Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Bashing

Guess what?!?! My birthday is in exactly TEN DAYS! That means I wanted to fill you lovies in on what I'd prefer to receive as gifts on my birthday! Now I know birthdays aren't all about gifts so this year in honor of my 24th birthday I'm going to do a couple of fun things. 

First off, I'm going to show you an idea I've created to help give back on my birthday. I'm a firm believer in giving back to those around me. I think if we'd all try to go out of our way to help someone else the world would be a better place. I like to imagine myself back in Mayberry off of Andy Griffith and we're all helping each other out. Where Andy is the town cop whose always trying to keep his partner Barney out of trouble. When Opie is my best buddy and we're always trying to save the world. (I'll never forget the episode where he was keeping a baby he found a secret because he wanted to take care of it). And where the whole community looked out for each other. The town took pride in what their streets looked like, they were baking cookies for their neighbors if they heard they were sick.

Ok, so in reality, we'll probably never be back in the Mayberry world, but let's just dream ok! And as part of my Andy Griffith dream I'm a star in my own show as well! My name is Lucille Ball and I'm a homemaker! My son is the cutest little feller and I'm constantly finding myself in trouble all because I'm trying to help others or spend time with my friend Ethel. Like for example, the time me and Ethel tried working at the chocolate factory to prove to our men that we could hold jobs outside the home...

Ya oops. That didn't turn out so well! Skip forward a couple of decades to my main girl Dolly Parton. She's a genuine person who not only has an amazing voice and millions of awesome songs but has a heart of gold! Now I know you're not reading this to get the run down on why I love Dolly but I thought you should see that the proof is in the pudding. Just google Dolly Parton gives back and you'll see hundreds of articles on what she all does to give back. She grew up poor, she knows what its like, she's giving back to make the world a better place. (and she's got the money to do it so she may as well.) If you know anything about Dolly you'll know the reason for her song Coat of Many Colors is actually a song written about a coat her mom made for her from scraps of cloth she had. This is maybe one of my top five Dolly fav's as well!

You see, I'm doing this "giving back" thing for my birthday because I was born in color instead of in the days of black and white television. I'm not doing this because I'm wanting to earn brownie points with my parents or bosses, I'm doing this because I have a passion for helping others. My parents instilled a very positive moral belief system in me that you should help others. The Bible is constantly asking you to help serve others, to give back to those that cannot help themselves. I'm not doing it for myself, but I'm actually wanting to do this for those who deserve it. 

As part of my effort to help those around me I've decided to do a "pay it forward" type of fun event. I'm going to preform TWENTY-FOUR random acts of kindness for my 24th birthday! Recently, I experienced a conversation with some friends over something I did out of kindness. It really kind of hurt my feelings, I know we're all allowed to have our own opinions but I felt as if they were attacking me as a person for wanting to give back. I respect their opinions but I just felt like I needed to do more. I needed to prove that there are still kind people in this world. 

Now here's the catch: I'm actually in a wedding the day of my birthday (the 28th) so I'm going to start working on some of them the week of and hopefully by the 28th I'll have twenty-four items to check off my list! If I don't have them done by the 28th, I vow to finish them up as soon as possible!

I'm encouraging ONE AND ALL to use this postcard above! As a matter of fact, I'll send you a copy of it so you can have it printed on cardstock (or I'll even mail you copies of it to hand out) and let's see how many people we can get involved. I want to see the soical media being blown up with #rakuwk and I want to start a movement to help others! If you do random acts of kindness please tag this code so we can see how others react!

The second thing I wanted to fill you in on is that if you're wanting to donate to my birthday cause (because everyone loves giving gifts to others right?!) then here's a Pinterest Board I've dedicated just to myself! I've added twenty-four items, so not everyone pick the same one. ;)

Um ya, lovin all the items as much as I am right?!?! I figured I'd break down a couple of the items so I can explain them to ya, just in case you really do want to get me a few things ;)
Up by Jawbone- Alright I've been eying this sucker for a LONG TIME! I've wanted it but I'm too much of a tight wad to splurge and buy myself something nicer. I'm a bargain shopper, give me the dollar isle I'll go to town but ask me to drop more than $50 on something and I'll hold the cash. I'm weird but that's just how my brain works?! I've read hundreds of reviews on them, I've weighed the pros and cons but my ultimate decision is yes, I'd wear it and use it. The company has some bad reviews on the product but the fact that it can sync with my running apps that I use is my main reason for wanting this baby. That and I'm a terrible sleeper so if I can track my sleeping habits I'm hoping to find some answers on ways to help improve myself. I'm not going to be picky on color, although logically black with go with most things and on special occasions I'd probably not wear it anyways. Price tag is set at $129.99 so it's within reason compared to the NikePolar that is so popular with runners. 
Erin Condren Planner- I've been dying for this sucker, I told Trav it'd be perfect but he nearly spit his milk out at supper when I told him the price range on them. He said to continue to use my phone calendar and a notebook will do just fine. Men just don't understand what a pretty planner can do for a girl! And then when I started reading reviews on it I was hooked. Check out the link listed below the picture, I like how she gives both the pros and cons of it! If you'd love to get it for me the price range starts around $50 and goes well over $100 :) Oh, and I noticed there's a place you an send me a giftcard, no pressure but even a small amount will help get me my fav customized planner! (Blog buddies, band together and donate to me, this is perfect!!!)
Twisted X Boots- Again, I spotted these about two years ago at The Fort and I just can't get them off my brain. I'm a size 6.5-7ish if you're wondering by the way. I know they look ugly but think of the comfort level in those puppies! I'm all into comfort now when it comes to shoes. Boy said I don't need more boots but I beg to differ. They're listed at $112.98

So there it is, there's my little birthday preview. What I'm doing, what I want. Now, stick around and after my birthday I'll create a post to fill you in on how my random acts of kindness journey went. I want to continue doing it and leaving tiny notes of encouragement everywhere!! I'd love to start a movement and encourage others to do the same. I think together we can make a difference if we start small!

Happy birthday to all of my other September birthday buddies too, I know there's a lot of us out there! (Nikki and a couple others that I can't think of right now!)

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!


  1. Love this! I am so excited to see peoples reactions!!! I can not wait to see your list!

  2. Very awesome idea! And I LOVE the Lucy and Andy Griffith references, because those are two of the best shows ever! I found you on the Friend Connect Blog Hop, and will be following you :)

    If you want to follow back my blog is

  3. I love this idea!! Can't wait to follow along! Have a happy birthday week! :)


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