Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Good Life: The Man Behind The Blog

This week's theme was super fun! Like really, I mean, who doesn't like picking the guys' brain once in awhile? And since I forced him to answer my question I finally got a good insight on what he thinks of my ol blog!

Without further ado, I'll introduce Boy! A little more about him: Travis William Nerud (Travie, Willie, Trav, Boy, Farmer are just a couple of the nicknames I have for him) is the man behind my blog. He's a full time farmer and also a business owner. He has a habit of leaving his stinky socks sitting in front of the recliner. He loves anything with a gears or a motor in it, including but not limited to tractors, trucks, four wheelers, and more tractors. You can find him sitting in tractors, pounding in posts making fence, working in the shop on projects for the business, or combining at any given time throughout the day.  He doesn't spend much time at home because he is extremely work oriented and many times that does take a toll on our relationship but take and give is the name of the game and sometimes your family life needs to make a sacrifice in order to put food on the tables of millions. He's kind and gentle and the amount of child-like conversations we have on any given evening is my main reason for sticking around. I'm a child and I need someone that can be just as childish, he's right up there with me singing and jumping around. 

Now onward towards the questions for today!

1. Does Kelsey use your real name on her blog?
Ya, I think so. Haven't looked at the blog for awhile though.

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
Travis' Farm Page (See told ya that he's all about farming)

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of her blog?
No, not really. No more than she did with Facebook (In my defense he sits there and stares at the tv and ignores me, so instead of getting ignored I find something to entertain me. I sometimes get a little bored watching the Food Network or History Channel every evening)

4. What is your favorite post on her blog?
Farming On The Four's (Duh! It's my top one too if you remember from a couple weeks ago when we did the link up about Our Favorite Posts. But then once I read his reply I asked him if that was the only one he could remember and he just smiled...)

5. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
Now she does blog posts and swaps with other bloggers (Close, at least he gets the concepts behind the link-ups and Cara Box's)

6. How often do you read Kelsey's blog?
Once a month or so.

7. What are your hobbys?
Don't really have any hobbies, besides drinking beer. (UGH! Of course he'd be a smartypants and answer the question like that. This man needs more to do with his life than just drink don't you think?!)

8. What would your dream job be?
The same thing I'm doing now, farming.

9. What is your favorite thing about Kelsey?
Her creativity. (Awww, such a sweetheart, this makes up for the beer hobby thing)

10. Name three random facts about yourself.
I'm 29 years old. I have lived within one mile me whole life. I have never traveled out of the country.

And that is how you get your boy to answer questions honestly and find out how he really feels about your blog ;) He had fairly nice answers but I really feel as if I've ignored him now that he mentioned it and you guys all got lucky enough to see his real answers. I could have sugar coated that one and not let you know what he really said but it's the truth. Now I need to focus less on social media and more on hanging out with him! I feel guilty about it, but the amount of pressure I feel about keeping up with Facebook, Instagram, emails, blogs, my two business' and also the new photography business I started up is just a lot. Time to focus on the important things again :)


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Next Week's Theme:

Search Keywords On Your Blog -This one should be fun! So, what you do is go to your "stats" tab then go to the "traffic sources" tab under that one. Scroll down on that page to find your "search keywords" and then change your time to "all time" or whatever you'd like! I'll be posting about my "all time" keywords but you're welcome to do other time periods if you'd like. I'm excited to see what silly ones you might have show up on your blog!


  1. I 100% agree with focusing on what is important. sometimes I worry about my blog and that is so foolish!!! it's a blog I'm the owner, boss and only employee, I GET TO MAKE THE RULES! and BREAK THEM! ;)

  2. Love it! I am shocked my hubby didn't say beer drinking was his hobby lol! I'll sure tell him about the Big Brother link up..I'm sure he'll have plenty to say!! :)

  3. Loved this post! So honest and I can really appreciate your sacrifices for the sake of feeding the masses, way to stick it out girl!


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