Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Brother Week #7

This past week with the double eviction really threw it all for a loop! I was in total shock about the Judd backdoor deal. Not fair to him, I think it was a smart game move but it wasn't the right timing. You should have back-doored Amanda or McCrae, those two are bigger targets then little old country bumpkin J, U, Double D.


Aaryn- You deserve the MVP award hands down this week. That was a HUGE move. But Helen's little pep talk with you was annoying and her political campaigning skills were shinning through it. Tell her to stop acting like she runs this place and focus on her own game. I wish you would knock her out but her smooth talker skills will keep her while your game will suffer from the back last of what you did in the first few weeks on the show. Don't give up hope that you'll make it far though! Just cut those cords with GinaMarie. She's bad news and that trash talk against Candice was low. She needs to go and I don't want her dragging you down with her. I really loved you at the beginning of the season and I'm still rooting for you to go all the way in this game. Just keep your mouth closed and focus on winning those HoH competitions.

McCrae- I get you're worried if you break up with Amanda she'll come after you with a knife but come on. Just by the amount of eye rolling reactions and body language I can tell you're over her little drama fits she often has. Just tell your friends in power to get rid of her. Then, break up with her once you both hit the Jury House. :) You have the opportunity to win this like awkward Ian did last season but you have GOT to get it together and realize that Amanda is weighing you down and screwing up your game. The fight that you had to endure all because you refused to throw the competition was outrageous and I really hope you never try to throw it. For all you know this could be a little mind game and she could stab you in the back in a heartbeat.

Andy- Congrats on finally winning the Head of House competition! You deserve to win more than a lot of people in the house. I giggled with the interviews about who you plan to get out. Everyone's right, you're friends with them all so making an enemy isn't your strong point. You'll do fine and don't beat yourself up over it. You're so cute and remind me of a friend of mine, I really would love to introduce you two. I'm thinking you guys would be the cutest couple ever! Keep the smiling attitude and just don't choose an alliance yet, there's so much that can happen in a short period of time so no need to make enemies yet. I'm glad all the ladies volunteered themselves for have-nots this week. You were really struggling with the choices!

I think I'm seeing a trend in my random placement of house guests! Notice the top row is almost out, and the bottom row will (hopefully) be knocked out soon too! The third row is the biggest threats in the game I'm warning you. If things go the way they're supposed to Jessi might be gone on Thursday. The second row has the potential to be knocked out but I think McCrae will be around until they put up both him and Amanda in which case she'll be sent packing because she's a bigger threat. 

HoH- Andy (we already know this)
On The Block-  Spencer & Jessi (we already know this)
Eviction- Jessi (small threat but easy to get rid of finally)
PoV- Spencer (he's worried about himself)


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