Monday, September 9, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

This month's "fix" arrived super early and I cannot tell you how exciting it was to pull open my FOURTH box! It never gets old to tear open boxes and find out what cute things are in store. I told myself I really needed to fall in love with SOMETHING, anything would do. I hate losing my $20 each time so I told myself to be open to new styles and just try something new. Here's what my box all contained...

I first saw this Frenzii Stanley solid hi-lo jersey shirt and I was like meh, it's just alright. Not hott or have to have it but just fine. I was telling myself don't forget to be open about trying new things but when I saw it was $48 I smiled and set it back down to look at the other new goodies. 

Moving onward, next was this GORGEOUS maxi! I was in love with it! Well, I guess I should say I'm just in love with maxi skirts in general. Not necessarily this one. This Chris & Carol stacee striped maxi skirt  ran in at $48, the same as the above shirt. I would totally pay $48 for a maxi if it was in a color I loved. I don't wear black's that often so I was hesitant to try it out. I want something that's easy to mix with other outfits already in my closet. I was a bit worried about it....

Alright, these next two were my least favorites out of the fix. The first one was just an odd pattern, I'm not big into prints like that. And the fact that it was super huge on me just made for a disappointment. The GLAM Rhys abstract print v-neck tank was priced at $48 which wasn't too bad of a price for it, but just not for me. 

The other shirt shown (on the right) was a Tea N Rose rosalie mixed material printed tank. It was fairly fitted, just not a fan of the high-low look. I'm slowly coming around to it but I'm just not ready to completely commit yet. And the fabric was funky, it was like a knit on the back almost and a chiffon type on the front. Didn't go well together in my honest opinion. Price was super great though at $38! Again, cute but all I kept thinking was wow, I could use this as a Halloween costume and be the Target lady.

And the best for last right?! I was dying over this bracelet. I really loved this Fornash leather and chain wrap bracelet and more than anything wanted to keep it! I tried convincing myself to not mail it back, trust me it took everything in me to not pull it out of the sack but I decided I can find a similar one a bit cheaper as the $48 price tag was just too much for me.

So, there's my fix. That's all the gorgeous lovelies I got this month. Some where hits, others were misses but all of them opened my eyes and forced me to go outside of my comfort bubble and try something new. Now for the fun part, guessing which item I kept......

....BOOM! You guessed right if you thought the maxi was my pick! Wanna try out this fun little service and see for yourself why I get so excited when new clothes come to my house? 

Again, I promise it won't let you down! Just be honest when you fill out the style profile and they'll match you up with some cute little pieces that'll go perfectly with your closet!

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!


  1. I'm thinking about trying it. Do you have a referral code or something that you get credit for sending me there?

  2. bah! every time you do one I just want to jump on the bandwagon but it scares me!

  3. Everything looks adorable and things I would totally wear! I have been thinking about doing something like for this for a while but have never made the leap. We are hurting for cash around these parts but perhaps once we are better grounded I'll give it a go:)

    Thanks for the reminder!


  4. i love the two orange tops here! so cute!

    lindsey louise


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