Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This week has been filled with so many blessings!

  • The ability to continue to push towards my goal of #30milesin30days
  • Having friends compliment me on my photography work
  • The windy fall days that remind me of the beauty the Lord whispers into the tree leaves
  • Ice. Cold. Water.
  • Learning to push through the "I'm bored" feeling while running
  • Getting to celebrate my best friends wedding this weekend!!!
  • I'm not 100% sure I'm thankful for this yet but I did jump on the SnapChat bandwagon a couple of days ago. If you're bored or want to entertain me add me @kuwkels
  • Harvest for kicking off with no kinks! 
  • A couple of my favorite software editing business' for having sales. 
  • A good hour phone call with my mom
  • Fall colors slowly coming to full bloom
  • Crisp cold morning runs, they always get me awake and ready to roll for the day

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

On another note: I wanted to fill you guys in on a super fun link-up that I'm co-hosting with +Amanda Fehribach called Thirty Miles in Thirty Days. She hosts the weekly link-up and I'm going to start hosting the monthly one with her. I suck at doing a weekly post and it's just as easy for me to do a monthly one so that's the route I choose. You're of course welcome to link up weekly but I'll only post on my blog once a month. I'm excited to start informing you guys on what works and doesn't work for me and my workouts! I try to post on Instagram (follow me @kuwkels) about my workout updates but I often lack so I'm hoping to keep myself a little more accountable! Come link up on Monday with me!!

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  1. This sounds great! I'm a new runner and trying to get back into shape and this seems like a great workout resource and way of being accountable! I just found your blog on Bloglovin and a link up (I'm a new blogger so I've joined quite a few of them) and I love it! You have a new follower!

    ~Rebekah @


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