Wednesday, October 2, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days - September

SURPRISE! I'm a new co-host to #30milesin30days with +Amanda Fehribach over at Adventures of Manda and Mr. Howie! I've been wanting to gear my blog more towards fitness and health so this was a perfect step towards my goal! 

This link-up consists of setting a goal of walk/crawling/jogging or running 30 miles in 30 days. It's not meant to be a pushy link-up requiring lots of skill, but more meant to help lead you into a healthier fitness routine. It works for people on all levels and I love hearing of so many people's success at all levels. If you're new to the activity schedule just start off walking and set a goal of running the 30 miles next year. If you're an experienced runner challenge yourself to hit 60 miles in the month! It's meant to get you active :)

So, wanna know my results now? No, ok.... Just kidding! You have to hear how horribly I did. Well, this month I failed miserably! I'm normally not a person who seeks excuses and I flat out admit I did have a couple but there were times I could have been out there running but I choose to edit pictures or clean the house but still. I know I'm not supposed to be too harsh on myself but it's true! I didn't hit my 30 miles but I was extremely close! I love striving to hit my goal, I love thinking that 30 miles is extremely reasonable considering a marathon is 26.2 miles and people train for those and do those all the time. 

Here's an Instragram version of some of my fun running inspirations and pictures from this past month! I love Instagram a lot, I'll admit it's my newest obsession :)

Monthly total was exactly 25.5 according to my Runkeeper app. But take a look, I got a jump start on October (the first picture in the top left corner) and my goal is to make up that 4.5 miles that I missed in September. So, for the month of October I'm now shooting for 34.5 miles. Think I'll make it? 


So here's where you tell us how you did for the month. Did you hit your goal? Are you like me and just an epic loser who failed miserably? Add the button to your blog post and come join us! Lin, Lin, Link it up!!



  1. Great job lady! I know you'll kick butt in October!!!

  2. Totally Linking up for October!!! Needing new motivation these days. Even though it snowing today and running is the last thing on my mind!!!! Hopefully this comment will keep me Accountable!!

  3. what a great link up you going be awesome


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