Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big Brother Week #8

Alright, a quick mini thought process then I'll sum up a couple players...

Who wants Judd or any of the hot guys to come back out of the Jury House?

Who thinks that Amanda is a giant mean bully who needs to go to Jury House?

 Who thinks that McCrae and Amanda are a terrible showmance and that he should "ditch the biotch"?

 And lastly, who thinks this season's BB15 cast was made up of a bunch of morons maroons? 

 Alright.... The I's have it! 


Aaryn you're actually reasonable to watch. At first I hated you, the whole racial comments thing was out of control but you've toned it down a lot. Not sure if it's because you were politely asked to knock it off, if you realized it could potentially ruin your game or because you're really not racist like Big Brother played you off to be. Whatever your reasoning, I'm gunning for you to win the entire game. Mostly because the rest of the people that are left are people I don't want to see earn the money. Maybe the other person I'd vote for is Andy, but that's cause he's just so stinkin cute! Great game move on the whole voting for Helen and Elissa for eviction. I know that's another tough game move but you did it smoothly!! I know Helen thinks she's a pawn but don't drag her along too long or she'll over power you and master mind to get you out. Instead just deal with Elissa for a week until you can get her out and then bump out Helen now. Trust me, it'll be smart for your game.

GinaMarie I cannot stand you! That little drama session meant to dig a grave for Aaryn was just plain rude! Why stir the pot when she's supposedly your closest ally? Not nice girl. Just not nice. I really wish you'd get voted out here soon but you're depending on Aaryn to drag you along. Step it up, make some moves. Win a competition or two to prove you deserve to stay and you're someone that can help others in the game. Whatever you do, just get with it. Also, please stop acting like a dumb blonde, I'm not blonde but some people take it personal when you're acting like one and giving them a bad name. You really should be on Jersey Shore and not in the Big Brother House. The entire time you're talking I hear a mix between Snooki, J Wow and a little bit of Sammi in you. Please oh please get rid fo that annoying accent. We get it, you're proud of your Italian roots, but stop flaunting it all the time. Oh, and your roots are showing again...

McCrae I know I'm preaching about something you are slowly realizing but you have got to get rid of Amanda! She's the reason I won't vote for you. Drop the thorn and you have a shot at that half million!! The little fits she has over not winning is stupid, she claims she's a Realtor but the way she acts makes me want to believe she's the pizza girl and you're the Realtor. I mean really, how much more complaining could she do!? Just give it up girl and put a smile on that face. You've got yourself aligned to go further in the game but I really think people are worried about the threat of you two as a package deal. Whatever you do, sign a pre-nup and don't let her control your money if you win it!!

The really hard thing about the season for me personally is keeping up with it! If it weren't the for Big Brother After Dark show I really would feel like I don't have a feel for the whole game. It's two full hours every night of getting to watch the house guests. Usually it's boring but once in awhile I catch some action on there. A couple nights ago they were prepping for McCrae and Amanda's "BB Wedding" as the house has dubbed it. I had to laugh because the guys were sitting around talking about game play as the girls were upstairs getting ready. I give the whole house credit for getting creative, it's gotta get extremely boring sitting around all day! So boring in fact, that I'd probably cringe at the thought of it!


Did I mention how excited I am that Jessi's gone?! Jeez, what a little tattle tale on the whole blowing Helen up and trying to throw her under the bus. Not nice girl, just not nice!

HoH- Aaryn (we already know this)
On The Block- Elissa & Helen  (we already know this)
Eviction- Helen (they need her out or she'll win this game)
PoV- Helen (pawn or not she'd better worry about herself)


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  1. I liked Jesse actually! lol..not sure why. Loving the gifs on this one!

  2. I just hope after Helen is evicted tomorrow night she doesn't win the competition with the jury members to come back! That'd be horrible! Go Judd :) As much as I still don't like Aaryn, any BB fan would be lying if they didn't say she's a really good competitor & is playing a great game.

  3. I love reading all of Rachel & your opinions of these people. I would like up to this but I just can't get into this who lol From the little clips I have seen, I hope they remember that they are being filmed, the things they do make me think they have forgotten.


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