Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Brother Week #10

First off, YAY AMANDA IS GONE!! Secondly, as much as I disliked Elissa I kinda wish she could have stayed another week or so. She was a good person to watch with her facial expressions and all. That double elimination week last week was intense! Me and +Rachel S really had a good long chat on Friday morning about BB and all the craziness that was jam packed into Thursday's episode. The thing I love about double evictions is that the chances of predicting what's going to happen is almost impossible. I mean, you can't guess whose going to win HoH because there are too many variables, therefore you can't guess who will be going on the block and essentially going home that evening.  


My girl GinaMarie is the last lady standing in the competition and I have a hunch her game is about over. I cannot wait to see how it plays out but I'm guessing that she's gonna go home this week. She's played an intense game, gotten into some heated battles with her Stanton Island accent but she's never walked away from an argument. I really wish I could see her get down to the final three but I have a hunch the boys will push her out and keep themselves safe. I'm really surprised she's lasted so long in the game though. I mean with her out of control fights and being pegged as racist I figured she'd be a goner a long time ago. Like I honestly didn't expect to see her after week five let alone after week ten. Great job GM, keep up that hard work! Oh, and it was quite entertaining watching you and McCrae being chained together last week with your "friendship bracelet"! Just like you said, he gets rid of the ball and chain from Amanda and gets tied to you instead. Funny!

Judd you're sneaky boy! I'm not sure where your heads at in this game or what you're doing but you've done a pretty good job flying under the radar lately. Must be part of your new strategy to win this bad boy! I'm really proud of you for coming back from the jury house and going this far though. I think most of America was super confused as to why you got back doored but looking back, it was probably a good decision because look who you got rid of so soon. I really think Judd's gonna win this baby now. I mean he's been mastermining the entire house without them even realizing that the "nice guy finishes last" theory will make him come in first place! Go get em J-U-Double D!!

I think Spencer is a just kind of floating through this entire game! He's always been on the block but he knew he was usually a pawn. I wonder if now that he's HoH if he'll strike a deal in hopes of making if further in the game. Funny how the tables turn and once he's got all the power people suck up to him. Before they could care less what he was doing or his thoughts but now, it's like he's the new man on campus. I foresee him turning into a backstabbing lying person within the next few days. Stick around and I bet we find out that he'll strike up a deal with McCrae. I think Spencer, McCrae and Andy will get a final three deal together and boot out Judd and GM, but we'll have to see how it all plays out.  

So the pattern I thought I had going is gone. Now with five left who do you think will be next to go to the Jury House? They've got a final four deal but what about a final three? Think the boys will chop GinaMarie off and do an all boy alliance or will GM talk Spencer and Judd into teaming up and dumping off Andy? He has been a floater most the game anyways right?

HoH- Spencer (we already know this)
On The Block- Judd & GinaMarie  (we already know this)
Eviction- GinaMarie (boys only from here on out)
PoV- McCrae (he's worried that he's going home)


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  1. finally they got Amanda out! I was so happy. I do wish Elissa would have stuck around another week or so. at this point I'm not sure who I want to win though.


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