Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun! To prove it, I'll just post all of my Instagram shots and throw in a couple that didn't make the cut. 

Work just drug on all day, I was itching to get out of there and go get packed. Me and mom decided at 10 am that we wanted to get away for the weekend so we leaped at the chance to go to Des Moines, IA and go play for a day! We arrived in Des Moines around 10 pm, went out for supper at Buzzard Billies. I opted for the safe food with chicken bites, breaded with their cajun blend. Yummy, but I got a picture from a friend who hyped my energy and I was too worked up to want to eat. I laughed and was envious, lucky dog went to a Billy Idol concert and ran into one of MY friends. Same friend she makes fun of me for talking to. Way to shove it in my face I missed the event. Jerks! (just kidding but not kidding, really)

Then we went for a stroll on a GORGEOUS river bridge that had lights shining on it. We got back to the hotel, had a mini-pillow fight (you're never too old for that stuff) and then she crashed while I enjoyed my HUGE bed all to myself and watched some TLC. Oh, and I enjoyed my pillow fort, seriously I looove pillows. I was so excited to have so many to throw around and sleep with :)

Friday night was just exhausting, we really didn't do anything special but the almost four hour drive is what wore me out. I don't mind driving at night but I just get bored. There's only so much you can talk about so I started flipping channels and heard this song I kid you not SIX times over the course of the next two days... Over it, but still love the song :)

It was mommy and me day all day! We took it upon ourselves to go to Adventure Land and test out the rides. The entire trip over there my stomach was in knots. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do rides, I haven't gone to an amusement park for almost ten years! We started out small, a simple little gondola style ride. Nailed it! Next up, one of the bigger rides. I kept working myself up more while waiting in line. Turns out, my head keeps spinning but I could handle it. I took the next one with strides, mom giggled as I triple checked to make sure the seat was locked and tight on me. Then the big boy, turns out I wasn't the weak link of the duo. Mom couldn't hang and thus ended our scary rides tour. We opted for some wussy rides and ended it on a picture perfect note of the ferris wheel. Calm, relaxing, windy and a bit chilly with rain in the air but just perfect. Living in that moment enjoying some mom time that I don't often get.

Then we decided it was time for us to go shopping. I wanted to stop at a good will to find some 80's grub and I found an absolutely awesome gem! It was a jacket straight out of 1984, the neon colored pink, some crazy triangle button do-dads and the best part, it's got a built in fanny pack on the back! Oh, and it all folds itself into that little bag to carry it in. This piece was worth the 99¢ that I spent on it. Heck I would paid a whopping dollar if need be to secure this lady in my closet!

The reason for going to Des Moines was to help be in charge of a 5k fun run. I'm doing all of the promotional's for the event so I went up there to help organize, check-in, photograph and just help be crowd control. It was a blast, Jacque is doing so great with the event and I seriously cannot wait to do more runs! We had about 350 runners registered, I'm not sure how many came and did late registration but I do know that we had an extremely awesome group! Smiles were on everyone's faces and they were more than ready to get their rock on. I need to get to editing though, I took over 600 pictures and they need to be added to my website, Dirt Road Photography, so people can view them and order their race day photos! If you wanna take a look at some of the photos that were already uploaded by all means creep around.

After the race we went back to the hotel and I insisted I needed to get a small walk in for the day. Mom refused to let me go out alone (she thought I would get killed in an alley) so we went on a walk together. Towards the downtown area to be more specific. It was relaxing, the night was gorgeous and we went on a side tour of that pretty bridge again. I wanna move to the big city someday soon!!

Up bright and early so we can make the four hour journey back home. I really had mixed emotions, I was exhausted, I didn't want to go back to reality and I really didn't want to drive that entire stretch. Yet, I was ready to go see dad, I was really excited to see the kiddos I help teach dance lessons to and I knew there was a benefit event going on for the West Texas Czech families that we know. So, I took it upon myself to drive the trek home. Mom's used to it but my friend +Tonja Sullivan  kinda freaked a little when she saw my Instagram photo of me driving cross legged home. It's normal, as long as there's not high traffic around me I do this all the time! Especially on long drives :)

Once I got home I rushed over to start practice. The kids were more than excited to learn and we had a couple newbies. Those are the best to help! I really enjoy watching them catch on so quickly, this group was easy to tach too. We had two almost three whole songs learned by the end of practice. Now only six more to go! An hour later we were finishing up practice and I was on my way over to Sokal to get my drink on! 

They had a raffle and my dad bought a crap ton of tickets, I being the rather "cool" person that I am took it upon myself to fill them out. Actually, he made me, ya he made me fill them our for him. So, I added my fav name "Love To Polka" to it! I laughed but sadly, he didn't get called that... And my best buddy Mo was leading the polka crew. I know she'll love me for posting this photo!

After the final accordion jam was over it was play time! We brought out the real games. Without going into details I'll fill you in on our redneck style of fun. It included quarters, shot glasses, laughter and squeezing your butt cheeks together... Ya, like I said. You didn't wanna know!

Oh and Mo brought along her Melodica, it's a strange instrument where you blog into the little mouth piece and it makes it sound like a piano. Actually, really cool!! I pretty much rock it and have intentions of playing it with the band this summer. Bring it!!

So there you have it. That was my hectic weekend in a nut shell. Oh, and while walking into worlds of fun I had a lady call to set up an interview for a potential new job. If you didn't know I was quitting you're not the only one, I haven't really told a lot of people yet. But, my two weeks are up on Wednesday. Scared but that's ok. It can't get worse. If you'd like to be "in the loop" about it all, shoot me an email. I'm an open book about it I just don't want to blast it everywhere exactly.

And some other fun Instagrams, the first one is a book from my dear friend +Sarah C she blogs over at To Me Mrs. Collier. She surprised me by sending me a book, with the most hilarious note in it! She knows me too well, the note said not to peak at the envelope in the back, then again on the note it said not to peak. I'm just curious! Ugh, killin me! The second photo is what I sent to my cousins in Texas. I mailed it just like that! I called her yesterday and it arrived, just like that without any damage. It's fun mailing random objects and the post office always just rolls their eyes at me. Meh, don't care.


  1. yes!! your freak me out!! freak!! lol glad you got to get away this weekend, sounds like a blast!!

  2. There is so much awesome in this post, I don't even know where to start! Looks like a BLAST!


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