Friday, September 13, 2013

Milligan Rooster Run

I wanted to wait to add this post until after I got my results. Well, I never officially got results until like much later after this run, in fact, I'm just banking off the numbers that I recorded for times and I see that I placed only after I got the medal in the mail. 

So, a little about this race. Milligan had their Q125 festival this past year. I usually make an appearance at the June Jubilee and if you'd like to hear about the recap from that weekend go read about it! I promise the weekend was full of ever-lasting memories I will not forget. But this year I took it a step further and decided to run the Milligan Rooster Run 5k!

So a quick reminder of what went on that weekend, went out with friends the night before, ended up in the ER until about 5ish then I took a power nap and ran with less than a couple hours of sleep in my system. I called Maureen (Mo for short) to tell her to grab me one of those 5 hour energy shots only to be disappointed and tried to slam it down without puking it up. Those things are sick! How can you people drink them?!

We went to packet pick up and found our t-shirts. Did I mention I sweet talked Mo into doing this 5k with me only after begging her and promising I'd run with her? Ya, I'm a terrible friend and ditched her not even half mile into the race. #FriendFail We dropped our t-shirts off and stood around for awhile waiting for the race to get going. The little kids ran their one mile race first and it was so fun watching those littles run their hearts out. I really hope that my future children will participate in fun events like this! It's just so cute!

We all lined up ready to race (after a slight boost of energy from that toxic drink I chugged) and at the sound of a shot we took off. We were jogging, doing great and Mo needed to stop to tie her shoe. No biggie, I slowed my pace and she tied, then caught up only to realize her shoe was too tight and it started to cause a cramp. At that point we had hit the edge of town and the wind kicked in and was coming straight at us.

Those factors were just a disaster in waiting. Mo stopped to fix herself and I lost her, the wind kicked my butt and I could have sworn I was going to run out of breath or die. Either option just wasn't something I was looking forward too. I pushed onward in hopes of doing ok and finishing with an average pace under 11 minutes. The wind was super strong that day and I was so not into it from the lack of sleep.

Heading south the wind was too much for me, I kept telling myself not to quit, that eventually the wind would be gone and it'd actually help me on the way back. At one point I felt like walking but then I saw a lady who was about seven months pregnant running behind me and it reminded me to keep pushing myself. Afterall, if someone that's carrying another human is running for two, I should be able to run for one. So I trudged on into the wind until finally I hit the corner to turn and jog the 1/4 mile up and back on the gravel road.

I was finally feeling myself get into a routine, a nice steady pace was in my favor at this point and I was ready to just enjoy the quiet time. I made my way back to the black top and it was all easy from there. Running with the wind at my back I was excited to see that my average pace was increasingly getting much better. My pace on the way out with the wind shoving me backwards was around 11:07, on the way back with the wind at my back carrying me to the finish line I was averaging a pace of 10:28. I loved it! :)

Once I crossed the finish line I was pooped! I took a seat on the street and I called it a day. I mainly sit after running to help stretch my legs, I've actually found that if I sit down right away and stretch it out I'm much better off and my legs don't get as stiff. I sat there (chugging water) and patiently waiting for Mo to show her tiny face at the end of the highway where you turn to finish up the race. She emerged from the shadows and boom! She was running her little shoes off!

We left early, assuming we didn't place because obviously I was exhausted and she was behind me. We actually sat down and just chit chatted for an hour or so after the race and decided to go walk around. We checked out the volleyball tourney that was going on, the craft show, the little kids' parade, the tractor pulls and even the softball tournament. It was quite the day in Milligan and we were ready to soak it all in! 

I ended up placing second which was a MAJOR surprise to me given the circumstances and the lack of sleep. Like I said we didn't wait around for winners because we honestly didn't expect to do good. So when the medal arrived in the mail a couple weeks later I just couldn't get over it! I laughed, told Trav the story then texted everyone that was there that weekend about it. They just laughed and we all couldn't believe that I placed! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

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