Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Good Life: Search Keywords On Your Blog

So, this was a fun topic that I was dying to play with! It has to do with the "search" keywords that show up in your stats. Now before I go into deets on what mine are I should probably share where or how to find these stats huh? Well, here's a run down of the easiest way to find them.

1. Go to Stats on the left hand side of your blogger page
2. Click on Traffic Sources
3. Scroll down to find your Search Keywords
4. This is optional but choose the time period on the right hand side up top, I'm using my all time stats for this post :)

Alrighty, now that we're all on the same page and ready to blog it up about our keywords! Let's begin.


My search keywords for all of my blog timeline dates are kind of lame to be honest, they include the following:

-soybean growth stages (Nice to hear they're looking around for information realted to ag!)
-diy mason jar tumbler (Not my most famous work but this will do, I like doing diy's)
-soybean (Again, ag related so I'll take it)
-soybean growth
-soybean stages
-101 things in 1001 days ideas (Copy cats!)
-keeping up with kelsey (I'm the one and only so there's no need to scroll down and find another)
-101 in 1001
-soybean growth stages chart
-101 things to do in 1001 days ideas

So, I'm kind of bored with it. I had to change up the dates to see what was hoppin this week and here's what I found people are creeping around looking at my blog for:

-101 things in 1001 days ideas (Again!? Man people need to be original and stop stealing my ideas)
-bb15 cast (I guess my link up is getting me some hits on the ol internet)
-diy mason jar tumbler (Surprised this is so popular, it was a Chirstmas gift but it's getting me on the map)
-kelseyhomolka-keepingupwithkelsey (Did you really need to search for me that bad you typed the entire thing except .com in?)
-zucchini pie that tastes like apple pie (Glad to see people are wanting this recipe, it's super yummy)
-recipe for zucchini pie that tastes like apple pie
-101 in 1001
-101 in 1001 ideas
-beatrice daily sun (This one really surprised me to be honest, not sure why it was there?)
-cheesy chicken pasta crock pot (I felt this recipe wasn't that great, but others must like it)

Now those are a little more fun!!

Overall, I love hearing that people are searching my blog for the farming/agricultural terms. After all, that is one of my main goals that I continue this blog and I love updating with news that might educate someone who doesn't know the in's and out's a typical midwest farm. I am proud to have an AgriBusiness degree and living on a farm. I love spending time outside enjoying God's greatest gifts in the form of nature and in the agricultural industry you see a lot of things that God has created. If even one person learns about corn yeilds, or the reasoning behind why we fall/spring calf then I feel I'm doing my part to be an AGvocate. I really love feedback when I post my Farming On The Four's articles as it encourages me to continue those.

Another one I'm glad to see in the list is the 101 in 1001 lists. At first I was annoyed with people stealing my ideas but now it's flattering to know that people like my list enough to want to accomplish the same things. I need to focus on that list again to see if there's anything I can cross off! I really have neglected it since I started awhile back but it's time to focus on that list again!

I know it's super hard to see but I use Google Analytics to track my websites so it's fun getting a break down of where things are coming from. Here's a monthly view of some stats of mine. It looks like most of you are followers of my blog meaning that's where almost 50% of my pageviews come from. The next biggest place I get hits from is Pinterest. Not too surprising because I attempt to pin my recipe's there but I still would like to find a better way to use Pinterest on the blog. Facebook stats I was surprised about, I feel as if no one interacts with my Fbook page so maybe that's another goal, to work on interactions on there.

What types of stats are showing up for your blog? Anything worthy or funny? Mine were just blah I felt but I'm sure some of you have some crazy content!


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Next Week's Theme:

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  1. I love how Soybeans are a big hit your way

  2. its so cute how soybeans are a big hit! you have a lovely blog!

  3. Fun idea! I didn't find anything worthy to write a post about! Maybe in the future when people start searching more!



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