Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Review

I think Monday's are just a way of kicking us in the face and forcing us to turn into adults for five days again. This Monday, was no different! I follow way too many blogs and I love to read each and every one of yours so that leads me to not get my own posts written sometimes. #sorrynotsorry

This weekend was by far one of my most laid back weekends I've had in awhile.

Friday night consisted of nothing. Yup, that's right. Nothing. And those are some of the best Friday nights you can have sometimes!! I did nothing, I watched DVR, I took a nap after work. We grilled a little and that was it. I loved it! :)

Saturday I woke up around nine and didn't do a terribly large amount of work around the house. A little cleaning, some laundry, I baked some brownies and made fresh homemade salsa. Did mainly housework while eating. Lazy and I loved it!

I watched the Husker game off and on for most of the afternoon and was a very proud Husker when I saw how we took the time to honor one of UCLA's football players. Not only did our state unite and mourn for the UCLA loss but we had a moment of silence, released yellow and blue balloons, wore #36 on our helmets in memory of Nick but we also reached out to let them know we're thinking of them. I highly suggest reading this article from a UCLA fan called, The Morning After, Part 2 Nebraska. It's touching and I love seeing that others think we're the best fans ever. We truly do care about those around us!! If you're any bit of a "cryer" as I've dubbed it, you'll more than likely want to get your tissues ready to watch this video. I loved it but I will admit I got a little emotional. The passion our fans show just really is heartwarming and I'm so proud to be from Nebraska!!

While watching the game I actually sat down to make out a shopping list for groceries. This hasn't been done for awhile! I went through my Pinterest boards and found some recipes that needed to be tested out. (If any of them work I'll eventually post them) and then made out my list. Let's see if I follow through and make SOME of these recipes that I got things for... Oh, and I looked outside, we had a dog down! He must have been listening to the Husker game. We lost, and he was over it. 

After grocery shopping we got ready and went out to celebrate our friend's 30th birthday. It's nice going out once in awhile! We don't go out that often so it's kind of a treat to go visit with friends.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to a pancake feed in honor of a friend's sister who is battling Breast Cancer. The overwhelming amount of supporters that showed up is just too awesome! And to top it off, her son's entire hockey team, coaches and staff all showed up for the event! Too neat!

After filling up on yummy pancakes we headed towards Lincoln. I needed to do a little prop shopping for my photography business so we hit up Menards and a local fabric store. Now I normally wouldn't drag Travie on these types of trips but going into a man store scared me! I'm not the Menards type of gal so I needed a little moral support. After walking around for well over an hour almost two we finally had my goodies loaded up and I was ready to head over to my domain, the fabric store! 

Now don't go tellin Trav that I added this picture on the blog. He hates getting his picture taken but even more so, he hates seeing pictures of himself on the blog. (#hatersgonnahate) It was just hilarious though! We were walking around and all of a sudden he see's the scissor section and makes a bee line directly towards it. He tells me I can finish up shopping and he's gonna stand here in the "tool section" and look around. I imediately started laughing and couldn't resist taking a picture. He tried talking me into a new pair of scissors saying we needed some and they were on sale but I didn't budge. We've got fifteen pair strung throughout the house and we don't need more! He struck back with "but they're on sale for 40% off" and I held my ground. Don't let that coupon thing fool you, he knows how to melt me but I knew we just didn't need them!

After all was said and done we stopped at Pepper Jax's for supper. It's something new and we decided to venture out but next time I'm going to Chipotle next door. That was our original plan but I let him win and decided to cave and try something out of my comfort zone. It was great but I just love my Chipotle's!

The weekend was laid back and relaxed with rain showers and I loved it. I need to remind myself to find more "me" time and stop catering to everyone else! I will learn that Kelsey time is the most important to allow myself to re-group. I know this week is going to get hectic from here on out so I'm just hoping to find more me time when I've got an hour or two. I'm sadly not going to have a free night until next Monday! Eeek! 

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!


  1. I still can't get over him in the "tool" section! That is tooo cute!

  2. looks like you had a great weekend. I think most guys head to the tool section on shopping trips with me, but I mean what guy wants to spend that much time in the beauty section.

  3. This post made me hungry! Any weekend full of tasty food is a good weekend in my book! And I love the photo of the dog in the backyard. He looks pooped!

  4. Homemade salsa, yum! My weekend was very similar: homemade guacamole and football. :) But no pancake breakfast for me - though I would never turn one of those down!

  5. Hey hey! :) I nominated you for the Liebster award!

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