Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Thirty-One News

Now if you're anything like me and love to organize then this month's special is just for you! I have a bulk supply of the organizing utility totes in strategically placed locations in my house and I'm always using them. I actually have a couple that stay in my vehicle as well just for grocery trips. 

Here are the colors it's available in right now. I LOVE the party punch (chevron) pattern one. I actually just bought it to replace my pin dots one. Now my pin dots one is holding all of my cleaning supplies and since it's a vinyl type interior it just wipes clean! 

And along with the super awesome customer special the hostess special is even better! You get DOUBLE hostess rewards. Meaning you pay even less and earn even more. #winner

So, there you have it folks! So many different options to pick from you have no excuse not to order this month! I expect to see my inbox flooded with requests for these awesome deals! (Ok, not flooded but don't everyone flock to me at once, ya, you get what I mean) I'm also offering a special when you order through me but as per rules I'm not allowed to state in on the blog, you must contact me to get the deets on what could be yours. 

I do have some pretty neat personal specials going on but you've gotta e-mail me to get those! As always you can order directly through me or you can order off of my websites:

Aaaaaand, if you'd like to "join" my group on Facebook to get the lowdown on any personal specials I offer by all means join my group and come hang out with me! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

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