Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Review

Woop Woop! The weekend came and went without any major catastrophes and I'm fully recovered I think! :) As you know I celebrated my 24th birthday on Saturday and it was also my best friend's wedding! I really don't have enough words to express how much fun I had over the entire weekend so instead I'll keep it light and simple and just let the pictures do the talking...
Alright, let's be honest, we know I'm a talker, and we know I'm gonna have to give descriptions of what's all going on in the pictures above. You really thought I'd just leave you hanging and not explain!? #weirdos
1. Selfie, I mean really, if you have a HUGE mirror you'd better take advantage of it! Here was when I first got into my hotel room.
2. All ready to go out for rehearsal dinner that evening after a quick shower and change. Selfie #2 = Success
3. Morning of wedding! No make-up, hair dried and ready for the days festivities
4. Mimosas for breakfast while getting my hair and make-up done. This was so relaxing and enjoyable :)
5. The ONLY shot of the bride and me together that I had on my phone, what a disappoint in myself!!
6. Me and Miss Jenny! The group of bridesmaids she had were so much fun, by the end of it I felt like we were all friends and I hope to keep in contact with several of them.
7. The one and only NICK! He was hands down the best guy to be paired up with and I'm almost certain we were the life of the wedding party. We rocked it...
8. Doesn't he look impressed with my ways? Don't let that face fool ya, he loved it!
9. See, proof we literally rocked it! We snuck over to the bar a couple times to take some shots, #worthit
I forgot to mention I flopped on doing my 24 random acts of kindness, the week got busy, my postcards came in late and I've decided it's time to kick it in gear and focus on them now. Sooo, with that being said, I'm going to be doing a lot of them over the course of this week and the following week as time allows. Be on the look-out and go check out Instagram and Twitter to see if the hashtag #rakuwk explodes and people actually post about their surprises! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday weekend to me!!

Hey lovelies, sorry to disappoint but I'm outta here! You will not be hearing from me until Monday so with that being said lemme explain...

Today's FRIDAY! Meaning, tomorrow my bestest friend is getting married! I have full intentions of shutting down on all social media (or attempt to) and just focus on spending time hanging out with Jessi and her man! I've got so many goodies I want to show you but until the weekend is over I can't reveal the surprises. 

And on that note, it's also my birthday tomorrow! If you wanted to get me a present it's still not too late, check out my Pinterest board full of things I'd love to have!

Also, I'm failing on giving out my 24 random acts of kindness for my 24th birthday but I promise that I'll get them done asap. My goal is to work on them and complete them by next weekend. Stick around, I'm going to give you a couple clues on some of them :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This week has been filled with so many blessings!

  • The ability to continue to push towards my goal of #30milesin30days
  • Having friends compliment me on my photography work
  • The windy fall days that remind me of the beauty the Lord whispers into the tree leaves
  • Ice. Cold. Water.
  • Learning to push through the "I'm bored" feeling while running
  • Getting to celebrate my best friends wedding this weekend!!!
  • I'm not 100% sure I'm thankful for this yet but I did jump on the SnapChat bandwagon a couple of days ago. If you're bored or want to entertain me add me @kuwkels
  • Harvest for kicking off with no kinks! 
  • A couple of my favorite software editing business' for having sales. 
  • A good hour phone call with my mom
  • Fall colors slowly coming to full bloom
  • Crisp cold morning runs, they always get me awake and ready to roll for the day

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

On another note: I wanted to fill you guys in on a super fun link-up that I'm co-hosting with +Amanda Fehribach called Thirty Miles in Thirty Days. She hosts the weekly link-up and I'm going to start hosting the monthly one with her. I suck at doing a weekly post and it's just as easy for me to do a monthly one so that's the route I choose. You're of course welcome to link up weekly but I'll only post on my blog once a month. I'm excited to start informing you guys on what works and doesn't work for me and my workouts! I try to post on Instagram (follow me @kuwkels) about my workout updates but I often lack so I'm hoping to keep myself a little more accountable! Come link up on Monday with me!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was hands down the most relaxed and laid back weekend we've had in awhile! I can honestly say I'm glad I had a weekend full of "nothing" to do! No planned days of activities with friends, no work days or cleaning days. Yes I'll admit I did work, I did clean and I did even go spend time with my church family but it was just fun. No commitments, nothing too busy, just plain fun.

Friday night the "Bohemian Mafia" as we've dubbed it went out and cruised the back roads. If you've watched my Instagram feed you'll notice we've been doing this a lot lately. It's just an absolute blast going out with friends on a Friday after work and cruising around on the four wheelers. Get a little air, relax a bit and then almost always end up in a pond. This time was no different and we had our first "man down" scenario and actually flooded a four wheeler. Oops! But check out this shot I snapped with my cell, isn't the harvest moon in the background just perfect?! My two fav things, four wheelers and photography opps. Yup, the boys called me crazy, but I like my crazy.

Saturday consisted of picture taking! The little miss on the left is my cousins cutie and I was so thrilled when she asked me to do family photos and first birthday pictures for them. I don't see them as often as I used to since they moved so getting to spend time learning about little Jax's personality is always a blast. She's going to be so fun when she gets older!

Sunday was mostly just lounge/relax day. I didn't do much, actually I really didn't do anything at all. I think I accomplished staying in the exact same pair of sweatpants (my fav PINK ones my sissy got me) for over 50 hours. #dontjudge #itwasworthit Then Sunday afternoon we went to my churches local chili cook off! Dad was playing and Trav was excited to test out eight different churches chili! I was just excited to socialize and take a shower and change out of my super comfy sweats. Sunday after that I didn't do a single thing, my tummy hurt from the excessive amount of chili and I felt like a stuffed pig.

Sorry the post is late, I blame work getting in the way of my writing. But I'm trying to get better about posting the night before. Bare with me ;)

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Luke Bryan Battle!

Alright lady loves this post is dedicated to you! So, I wasn't on the Luke Bryan bandwagon at first. I mean yes he is an amazing singer, but really? Why is everyone swooning over him? There's plenty of other hotties out there. What makes Luke that much better or hotter that he should be idolized more than say, Jason Aldean? 

Well, let me tell you why I'm team Bryan. First off, and the main reason why I decided to go team Luke is because of this video I found...
Ya, that's how I felt too after watching it. Dirty, but yet soooo excitedly wanting to see this stuff in real life. Like seriously?! I don't care if this is a remix and he's not really dancing to this specific song! I almost brought out a little Magic Mike (I just watched it last night) viewing into my vision. I really wouldn't mind witnessing his hip trusts. Like those moves are awesome!!
But then, as I was showing basically all my friends, family and colleagues that lovely video and convincing them to come over to the dark side, my friend sent me this...
Ya, that did me in. Now I'm gonna have to find a way to marry this boy!! I don't care if he's in love with another woman. The court systems created a divorce agreement and settlements for a dang good reason! (In no way am I condoning divorces but in this case, I'm sure I'm willing to make an exception) 
So, what team are you? Please say after watching just these two little clips that you'll agree and convert to team Luke!? If not, I haven't done enough convincing and I'll attempt to dig up more good footage to share at a later date. He does have some awesome music though, I'm not big into pop country as much but I do listen to him whenever the radio is on. He's also a people-person whose never afraid to reach out and treat his fans like human beings and always surprising them and doing fun things for them. He is truly a country artist who cares and isn't too caught up in "fame". You go Luke Bryan!

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Bashing

Guess what?!?! My birthday is in exactly TEN DAYS! That means I wanted to fill you lovies in on what I'd prefer to receive as gifts on my birthday! Now I know birthdays aren't all about gifts so this year in honor of my 24th birthday I'm going to do a couple of fun things. 

First off, I'm going to show you an idea I've created to help give back on my birthday. I'm a firm believer in giving back to those around me. I think if we'd all try to go out of our way to help someone else the world would be a better place. I like to imagine myself back in Mayberry off of Andy Griffith and we're all helping each other out. Where Andy is the town cop whose always trying to keep his partner Barney out of trouble. When Opie is my best buddy and we're always trying to save the world. (I'll never forget the episode where he was keeping a baby he found a secret because he wanted to take care of it). And where the whole community looked out for each other. The town took pride in what their streets looked like, they were baking cookies for their neighbors if they heard they were sick.

Ok, so in reality, we'll probably never be back in the Mayberry world, but let's just dream ok! And as part of my Andy Griffith dream I'm a star in my own show as well! My name is Lucille Ball and I'm a homemaker! My son is the cutest little feller and I'm constantly finding myself in trouble all because I'm trying to help others or spend time with my friend Ethel. Like for example, the time me and Ethel tried working at the chocolate factory to prove to our men that we could hold jobs outside the home...

Ya oops. That didn't turn out so well! Skip forward a couple of decades to my main girl Dolly Parton. She's a genuine person who not only has an amazing voice and millions of awesome songs but has a heart of gold! Now I know you're not reading this to get the run down on why I love Dolly but I thought you should see that the proof is in the pudding. Just google Dolly Parton gives back and you'll see hundreds of articles on what she all does to give back. She grew up poor, she knows what its like, she's giving back to make the world a better place. (and she's got the money to do it so she may as well.) If you know anything about Dolly you'll know the reason for her song Coat of Many Colors is actually a song written about a coat her mom made for her from scraps of cloth she had. This is maybe one of my top five Dolly fav's as well!

You see, I'm doing this "giving back" thing for my birthday because I was born in color instead of in the days of black and white television. I'm not doing this because I'm wanting to earn brownie points with my parents or bosses, I'm doing this because I have a passion for helping others. My parents instilled a very positive moral belief system in me that you should help others. The Bible is constantly asking you to help serve others, to give back to those that cannot help themselves. I'm not doing it for myself, but I'm actually wanting to do this for those who deserve it. 

As part of my effort to help those around me I've decided to do a "pay it forward" type of fun event. I'm going to preform TWENTY-FOUR random acts of kindness for my 24th birthday! Recently, I experienced a conversation with some friends over something I did out of kindness. It really kind of hurt my feelings, I know we're all allowed to have our own opinions but I felt as if they were attacking me as a person for wanting to give back. I respect their opinions but I just felt like I needed to do more. I needed to prove that there are still kind people in this world. 

Now here's the catch: I'm actually in a wedding the day of my birthday (the 28th) so I'm going to start working on some of them the week of and hopefully by the 28th I'll have twenty-four items to check off my list! If I don't have them done by the 28th, I vow to finish them up as soon as possible!

I'm encouraging ONE AND ALL to use this postcard above! As a matter of fact, I'll send you a copy of it so you can have it printed on cardstock (or I'll even mail you copies of it to hand out) and let's see how many people we can get involved. I want to see the soical media being blown up with #rakuwk and I want to start a movement to help others! If you do random acts of kindness please tag this code so we can see how others react!

The second thing I wanted to fill you in on is that if you're wanting to donate to my birthday cause (because everyone loves giving gifts to others right?!) then here's a Pinterest Board I've dedicated just to myself! I've added twenty-four items, so not everyone pick the same one. ;)

Um ya, lovin all the items as much as I am right?!?! I figured I'd break down a couple of the items so I can explain them to ya, just in case you really do want to get me a few things ;)
Up by Jawbone- Alright I've been eying this sucker for a LONG TIME! I've wanted it but I'm too much of a tight wad to splurge and buy myself something nicer. I'm a bargain shopper, give me the dollar isle I'll go to town but ask me to drop more than $50 on something and I'll hold the cash. I'm weird but that's just how my brain works?! I've read hundreds of reviews on them, I've weighed the pros and cons but my ultimate decision is yes, I'd wear it and use it. The company has some bad reviews on the product but the fact that it can sync with my running apps that I use is my main reason for wanting this baby. That and I'm a terrible sleeper so if I can track my sleeping habits I'm hoping to find some answers on ways to help improve myself. I'm not going to be picky on color, although logically black with go with most things and on special occasions I'd probably not wear it anyways. Price tag is set at $129.99 so it's within reason compared to the NikePolar that is so popular with runners. 
Erin Condren Planner- I've been dying for this sucker, I told Trav it'd be perfect but he nearly spit his milk out at supper when I told him the price range on them. He said to continue to use my phone calendar and a notebook will do just fine. Men just don't understand what a pretty planner can do for a girl! And then when I started reading reviews on it I was hooked. Check out the link listed below the picture, I like how she gives both the pros and cons of it! If you'd love to get it for me the price range starts around $50 and goes well over $100 :) Oh, and I noticed there's a place you an send me a giftcard, no pressure but even a small amount will help get me my fav customized planner! (Blog buddies, band together and donate to me, this is perfect!!!)
Twisted X Boots- Again, I spotted these about two years ago at The Fort and I just can't get them off my brain. I'm a size 6.5-7ish if you're wondering by the way. I know they look ugly but think of the comfort level in those puppies! I'm all into comfort now when it comes to shoes. Boy said I don't need more boots but I beg to differ. They're listed at $112.98

So there it is, there's my little birthday preview. What I'm doing, what I want. Now, stick around and after my birthday I'll create a post to fill you in on how my random acts of kindness journey went. I want to continue doing it and leaving tiny notes of encouragement everywhere!! I'd love to start a movement and encourage others to do the same. I think together we can make a difference if we start small!

Happy birthday to all of my other September birthday buddies too, I know there's a lot of us out there! (Nikki and a couple others that I can't think of right now!)

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Review

I think Monday's are just a way of kicking us in the face and forcing us to turn into adults for five days again. This Monday, was no different! I follow way too many blogs and I love to read each and every one of yours so that leads me to not get my own posts written sometimes. #sorrynotsorry

This weekend was by far one of my most laid back weekends I've had in awhile.

Friday night consisted of nothing. Yup, that's right. Nothing. And those are some of the best Friday nights you can have sometimes!! I did nothing, I watched DVR, I took a nap after work. We grilled a little and that was it. I loved it! :)

Saturday I woke up around nine and didn't do a terribly large amount of work around the house. A little cleaning, some laundry, I baked some brownies and made fresh homemade salsa. Did mainly housework while eating. Lazy and I loved it!

I watched the Husker game off and on for most of the afternoon and was a very proud Husker when I saw how we took the time to honor one of UCLA's football players. Not only did our state unite and mourn for the UCLA loss but we had a moment of silence, released yellow and blue balloons, wore #36 on our helmets in memory of Nick but we also reached out to let them know we're thinking of them. I highly suggest reading this article from a UCLA fan called, The Morning After, Part 2 Nebraska. It's touching and I love seeing that others think we're the best fans ever. We truly do care about those around us!! If you're any bit of a "cryer" as I've dubbed it, you'll more than likely want to get your tissues ready to watch this video. I loved it but I will admit I got a little emotional. The passion our fans show just really is heartwarming and I'm so proud to be from Nebraska!!

While watching the game I actually sat down to make out a shopping list for groceries. This hasn't been done for awhile! I went through my Pinterest boards and found some recipes that needed to be tested out. (If any of them work I'll eventually post them) and then made out my list. Let's see if I follow through and make SOME of these recipes that I got things for... Oh, and I looked outside, we had a dog down! He must have been listening to the Husker game. We lost, and he was over it. 

After grocery shopping we got ready and went out to celebrate our friend's 30th birthday. It's nice going out once in awhile! We don't go out that often so it's kind of a treat to go visit with friends.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to a pancake feed in honor of a friend's sister who is battling Breast Cancer. The overwhelming amount of supporters that showed up is just too awesome! And to top it off, her son's entire hockey team, coaches and staff all showed up for the event! Too neat!

After filling up on yummy pancakes we headed towards Lincoln. I needed to do a little prop shopping for my photography business so we hit up Menards and a local fabric store. Now I normally wouldn't drag Travie on these types of trips but going into a man store scared me! I'm not the Menards type of gal so I needed a little moral support. After walking around for well over an hour almost two we finally had my goodies loaded up and I was ready to head over to my domain, the fabric store! 

Now don't go tellin Trav that I added this picture on the blog. He hates getting his picture taken but even more so, he hates seeing pictures of himself on the blog. (#hatersgonnahate) It was just hilarious though! We were walking around and all of a sudden he see's the scissor section and makes a bee line directly towards it. He tells me I can finish up shopping and he's gonna stand here in the "tool section" and look around. I imediately started laughing and couldn't resist taking a picture. He tried talking me into a new pair of scissors saying we needed some and they were on sale but I didn't budge. We've got fifteen pair strung throughout the house and we don't need more! He struck back with "but they're on sale for 40% off" and I held my ground. Don't let that coupon thing fool you, he knows how to melt me but I knew we just didn't need them!

After all was said and done we stopped at Pepper Jax's for supper. It's something new and we decided to venture out but next time I'm going to Chipotle next door. That was our original plan but I let him win and decided to cave and try something out of my comfort zone. It was great but I just love my Chipotle's!

The weekend was laid back and relaxed with rain showers and I loved it. I need to remind myself to find more "me" time and stop catering to everyone else! I will learn that Kelsey time is the most important to allow myself to re-group. I know this week is going to get hectic from here on out so I'm just hoping to find more me time when I've got an hour or two. I'm sadly not going to have a free night until next Monday! Eeek! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Scentsy News

Jeez! This month is freakin awesome for Scentsy news you guys! I'm not kidding! You've gotta check out all the new products that are getting released!!

*SPECIAL* - September Hostess Exclusive
This bushy-tailed friend of the Scentsy Buddy Forest Collection comes with a beautifully illustrated, original 
Scentsy Buddy story, and she’s only available to Hosts with a qualifying party of $150 or more during September 2013. Book your party today to take home this limited-edition Scentsy Buddy! Sunny the Squirrel and her special story can be purchased for $30 using Host Rewards or just $15 using Half-Priced Host Rewards. Sunny the Squirrel is a Baby Buddy and comes with a Scent Pak. 

*SPECIAL* - New Catalog
Eeek! I LOVE the month of September because it means you get to finally see all of the new products that are in the new catalog! To download and check out all of the awesome new products you can go HERE. OR to view the products and order go HERE!



Here's just a few of my favorite new warmers. Seriously though, they're all freakin awesome! And I LOVE the new buddies, especially little Rowan the Raccoon! I really can't pick a favorite product but I love that I can use them for Cara Boxes and blog buddies birthdays. They work great for a cute little gift to send to a friend that's simple and reasonably priced!

*Warmer of the Month* - Creepy Crawly
Get the heebie jeebies with Creepy Crawly! A giant spider ambles up a ghostly white web, reflected against a glossy midnight background. With Creepy Crawly, you’re set to send a shiver of delightful fright down your spine!

*Scent of the Month* - Sugar & Spice
Treat yourself as a crunchy candy coating gives way to a black licorice filling: spicy, herbal, and sweet

I do have some pretty neat personal specials going on but you've gotta e-mail me to get those! I do send out samples of the Scent Of The Month so if you're interested go to THIS FORM and fill it out! I'll go ahead and mail out samples once a month so if you don't get in on this month's you'll be lucky enough to try next months! 

As always you can order directly through me (for free shipping) or you can order off of my websites:
Aaaaaand, if you'd like to "join" my groups on Facebook to get the lowdown on any personal specials I offer by all means join my group! Or, if you're up to more "like" pages feel free to visit my page!
She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Milligan Rooster Run

I wanted to wait to add this post until after I got my results. Well, I never officially got results until like much later after this run, in fact, I'm just banking off the numbers that I recorded for times and I see that I placed only after I got the medal in the mail. 

So, a little about this race. Milligan had their Q125 festival this past year. I usually make an appearance at the June Jubilee and if you'd like to hear about the recap from that weekend go read about it! I promise the weekend was full of ever-lasting memories I will not forget. But this year I took it a step further and decided to run the Milligan Rooster Run 5k!

So a quick reminder of what went on that weekend, went out with friends the night before, ended up in the ER until about 5ish then I took a power nap and ran with less than a couple hours of sleep in my system. I called Maureen (Mo for short) to tell her to grab me one of those 5 hour energy shots only to be disappointed and tried to slam it down without puking it up. Those things are sick! How can you people drink them?!

We went to packet pick up and found our t-shirts. Did I mention I sweet talked Mo into doing this 5k with me only after begging her and promising I'd run with her? Ya, I'm a terrible friend and ditched her not even half mile into the race. #FriendFail We dropped our t-shirts off and stood around for awhile waiting for the race to get going. The little kids ran their one mile race first and it was so fun watching those littles run their hearts out. I really hope that my future children will participate in fun events like this! It's just so cute!

We all lined up ready to race (after a slight boost of energy from that toxic drink I chugged) and at the sound of a shot we took off. We were jogging, doing great and Mo needed to stop to tie her shoe. No biggie, I slowed my pace and she tied, then caught up only to realize her shoe was too tight and it started to cause a cramp. At that point we had hit the edge of town and the wind kicked in and was coming straight at us.

Those factors were just a disaster in waiting. Mo stopped to fix herself and I lost her, the wind kicked my butt and I could have sworn I was going to run out of breath or die. Either option just wasn't something I was looking forward too. I pushed onward in hopes of doing ok and finishing with an average pace under 11 minutes. The wind was super strong that day and I was so not into it from the lack of sleep.

Heading south the wind was too much for me, I kept telling myself not to quit, that eventually the wind would be gone and it'd actually help me on the way back. At one point I felt like walking but then I saw a lady who was about seven months pregnant running behind me and it reminded me to keep pushing myself. Afterall, if someone that's carrying another human is running for two, I should be able to run for one. So I trudged on into the wind until finally I hit the corner to turn and jog the 1/4 mile up and back on the gravel road.

I was finally feeling myself get into a routine, a nice steady pace was in my favor at this point and I was ready to just enjoy the quiet time. I made my way back to the black top and it was all easy from there. Running with the wind at my back I was excited to see that my average pace was increasingly getting much better. My pace on the way out with the wind shoving me backwards was around 11:07, on the way back with the wind at my back carrying me to the finish line I was averaging a pace of 10:28. I loved it! :)

Once I crossed the finish line I was pooped! I took a seat on the street and I called it a day. I mainly sit after running to help stretch my legs, I've actually found that if I sit down right away and stretch it out I'm much better off and my legs don't get as stiff. I sat there (chugging water) and patiently waiting for Mo to show her tiny face at the end of the highway where you turn to finish up the race. She emerged from the shadows and boom! She was running her little shoes off!

We left early, assuming we didn't place because obviously I was exhausted and she was behind me. We actually sat down and just chit chatted for an hour or so after the race and decided to go walk around. We checked out the volleyball tourney that was going on, the craft show, the little kids' parade, the tractor pulls and even the softball tournament. It was quite the day in Milligan and we were ready to soak it all in! 

I ended up placing second which was a MAJOR surprise to me given the circumstances and the lack of sleep. Like I said we didn't wait around for winners because we honestly didn't expect to do good. So when the medal arrived in the mail a couple weeks later I just couldn't get over it! I laughed, told Trav the story then texted everyone that was there that weekend about it. They just laughed and we all couldn't believe that I placed! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

  • The ability to wear whatever I want to work (I'm the only one who see's myself all day!)
  • Being able to smoothly transfer over my new ads to Aproval (check out my sponsor page)
  • Having several new photography sessions booked in the coming weeks
  • Getting to spend time with my bestie and celebrate her getting married in a month
  • The 80's run that I was lucky enough to be a part of again
  • Learning to get back into my blogging routine and loving it
  • Finally posting posts ahead of time, scheduling posts is so much easier in the long run
  • The ever addicting game DOTS on my Droid (do you have it? what's your high score?!)
  • A lunch date with my high school bestie. It's an awesome feeling knowing that even almost twenty years later we're still close friends who make it our mission to stay up to date with each others lives. LOVES!!
  • Finally feeling like life is back under control and I can get a grasp on things, I've been so overhwelmed lately but luckily I'm gaining ground again!
  • Grapes, fresh grapes that are super crunchy and not soft and mushy to be exact
  • A phone charger on my desk at work
  • Rain for making my allergies calm down a bit for a couple days
  • Hold Twitter convos with +Rachel S and +Chelsee W about my chugging abilities in my profile picture :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Brother Week #10

First off, YAY AMANDA IS GONE!! Secondly, as much as I disliked Elissa I kinda wish she could have stayed another week or so. She was a good person to watch with her facial expressions and all. That double elimination week last week was intense! Me and +Rachel S really had a good long chat on Friday morning about BB and all the craziness that was jam packed into Thursday's episode. The thing I love about double evictions is that the chances of predicting what's going to happen is almost impossible. I mean, you can't guess whose going to win HoH because there are too many variables, therefore you can't guess who will be going on the block and essentially going home that evening.  


My girl GinaMarie is the last lady standing in the competition and I have a hunch her game is about over. I cannot wait to see how it plays out but I'm guessing that she's gonna go home this week. She's played an intense game, gotten into some heated battles with her Stanton Island accent but she's never walked away from an argument. I really wish I could see her get down to the final three but I have a hunch the boys will push her out and keep themselves safe. I'm really surprised she's lasted so long in the game though. I mean with her out of control fights and being pegged as racist I figured she'd be a goner a long time ago. Like I honestly didn't expect to see her after week five let alone after week ten. Great job GM, keep up that hard work! Oh, and it was quite entertaining watching you and McCrae being chained together last week with your "friendship bracelet"! Just like you said, he gets rid of the ball and chain from Amanda and gets tied to you instead. Funny!

Judd you're sneaky boy! I'm not sure where your heads at in this game or what you're doing but you've done a pretty good job flying under the radar lately. Must be part of your new strategy to win this bad boy! I'm really proud of you for coming back from the jury house and going this far though. I think most of America was super confused as to why you got back doored but looking back, it was probably a good decision because look who you got rid of so soon. I really think Judd's gonna win this baby now. I mean he's been mastermining the entire house without them even realizing that the "nice guy finishes last" theory will make him come in first place! Go get em J-U-Double D!!

I think Spencer is a just kind of floating through this entire game! He's always been on the block but he knew he was usually a pawn. I wonder if now that he's HoH if he'll strike a deal in hopes of making if further in the game. Funny how the tables turn and once he's got all the power people suck up to him. Before they could care less what he was doing or his thoughts but now, it's like he's the new man on campus. I foresee him turning into a backstabbing lying person within the next few days. Stick around and I bet we find out that he'll strike up a deal with McCrae. I think Spencer, McCrae and Andy will get a final three deal together and boot out Judd and GM, but we'll have to see how it all plays out.  

So the pattern I thought I had going is gone. Now with five left who do you think will be next to go to the Jury House? They've got a final four deal but what about a final three? Think the boys will chop GinaMarie off and do an all boy alliance or will GM talk Spencer and Judd into teaming up and dumping off Andy? He has been a floater most the game anyways right?

HoH- Spencer (we already know this)
On The Block- Judd & GinaMarie  (we already know this)
Eviction- GinaMarie (boys only from here on out)
PoV- McCrae (he's worried that he's going home)


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Monday, September 9, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

This month's "fix" arrived super early and I cannot tell you how exciting it was to pull open my FOURTH box! It never gets old to tear open boxes and find out what cute things are in store. I told myself I really needed to fall in love with SOMETHING, anything would do. I hate losing my $20 each time so I told myself to be open to new styles and just try something new. Here's what my box all contained...

I first saw this Frenzii Stanley solid hi-lo jersey shirt and I was like meh, it's just alright. Not hott or have to have it but just fine. I was telling myself don't forget to be open about trying new things but when I saw it was $48 I smiled and set it back down to look at the other new goodies. 

Moving onward, next was this GORGEOUS maxi! I was in love with it! Well, I guess I should say I'm just in love with maxi skirts in general. Not necessarily this one. This Chris & Carol stacee striped maxi skirt  ran in at $48, the same as the above shirt. I would totally pay $48 for a maxi if it was in a color I loved. I don't wear black's that often so I was hesitant to try it out. I want something that's easy to mix with other outfits already in my closet. I was a bit worried about it....

Alright, these next two were my least favorites out of the fix. The first one was just an odd pattern, I'm not big into prints like that. And the fact that it was super huge on me just made for a disappointment. The GLAM Rhys abstract print v-neck tank was priced at $48 which wasn't too bad of a price for it, but just not for me. 

The other shirt shown (on the right) was a Tea N Rose rosalie mixed material printed tank. It was fairly fitted, just not a fan of the high-low look. I'm slowly coming around to it but I'm just not ready to completely commit yet. And the fabric was funky, it was like a knit on the back almost and a chiffon type on the front. Didn't go well together in my honest opinion. Price was super great though at $38! Again, cute but all I kept thinking was wow, I could use this as a Halloween costume and be the Target lady.

And the best for last right?! I was dying over this bracelet. I really loved this Fornash leather and chain wrap bracelet and more than anything wanted to keep it! I tried convincing myself to not mail it back, trust me it took everything in me to not pull it out of the sack but I decided I can find a similar one a bit cheaper as the $48 price tag was just too much for me.

So, there's my fix. That's all the gorgeous lovelies I got this month. Some where hits, others were misses but all of them opened my eyes and forced me to go outside of my comfort bubble and try something new. Now for the fun part, guessing which item I kept......

....BOOM! You guessed right if you thought the maxi was my pick! Wanna try out this fun little service and see for yourself why I get so excited when new clothes come to my house? 

Again, I promise it won't let you down! Just be honest when you fill out the style profile and they'll match you up with some cute little pieces that'll go perfectly with your closet!

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Thirty-One News

Now if you're anything like me and love to organize then this month's special is just for you! I have a bulk supply of the organizing utility totes in strategically placed locations in my house and I'm always using them. I actually have a couple that stay in my vehicle as well just for grocery trips. 

Here are the colors it's available in right now. I LOVE the party punch (chevron) pattern one. I actually just bought it to replace my pin dots one. Now my pin dots one is holding all of my cleaning supplies and since it's a vinyl type interior it just wipes clean! 

And along with the super awesome customer special the hostess special is even better! You get DOUBLE hostess rewards. Meaning you pay even less and earn even more. #winner

So, there you have it folks! So many different options to pick from you have no excuse not to order this month! I expect to see my inbox flooded with requests for these awesome deals! (Ok, not flooded but don't everyone flock to me at once, ya, you get what I mean) I'm also offering a special when you order through me but as per rules I'm not allowed to state in on the blog, you must contact me to get the deets on what could be yours. 

I do have some pretty neat personal specials going on but you've gotta e-mail me to get those! As always you can order directly through me or you can order off of my websites:

Aaaaaand, if you'd like to "join" my group on Facebook to get the lowdown on any personal specials I offer by all means join my group and come hang out with me! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!