Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Review

Woop Woop! The weekend came and went without any major catastrophes and I'm fully recovered I think! :) As you know I celebrated my 24th birthday on Saturday and it was also my best friend's wedding! I really don't have enough words to express how much fun I had over the entire weekend so instead I'll keep it light and simple and just let the pictures do the talking...
Alright, let's be honest, we know I'm a talker, and we know I'm gonna have to give descriptions of what's all going on in the pictures above. You really thought I'd just leave you hanging and not explain!? #weirdos
1. Selfie, I mean really, if you have a HUGE mirror you'd better take advantage of it! Here was when I first got into my hotel room.
2. All ready to go out for rehearsal dinner that evening after a quick shower and change. Selfie #2 = Success
3. Morning of wedding! No make-up, hair dried and ready for the days festivities
4. Mimosas for breakfast while getting my hair and make-up done. This was so relaxing and enjoyable :)
5. The ONLY shot of the bride and me together that I had on my phone, what a disappoint in myself!!
6. Me and Miss Jenny! The group of bridesmaids she had were so much fun, by the end of it I felt like we were all friends and I hope to keep in contact with several of them.
7. The one and only NICK! He was hands down the best guy to be paired up with and I'm almost certain we were the life of the wedding party. We rocked it...
8. Doesn't he look impressed with my ways? Don't let that face fool ya, he loved it!
9. See, proof we literally rocked it! We snuck over to the bar a couple times to take some shots, #worthit
I forgot to mention I flopped on doing my 24 random acts of kindness, the week got busy, my postcards came in late and I've decided it's time to kick it in gear and focus on them now. Sooo, with that being said, I'm going to be doing a lot of them over the course of this week and the following week as time allows. Be on the look-out and go check out Instagram and Twitter to see if the hashtag #rakuwk explodes and people actually post about their surprises! 


  1. Kels-

    Looks like you had a LOT of fun this weekend! i am glad that the wedding was so much fun! I hope that Trav got you something good for your bday!? I love ya!!!
    <3 Missy

  2. Okay love it! You look gorgeous in number 5! ANDDDD I LOVE those bridesmaids dresses A LOT!! where are they from?

    looks like a blast!! :)

  3. HAH I love all the pictures..I may have stalked you on facebook during this wedding! Loved the dress!

  4. Isn't being 24 an awesome age?!? I don't know why but I love it! It looks like you had So much fun!

  5. What a blast! We did have a good time...even considering that NASTY shot you made me take! Literally got a gut ache for the rest the night & next day over that one. haha!


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