Monday, September 2, 2013

Omaha Glow Run

I completed another 5k! If you've been keeping up with me you already know that I' have a goal of running a 5k every month. It's my way to keeping myself accountable knowing I've got a run coming up each month and training to get faster times that the beginning of the year. My ultimate goal is to complete the half marathon and someday a full marathon but like anything I do I need to remind myself to start small and work my way up to those big goals. 

The Omaha Glow Run was a blast! I was actually a "GlowBassador" for this event so I was lucky enough to get a super cool promotional kit! I handed out some flyers to local places and even got a neat hoody and t-shirt to promote the event as well. #winner I tried to get others to run with me but everyone flaked out so I was running solo on this one. No biggie, it gives me the drive to push myself to go harder and aim for a better time.We got there about an hour before the race to ensure we'd have room to park and get my registration packet before everyone else. The lines were long but tolerable. The packet pick up was extremely organized and I wasn't in line for long. Once I got all signed in and had my bib I was kind of bored. They had a DJ but when you're solo things just aren't as fun. Oh well, I went and stood by a bridge that over looked the Missouri River and enjoyed the rush of the water while stretching.

Check out this awesome picture of me hanging out right next to the water. So relaxing before a race to get to enjoy a little quiet time away from the crowd. An added bonus was the fact that this was a fun run, meaning I had no reason to worry about competition!!

Line up time came and I jumped towards the front so I wouldn't be bombarded with some 4,600 other races. Yes, there were that many people participating in the run! It was HUGE! I was hoping to get into the first wave but ended up in the second one instead. No issue really because I'm not an elite runner. I took off and was way faster than my average pace time. I knew I needed to slow down otherwise I was going to burn myself too early and the fact that Omaha has hills just kills me every time. I'm used to flat gravel roads, not hilly streets! About 3/4 into the first mile I feel a sharp pain in my side. I knew it was a bad feeling and I was trying to push through it and focus on my breathing. I'm usually good about getting my breathing routine set and then I'm good to go for awhile but for some reason I just couldn't get it under control. I had to walk, <<insert HUGE disappointment in myself>> and I was the least bit happy about it. 

I'm not a walker. 
I never quit. 
I push through the pain. 
No excuses.

But sadly, I walked half a mile until the breathing was back to a non-stabbing feeling. I was embarrassed to say the least. I don't do that often if ever so this was a huge deal to me.

Once I got over my crappiness feelings I was feeling I told myself I needed to push through it and continue to finish strong. I pushed my way through that last mile jogging but still passing people at my slower pace. I crossed the finish line and was sad to admit I was defeated. Omaha took me hostage and refused to let me finish the race. I vow to return and take back my running records! You just wait Omaha. I'm not through with you!!

Here's my results if you're dying to know. I hate them, but my 12:07 average was better than I expected considering I walked part of it. Look at where the race start is, right next to the river just like I said! Kinda cool isn't it?!?!

Here's the results picture. I really need to start lugging along my big camera so I can get non-blurry pictures! How am I supposed to print these off and use them with crappy quality?!

And as a reward for myself, I chowed down on Arby's and Mt. Dew. Go me!!

This month I'm back on the 30 miles in 30 days challenge bandwagon and I need to focus on it again! I'm up to about thrirteen miles so I've got a ways to go before I hit 30 for the month but next month it's game on and I need to push myself to finish up with more miles to make up for the lack of workouts I've done this past month. Focus Kelsey, focus!! Are you doing some type or workout/running challenge? If so, let me know! I wanna join you and encourage you as well!!


  1. Way to go!! I walk with my c25k app bc I'm so far outta shape so no worries on walking a half mile...You did great!! I'm starting the 30 miles in 30 days deal tomorrow morning and I'm pretty excited about it! We got this!! :)

  2. Congrats on another 5k! That is so exciting, I wish that I could do things like this lol

  3. you walked for half a mile?! omg! lol seriously do not feel disappointed in that. Omaha sucks for running and pushing strollers lol. Congrats on another run! At least you ran most of it!


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