Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was hands down the most relaxed and laid back weekend we've had in awhile! I can honestly say I'm glad I had a weekend full of "nothing" to do! No planned days of activities with friends, no work days or cleaning days. Yes I'll admit I did work, I did clean and I did even go spend time with my church family but it was just fun. No commitments, nothing too busy, just plain fun.

Friday night the "Bohemian Mafia" as we've dubbed it went out and cruised the back roads. If you've watched my Instagram feed you'll notice we've been doing this a lot lately. It's just an absolute blast going out with friends on a Friday after work and cruising around on the four wheelers. Get a little air, relax a bit and then almost always end up in a pond. This time was no different and we had our first "man down" scenario and actually flooded a four wheeler. Oops! But check out this shot I snapped with my cell, isn't the harvest moon in the background just perfect?! My two fav things, four wheelers and photography opps. Yup, the boys called me crazy, but I like my crazy.

Saturday consisted of picture taking! The little miss on the left is my cousins cutie and I was so thrilled when she asked me to do family photos and first birthday pictures for them. I don't see them as often as I used to since they moved so getting to spend time learning about little Jax's personality is always a blast. She's going to be so fun when she gets older!

Sunday was mostly just lounge/relax day. I didn't do much, actually I really didn't do anything at all. I think I accomplished staying in the exact same pair of sweatpants (my fav PINK ones my sissy got me) for over 50 hours. #dontjudge #itwasworthit Then Sunday afternoon we went to my churches local chili cook off! Dad was playing and Trav was excited to test out eight different churches chili! I was just excited to socialize and take a shower and change out of my super comfy sweats. Sunday after that I didn't do a single thing, my tummy hurt from the excessive amount of chili and I felt like a stuffed pig.

Sorry the post is late, I blame work getting in the way of my writing. But I'm trying to get better about posting the night before. Bare with me ;)

She's sweet and sassy, and I love her store!!

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  1. You gotta stop with the baby pics..your giving me the fever!


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