try not to complain about the same people. I'm honestly realizing that all I really do is talk crap so in light of it being a happy week I'm going to find some positives in each player that I call off today!

Amanda, you're a really straight forward person. You unintentionally come off as a strong person because you just tell people what you're thinking. I'm almost certain you're not meaning to offend anyone but be careful, your words might just cause a ruckus without you even planning on it. Also, you and your little pizza boy are cute, but I feel like you need to be a little nicer to him. He's too young to realize you're a firecracker, go easy on him will ya!

Andy, your a ball of energy and I wish I had HALF of the facial expressions that you have. I really wish you would get more camera time, I mean, we really hardly even know you and it's already week five in the Big Brother house. I think you deserve a little more air time, maybe stir up a little drama to get your face on the screen. Do something exciting!

Jessi you too deserve a little more camera time. I honestly don't know much about you but that I attribute to not seeing you on screen very often. I find it funny you want a showmance. Personally, I'd be embarrassed to get into one of those, I don't want America to think I'm out for love. If you're into that, try out for The Bach! Stir the pot a little, go after GinaMarie or Aaryn. You're too pretty to hide in the background and just compete occasionally!

Judd or J U Double D as you prefer to be called. The bear shirt is hilarious. It's like the Where's Waldo of the show! Constantly trying to find the shirt and then getting excited when I see someone walking around the house on the after hours show is what keeps me entertained. I have bets that this shirt will sell like hot cakes after you make it to the final four. Just finding the place you bought it is the hard part.

McCrae, now I was attempting to talk about the other folks on the show only because I wanted to give them extra "air" time but I just had to throw you in after the lasting memory I have of you and Amanda in the bathtub sharing an intimate moment... It was all cute like, she just finished telling you I love you for the first time, you repeated it back then you kissed for a couple seconds. Then BOOM, you gotta ruin it by farting, FARTING in the bathtub. Really?!?! Seriously McCrae, get with it and get a little class. That's discusting and had you done it with me I probably would have slapped you and walked right up to Judd (the only decent one left in the house) and started making out with him instead. You need some schoolin boy!

Here's the most current picture I created with the houseguests that are still left in the house. I think it's fun to X them out! It's almost like I'm doing my own "fade" picture like they do once they walk out of the house. Except I just put a giant black X through them and do my little evil laugh while doing so. Think by luck there will be a pattern on how they exit? Think I'll luck out and score a BINGO!? Just kidding :)

HoH- Aaryn (we already know this)
On The Block- Howard & Spencer (we already know this)
3rd On The Block- Elissa (this is my guess but America got to pick it)
Eviction- Howard (strong player)
MVP- McCrae (America got to pick this week)
PoV- Elissa (she doesn't want Aaryn to put her as a replacement)

*Aaaand, if you're a creeper (by accident this time) like me and want to see what is happening live in the house. Check out this link I found while browsing YouTube! Eeek, when will they tell us about it?!?!?


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  1. I'm going to admit this season is my first time watching this show and I'm hopelessly addicted now...and I got the hubby into it too lol!!! I can't get enough of it! We record the BBAD on TVGN at night and watch it during his lunch break and we don't miss any of the weekly night shows! Love me some Big Brother!! :)

  2. Hey creeper who decided to stalk my phone last farted in the tub..what a creeper!

  3. Judd's shirt is from Walmart & apparently, some people have been buying it & trying to sell it on ebay for $60-$100. Crazy!


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