Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Review

Friday after work we packed up quickly and headed straight west down I80 for a nice little four hour drive to go see my cousin's! I've been dying to spend some time with them so playing cowboy for the weekend was that much more special knowing I was playing it with one my closest childhood playmates during the summer. Lisa, Kyla and Coby were so nice and invited us down for the weekend. The Logan County Rodeo was going on and Coby was competing in the Ranch Rodeo so it was an excuse for us to come down there and watch him.

Friday night was fairly uneventful it was a loong drive down there and we got there around 10:30 but their "driveway" road took us a good half hour to get to their house. Long. Driveway. Once we got there it was kind of a get to know each other session and the boys all sat around and did a little gabbing. We went to bed fairly early as we knew we'd have to get up early for our 5k race!

Saturday morning the six am alarm went off too early but we all jumped out of bed to get our run on. I'm not going into detail here because I'm wanting to create a seperate post about the race but I'll inform you that I WON my age division! Go me! After the racing festivities were over we headed down to the fairgrounds to enjoy a yummy pork chop breakfast. I'm not a major eater but I sure did enjoy the eggs, biscuit orange juice. Once we were all full from eating we headed back to the ranch for a little relaxing time.

We layed around, napped a little and then little miss cowgirl Kyla got all dolled up to get some fun pictures taken. I just got my new 50mm prime lens so I was all sorts of excited to take it with me and try out some new shots. The sunflowers might be considered a noxious weed to most farmers and ranchers but to a photographer they're considered a gold mine for pretty flower pictures :)

A little photography fun and then we played around on the ranch. The boys came outside and their pups got a little training time. To ranchers their dogs are a huge investment. They help them move cattle and are just as important to make sure you invest a good amount of time and energy into them to train them. I was impressed with the amount of obedience the dogs had. Our pup is fairly well mannered but there's no way I could get him to do what they have those dogs doing. Heck even their three month old puppy was better trained then our ten year old pooch! Talent and patience!

Quick clean up and it was rodeo time! Here's where things got fun. Little miss Kyla didn't know she was getting a puppy that evening. Actually, everyone but her knew about it. We wanted to surprise her and give it to her when they came to drop it off. She wouldn't put the little puppy down the entire night and the rest of the weekend she carried it around like it was an accessory. It was too cute and I often found myself whining that I wanted a puppy as well!

I'm not a major fan of some events in rodeos but I love going to a rodeo to see all the cowboys. Some of the thrilling events are the bronc riding and the ranch rodeo events in my opinion. I don't mind bull riding either but I like events that have to do with real life skills and things that are practical that get used on the ranch. Like team roping, that happens all the time. And bronc riding, ya maybe not so much but you'll occasionally have a pony that might get a little spunky or if you're breaking a new horse to ride you're gonna have some crazy kicks going on. Or what about trailer loading, an event that takes place in the ranch rodeo, that's by all means something that happens on a ranch or even farm.

Here's a picture of me and my cousin Lisa with her cute little new puppy! No name yet but this lil Mini Australian Shepherd almost went home with me. She's so tiny but she's actually six weeks old already.

After the rodeo we took little miss cowgirl on some rides and Travis even joined in on the fun. I had to giggle because althoguh he may act all tough the rides were just too much for him. He didn't get sick but he said he doesn't have any intentions to go on any in the near future. Just can't hang sometimes lol

Sunday was filled with more rodeoing. Coby, Lisa's boy, was competing so it was exciting getting to watch him and his other three team members participate. I was extremely sad to go home but I was grateful that I'm able to take these mini vacations. These little trips make my love for traveling a little more fun. Thank you Lord for giving me these opportunities and thank you for all of your safe traveling you've granted me. I love seeing all of the glorious things you've created and I cannot wait to continue to receive many more blessed trips from you!

This weekend was a reminder to slow down a little, spend time with people I don't see as often and above all else, wear shoes when you're on a ranch with lots and lots of sand burrs!


  1. Can I have the puppy? Also..are those Justins?

    Ps..we never did BBMVP...we suck..ZINGGGG


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