Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

  • The ability to wear whatever I want to work (I'm the only one who see's myself all day!)
  • Being able to smoothly transfer over my new ads to Aproval (check out my sponsor page)
  • Having several new photography sessions booked in the coming weeks
  • Getting to spend time with my bestie and celebrate her getting married in a month
  • The 80's run that I was lucky enough to be a part of again
  • Learning to get back into my blogging routine and loving it
  • Finally posting posts ahead of time, scheduling posts is so much easier in the long run
  • The ever addicting game DOTS on my Droid (do you have it? what's your high score?!)
  • A lunch date with my high school bestie. It's an awesome feeling knowing that even almost twenty years later we're still close friends who make it our mission to stay up to date with each others lives. LOVES!!
  • Finally feeling like life is back under control and I can get a grasp on things, I've been so overhwelmed lately but luckily I'm gaining ground again!
  • Grapes, fresh grapes that are super crunchy and not soft and mushy to be exact
  • A phone charger on my desk at work
  • Rain for making my allergies calm down a bit for a couple days
  • Hold Twitter convos with +Rachel S and +Chelsee W about my chugging abilities in my profile picture :)


  1. I love how my ad is ALL BOOM at the top of this.

  2. I love how I found out about adproval. I was using passion fruit but now that we have to pay for it...I just don't want to use it since I don't get that much in ads.

  3. 80's run?! That sounds like so much fun!
    Do you work from home? I'd NEVER get dressed if I did, ha!
    Have you ever eaten frozen grapes? That's my husbands favorite way to eat them!

  4. Crunchy grapes are the shit! just sayin...p.s. we need a blog lesson session, your's is so much cooler than mine :)

  5. O gosh you are too funny. That twitter pic is amaze-balls!


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