Friday, September 20, 2013

Luke Bryan Battle!

Alright lady loves this post is dedicated to you! So, I wasn't on the Luke Bryan bandwagon at first. I mean yes he is an amazing singer, but really? Why is everyone swooning over him? There's plenty of other hotties out there. What makes Luke that much better or hotter that he should be idolized more than say, Jason Aldean? 

Well, let me tell you why I'm team Bryan. First off, and the main reason why I decided to go team Luke is because of this video I found...
Ya, that's how I felt too after watching it. Dirty, but yet soooo excitedly wanting to see this stuff in real life. Like seriously?! I don't care if this is a remix and he's not really dancing to this specific song! I almost brought out a little Magic Mike (I just watched it last night) viewing into my vision. I really wouldn't mind witnessing his hip trusts. Like those moves are awesome!!
But then, as I was showing basically all my friends, family and colleagues that lovely video and convincing them to come over to the dark side, my friend sent me this...
Ya, that did me in. Now I'm gonna have to find a way to marry this boy!! I don't care if he's in love with another woman. The court systems created a divorce agreement and settlements for a dang good reason! (In no way am I condoning divorces but in this case, I'm sure I'm willing to make an exception) 
So, what team are you? Please say after watching just these two little clips that you'll agree and convert to team Luke!? If not, I haven't done enough convincing and I'll attempt to dig up more good footage to share at a later date. He does have some awesome music though, I'm not big into pop country as much but I do listen to him whenever the radio is on. He's also a people-person whose never afraid to reach out and treat his fans like human beings and always surprising them and doing fun things for them. He is truly a country artist who cares and isn't too caught up in "fame". You go Luke Bryan!

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!


  1. O.M.G. I believe I need to go home now....for many many reasons.

  2. That video with the little girl....was ADORABLE!!! I 'saw' him live at Winstock and sooo regret that I don't remember it! :( JL reminds me though and I hate him for it! I do love Luke...I have a special place in my heart for Kip Moore though....yep! :)

    Happy Friday Love.

  3. Girl wait in line... I am already in line as well to marry Luke...everyone can keep channing tatum I want Luke Bryan & Chris Powell.. lol I do love him & he's sexy!! His concerts are AMAZING.. probably the best concert I have ever been too & didnt pay an arm & leg for seats. I am heading to Jason in October to compare.. I just love country music!!!

    Love this post & that video is adorable!!!!

    Happy Friday

  4. I am so on team Luke Bryan! It has been a while since I was at one of his concerts..but man do I miss him!

  5. Being that Luke Bryan is from near here. I'd say not even 15 miles or so from here. but before i moved his home town was an hr or so away. that's all you hear about is luke bryan. It sorta gets old. It's also the home of Phillip Phillips (the american idol winner) and Buster Posey who i think is a baseball player.

    I like Jason Aldean and he's from Atlanta GA i do believe. LOL

  6. Um...Dangggg that ass is just to great!! But in all honest I just don't feel I could choose either!! I mean don't get me wrong sexxxxxyyyyyy, but I am 100% in love with Chris Young. Loved this post though so fun!!



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