Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend In Review

THIS WAS IN HIDING! I'm posting it because it deserves a chance :)


The weekend was crazy but what weekend of mine isn't crazy anymore right?! This past week county fair was going on so it got busy. I'm talking not getting home any earlier than one o'clock every night busy. Wednesday

Sunday was dedicated to the girls. We took off around noon listening to this amazing song.

And to top it off, we didn't listen to it just once, but we had #18 on repeat so we listened to it straight for a good two hours! I kid you not, we did not shut the song off until we were into Iowa! :)

To rewind a little bit, we pull into Omaha to grab a quick bite to eat and I see the one and only tour bus for 3D In Your Face and do a little freak out moment. I show them the bands' picture and the girls do a quick eye roll and tell me to drive to the closest McD's. Sometimes I swear they don't know what they're missing out on in life! ;)

After using the somewhat sketchy restroom at McD's we were back on the road. It was questioned at one point whether we should change the song or not but then I took it upon myself to just ignore that comment and crank it up two more notches while serenading everyone with a chorus of slooow hands and discussing how we need a man with an easy touch!

We find Sloan, IA (the location of Merle Haggard, Joe Diffe and WinnoVegas casino) and then traveled onward to find our hotel in Sioux City. Checked in and had to quickly scurry around to try to finish up getting ready in time to board the shuttle bus that took us to the casino. I think it's a record for us to slam a beer, primp and prime then jump onto a bus. Really, I think our time was less than twenty minutes from the time we pulled in and checked in until the first step on the bus. Talent. Pure. Talent.

Instead of boring you to death with the rest of the trip I figured I'd just photo dump and it'll explain itself. Go!

Ok, so this photo deserves it's own description and caption so I'm singling it out... The story behind this baby. First off, in the casino there's a "no pictures" rule. Oops, may have broken that rule already. Secondly, I literally dropped a $1 bill into the machine and played it for almost two hours. I'd attempt to lose so we could wander around and end up winning, then get down to thirty-nine cents only to build it back up. I was so dang proud when it was time to cash out you could have giggled at my excitement. What you don't know is that this was my frist time I've really dropped any money into these soul sucking machines and to walk away a winner is just a sign that it's alright to do it occasionally, in moderation. WINNER! :)

During the concert one of the ladies that was on the trip (I won't mention to save her identity) but she kept attempting to cross the rope that was blocking off the stage. She tried it a good three or four times before a security guard finally came over and told her if she tried it again he'd have to take her to jail. We laughed our butts off at this little encounter as she glared at us.

Joe Diffe was fun. He was a great entertainer but I wasn't impressed with the feller. I love 90's country and he was in his prime back in the 90's so of course he was not a disappointment to me but he just wasn't worth the drive out to Iowa. I was there for the real deal, the man of all men. The HAG! Merle Haggard was amazing, I kid you not he was easily one of the top three concerts I've ever attended. I'm big into old country so he's a legend to me.

After the concert we got stuck at the casino until about 1:30 am. The shuttle missed three of us, our other partner in crime made it back earlier so there we were, sipping coffee, drinking pop and gambling. I had extra drink tickets so I continued to sip on vodka cranberry's for awhile enjoying my game playing that same dollar. Eventually we jumped on the shuttle and listened to our driver tell us about how he was the medicine man and had seen several angels in his life. A little on the weird side but we listened intently while patiently waiting to get back to our hotel. We finally (safely) got to our hotel and I jumped out while depositing him a couple bucks as a thank you for the stories.

Once we go to our rooms we questioned if a twister went through. We laughed our butts off when we found our other friend who was MIA at the time. Quite the scene to walk into with all of our clothes scattered, somewhat from the quick getting ready session and partially from the phantom that cleared off the beds. Needless to say, we stayed up quite late and we slept three to a bed while the other slept in luxury. Long story, no need to explain...

The girls weekend was an absolute success and I cannot wait to have many more weekends like this with them! Without my friends I wouldn't know what I'd do with myself. Lately, these girls have gotten so close with me that I couldn't imagine having any other friends in my life. They've been there to hear my complain, stopped my doubts in myself and even gave me a couple of laughs. And what type of friends would they be if they didn't harass me often? They're the best!!

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  1. Slot machines are addicting! Every time I just play for fun, I end up winning money. But when I'm serious about playing, I lose it! haha!!


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