Friday, August 23, 2013

Stitch Fix #3

I decided to continue my Stitch Fix subscription  because honestly, I just love it. I was worried with my month long span of "vacation" aka, Kelsey-Quit-Her-Job, that I wasn't really needing it but I told myself it was only $20 if I decided not to keep anything. I'm glad I did keep my subscription because this month I seriously loved it all! Here's what they all looked like:

First a little ramble about Stitch Fix. Basically you sign up and fill out a questionnaire about your style, your likes and dislikes, your personality and so on. Then, they match you up with a stylist who picks out some cute things for you and then they get mailed to you. For $20 you get five pieces to try on, then choose weather you want to keep them or send them back. If you decide to keep a piece, that $20 is taken off of the total, if you decide to send them back, they keep the $20. No big loss in my mind.

Alrighty then. Now that you get the jist of how it works, I wanted to share with you what I go this round. This was hands down my favorite box so far but I just don't have it in my budget right now to keep all of them.

First in my Fix was this gorgeous 41Hawthorn faceted gem dangler necklace in orange. I loved it! I've been dying to try out a bubble style necklace for awhile so I was excited to see this in my fix. I tried it on and loved it, but something about the orange just wasn't for me. I don't normally wear orange (if ever) so I figured I'd take the safe route and just pass. For the price of $32 it was extremely reasonable though.

The second piece I found when I opened up my cute little mint colored box was this gorgeous Collective Concepts button-up sleeveless number. I did love it, I honestly tried to talk myself into it, but I just don't wear black that often and with the summer coming to a close I just couldn't find it in me to spend $58 on a tank I might not wear as often as it deserves. I have one exactly like it in leopard print that I LOVE but I don't wear it that often. As a matter of fact, I don't go out that often so to be 100% honest, I really don't need any new clothes. Wamp wamp waaaamp...

Along with that gorgeous black diddie is hands down the pick of the fix! My favorite little gem is this orange crochet detail sleeveless top by Collective Concepts. I like flipped out when I saw it! I loved it, like one hundred percent saw myself in it. It was a little boho, a litter modern and the sheer of the fabric is something I would have normally picked out for myself. The only kicker was the $48 price tag. I wanted so badly to go and hide it in my closet but I told myself no, as a matter of fact I told myself you're allowed to keep it but you must rid your closet of something you already love. So, I decided against keeping it. 

The other two fun pieces I had were these babies. 

The cardi, Mak brand, was cute but my closet is filled with them and this one wouldn't really match anything that I already have in my closet. Plus, I have a thing against 3/4 sleeves. Judge me but I get cold easily and if I'm gonna buy a cardi I want the full sleeves, if I get warm I can then push them up to be 3/4 sleeves instead. The price was reasonable at $38. Sorry Stitch Fix but this baby is getting mailed back to you. No hard feelings.

Again, I wanted the cute floral pattern shirt. This Angie brand, Gracelyn Floral Print Pin-Tuck Blouse was to die for! It's me, it's something I could easily transition into fall but I choose against it again because I was on a budget for the month of July. Not by choice but because I knew I had Czech Days and several other fun trips planned for myself. I did good on the self control concept and ended up placing all of them (folded) nicely back into the envelope provided to mail them back. (I love not having to pay shipping to get these cuties back to their rightful owners)

Did you notice that there's little tags attached to the clothes? They're these cute little style tags that give you ideas on how to dress up or down the item. I love the fact that they give me examples because I'm an extremely visual person. Thanks for the advice StitchFix :)

Good bye gorgeous tops and jewls, I wished I could keep most of you but the wallet insists I'm not allowed. Once I'm un-grounded I'll of course be finding similar pieces to install into the wardrobe! To get your own StitchFix go to the link below. I promise you won't be disappointed, it's a fun little subscription that keeps me away from the make-up sample type of boxes and the best part is it's something I will use more often than those make up sample box subscriptions.


  1. so u pay 20 but then they also cost something on top of that if u want to keep them?

  2. I'm confused too.
    DO you ever get that $20 back, now?

    1. Sorry for the confusion ladies! I emailed Rachel back but I'll post for you to see too ;) So what happens is they call it a "styling fee" and that $20 goes towards it. If you choose not to keep anything they keep the $20 but if you choose to buy something that $20 is applied to your items. So, if I choose to keep a shirt and it's $38 they'd just charge me the difference of $18 instead of $38 on top of the $20. Make any sense or am I rambling again?

  3. I have seen a few people do stitch fix and I think I would love it. But I do love going shopping and trying lots of things on to. Maybe I'll try it out sometime...

    So did you not end up keeping anything this month? Bummer. I would want to keep something just to use the 20!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this StichFix idea! What a fantastic business. When/If the day comes that we actually have a budget for pleasure shopping I'm so doing this. Thanks for sharing.


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