Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Big Brother Week #6

This week I had to watch almost the entire week's worth of episodes on DVR because Czech Days took over my life. Yay for finally having a job meaning I'm back on a normal schedule. Expect to be on post overload once I get back into the swing of it and expect me to be posting on my usual schedule. Thank you to those who have stuck around. You guys are too awesome and I've missed you dearly!!


Aaryn, I still think you should thank your lucky stars for winning that HoH competition last week. That's honestly the only thing that's kept you in the house and good job on the butt kissing. Helen and Elissa really needed it and now you know that you might just get lucky enough to join their pack. This might be a good move for you, it might lead to you sticking around for a lot longer. And to think you hated them and you were wanting them gone.... The game changes so quickly!

Amanda, you have GOT to stop being the power house scary robo-cop! You're too intimidating and you're skrewing up your own game as well as McCrae's. If I were him, you'd be history and your BB engagement would be called off before the parents even had time to watch the live feeds and see how it rolled out. The entire rant you pulled on Jessi was not only uncalled for but just petty. Let it go, the girl wasn't going to get rid of you she was just throwing it around. Don't get so offensive over these small things or your game will be history before you even make it to the jury! I'm not sure if it's your forehead or your eyebrows but something makes you look like you're constantly mad...

GinaMarie, girl, you're right. Your hair does need that hair dye. BAD! I love how the only reason you claim to want the HoH is because of the dye but honestly, you should want it more because you're annoying the house and you have potential to be going home soon. Don't give in to the temptation to talk about others, I know it's easy for you but it will hurt your game in the long run. Try playing a bit more like Andy, mellow and always listening but rarely adding mean snide remarks. 

Jessi I know you have a big heart that's filled with wanting to get to know people but you have got to get mean girl! Otherwise your game is over and you won't even see it coming. Don't you remember how Amanda yells at you? I know your comment about "Why are you taking Aaryn" that you asked was in not any way meant to be mean but it was perceived wrong and unfortunately you have to deal with it. I get myself in similar situations all the time and I'm just hoping that it'll all settle and people will soon move on to something else to nit pick about. Keep your guard up and keep fighting to bring in an HoH winning competition. 

Judd you're such a weirdo and your hometown visit was hilarious! I almost spit my supper out of my mouth when I saw that random guy say "Don't know who he is but he must be famous, people all over talkin bout him." You're a lil country boy and I love how supportive your hometown is! I really wish/hope that if I ever do anything cool like this my town would do the exact same thing! Keep it up and don't get sucked into Jessi's drama. Stay strong and avoid showmances, they're known to skrew up your game...

Thus far I see no pattern on the way people are getting knocked out. But, it looks like I might be getting a BINGO there on the top row! Maybe it's fate that Jessi will be heading home this week? Rumor has it there's a double eviction this week so if that's true we might be seeing both Jessi and Candice going home? What do you think?!

HoH- GinaMarie (we already know this)
On The Block- Candice & Spencer (we already know this)
3rd On The Block- GinaMarie (this is my guess but America got to pick it)
Eviction- Jessi (strong player)
PoV- Spencer (he's worried about himself)


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  1. I want Amanda out so bad...her drawer wearing prancing self!

  2. I want to see Amanda go home too. She's mean, she's cocky and she's always either nude, topless or in her underwear. Nobody want's to see that (well except for McCrea, yuck!) It's time for her to pack her bags!


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