Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Good Life: Favorite Blog Post

I've already mentioned before that I cannot eliminate all of my awesome posts to only a couple so I'm changing the direction I'm taking this week and giving you a couple of my favorites instead.

#1. My Farming On The Four's is hands down my favorite and one of the main reasons I have chosen to blog! Seriously, it's so much fun to not only educate you non-farming folks but also just to compare the year to year crops on our farm. To see how good or bad the drought is, to compare how tall the crops are getting and also to just remember what dates we did what. Most of my word hits that link them to my blog are ag or farm related so that must mean they're reading my blog after wanting to find more information. I've considered time and time again to start a link-up with this topic but until I have a better interest in it I think I'll hold off...

#2. Zucchini Pie Recipe has gotten me a huge amount of hits so I had to mention it! It's on my Recipes Tab (which is under construction but still manageable). I think the reason why it's such a big hit is because it's something useful to use those wheel barrows full of zucchini with when you're tired of zucchini bread and battered zucchini. I know I usually am overwhelmed with the amount of extras so it's a fun and healthy way to make something different. And people are always impressed when you tell them it's not actually apple pie but it's a veggie instead.

#3. Kelsey's Grocery Store is also one that might be a favorite of mine. I'm an avid couponer who has fallen off the earth as of lately but luckily my stock pile has lasted us and I haven't had to buy a whole lot lately. Now the walls aren't stacked to the brim like they were in this picture but I still have a lot in there that has yet to be eaten. I've been shying away from the boxed goods as we're attempting to eat healthier but with our ever busy lifestyle it's inevitable that we're going to get busy and need some quick fix meals.

#4. Proud blog post would have to include my 1000 Gifts list. It's been tough but I've been working extra hard on it and I want to hit my 1000 thankful's here soon! I've got about 200 left to do so I'd call this successful and it's really opened my eyes to see the beauty beyond the image. At first I was looking at only the physical things I could see, like sweatshirts and potatoes but eventually I got the hang of it and my eyes opened to the things I never saw before. I started to enjoy the scent of fresh cut grass, the colors of a sunset during harvest. I really started to realize that if we slow down long enough there are so many things this world is showing us. If you'd like more info either go to that tab or read the book. Trust me, it won't disappoint you!

#5. My Coupon Binder is my last one on this list. It took me almost two years to finalize a system that works for me and I'm so glad that I took the time to really critique it and move things around until I found what worked. This was time consuming to set up and print off all the little labels but looking back it was worth it. Now I spend less time than ever putting together the weekly price matching that I do.

So there you have it, my favorite series or posts that I've created. I could add a couple more to the list but I'm sure you'd get annoyed so I'll just keep it short for ya. I hope all of you are enjoying this heat, we've got county fair beginning tonight so I'm almost certain I'll be busy for awhile still. I'm going to post more and more in my free time so stick around and try Keeping Up With Kelsey :)


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  1. Those are all great posts.
    I am going to definitely try out the recipe!
    Glad your back! Ive missed you {and your posts}.
    I am excited for next weeks link up. It should be fun!!!

  2. This is fantastic! 1-I'm not a huge fan of zucchini but I'm tempted to try this when my coworkers keep offering me zucchinis from their gardens! 2-I have a coupon obsession and have a stock pile of my own! Its no where near yours but mine is more health/beauty related. I love couponing and seeing just how cheap I can get things or when they pay me to take something out of a store is like a "high" for me! lol :)

  3. WOW!! Ok the 1000 gifts is pretty inspirational!!!



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