Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big Brother Week #9

Its time for big brother goodies again and I'm super excited for this week's guessing games! If you noticed last week we took a break. No biggie, we were just needing a Tuesday to ourselves so we just didn't post. I hope you'll forgive and come back to link-up with us again!!


I WAS SO EXCITED THAT ZINGBOT ARRIVED! He's hands down one of my favorite things on the show and to see baby zing is back and looks like making a full time appearance made me more excited. I remember him being born last season. Yay zing-family!!

Yup, ZingBot's got that right! And for that matter, I'm sure he has to have those shorts approved as well. Just sayin... But wait, you gotta see GM's laugh at this statement too!! She just can't keep it under control! And neither could I. That was the best ZING out of everyone's!! :)

As always I've already stated I hate Amanda in about a thousand posts but I figured I'd better reiterate it. I HATE AMANDA! She needs to go home. I don't care what type of showmance she thinks she's in, when reality hits and both her and McCrae don't win that half mil she's gonna leave him high and dry as the awkward pizza boy that he is. At least he has a head on himself and doesn't bully people. Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone was pointing a finger at Aaryn and GM for being bullies, ya well, point that finger back at yourself! BIA  ... I really think if you'd get into final three then no one would vote for you. I mean in reality you've pushed most of the other players over the edge so there's no helping you. And the fact that both you and McCrae are on the block excites me. I'm hoping (and guessing) that you'll get sent packing over him. He's not shaken anybodies boats yet. You on the other hand love drilling holes and helping it all sink without your hands getting dirty.

I was never a big Elissa fan, something about the girl just gets under my skin. But she's been well behaved lately and for that I give her credit. It's hard with Rachel as a sister but trust me, you're not living up to her. The facial expressions drive me nuts and I'm almost certain that it has to hurt too. But, give the girl some credit when it's due. She didn't flip on Amanda when she went on her giant rant. She was above and beyond rude but you handled it like a classy lady! Great job.

Gina Marie I'm like beyond annoyed with you. You're such a flipper all the time. One minute you're team McRanda the next you're team Elissa. Pick an side and just roll with it! Either way America won't care but just stay loyal. Oh, and don't flip out over teeth whitener when you win HoH. It makes you look like a bimbo. I almost spit milk out while watching you and eating cookies and milk. Just ridiculous! Congrats on the egg contest though, that thing looked super hard and you just flew through it!! Best of luck from here on out but in reality I'm team Andy I think for awhile. He's floating but he's not doing it in a vicious mean way, he's just staying friendly with everyone and hoping that no one shoots him in the foot for helping them. 

I wanted to note I'm like beyond bummed that Aaryn is gone. Yes she was rude but I think she genuinely was portrayed as a bad person. She seems like she was really upset once she learned that America thought she was a bia and sadly, I think she was too. But forgive and forget (or at least hold a grudge but smile about it). The rest of the players that are left I have no interest in winning and I'm kind of checked out of the season.

Here's to you going home Amanda! Enjoy that jury house and get ready to wash some clothes once McCrae makes it over there. ZING!

Notice how most of the people are the same that I discuss? Probably because they're real game players who don't just sit back and expect others to make moves. I get on my rants with them yet to be honest, they're pretty good players to make moves like they're doing. 

HoH- GinaMarie (we already know this)
On The Block- Amanda & McCrae  (we already know this)
Eviction- Amanda (she's made too many people mad already)
PoV- McCrae (he's worried that he's going home)


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  1. Lol Amanda just looks evil haha

  2. I'm hopping Judd party darty wins the whole game, love that guy.

  3. I don't watch Big Brother, but when I was in Portugal this summer I swear their version was on ALL. THE. TIME. It was funny because even though I coudln't understand a word they were saying, I could usually follow along by observing body language and the volume/tone of their voices haha.


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