Friday, October 18, 2013

Duck & Dumpling Run

This one should be a fun recap! It's the 5k run I ran in August at Czech Days. If you'd like to read about it, go to the link Czech Days Re-Cap. Otherwise, here's what's been going on and how I did :)
Like I said before, I got an hour and a half of sleep the night before this run so I was obviously exhausted, but if you notice this is kind of a reoccurring pattern when it comes to me and my runs. Meh, it's my life, my blog and my sleeping habbits, imma do what I want! 
I got there to check in and tried to explain to the high schoolers running it that I needed a race bib number with a five in it. Doesn't matter where it's at, I just need one! They didn't cooperate and I ended up without my luck number five. I was kinda upset about this for quite awhile! If you haven't paid attention I've always had a five in my race bib numbers, always. Like every single 5k race I've ever participated in I have a five in my number. 1053 - 45 - 81695 - 56 You see the pattern? Ya, I was super sad. But moving on...
I was excited to see I had several family members show up to run this race. It's kind of become a fun "tradition" for us ladies to get up and run the race. Usually in the past year's I've been too hungover to run it but this year I told myself no more excuses you're going to run it. And I did! I got up with NO sleep and I didn't even complain too much. It was more of a bragging right to say yea I can party all night and still survive and push through to run my 5k.
So little Miss Kyla insisted she wanted to run with me. I was totally fine with it. She was excited to run, I was exhausted and I figured we'd be on the same playing field considering she doesn't run and attempt to stay in shape as much as I do. I love Kyla (and all of my little cousin's) to death and getting to spend time with anyone under the age of ten is considered fun to me. I just love their quirky personalities, their spunk and ever-positive attitude with life. Small kiddos have no worries in the world besides asking their parents if they can have that bunny they saw at the carnival, or if Santa will be coming before or after midnight. It's so simple, and I love it!
So me and Kyla took off heading for the city limits and hoping for a speedy 2 miles down and back on highway 41. Once we cleared the starting gates Kyla said she wanted to hold my hand the whole time. Now, I've never been a runner with the knack for holding hands while attempting to run. It was difficult but I didn't want to disappoint so I just worked with it. Kyla was so silly and she'd take off sprinting and then stop saying her legs needed a rest. I tried just keeping a routine pace and let her get behind then sprint ahead. It worked most of the way there and halfway back. 
I've listed my race results below, I'm not thrilled about my times but considering I was out the night before and had minimal sleep I give myself a pat on the back and vow to continue to focus on tomorrow's race. There will always be hardships associated with running and pushing yourself. The thrill I get from running is logging those miles and pushing myself to do better than my last goal. Encouraging myself to log more miles, try for harder average paces and even build myself up in hopes of completing a marathon (in the future, far in the future) is what it's all about. I'm a thrill seeker and to most this isn't a thrill but to me, it's a place I call all my own. I earn my own bibs and I race for myself. To prove to me that it is possible!
While on the course we met many other locals that we knew. The teachers, the city officials, a couple of daycare friends, even some of "grandma's" co-workers were mingled in the course. It was fun, I love running along side my community members and watching all of us encourage each other! Working together as a community to do events like this makes the experience worth it. I'd pay $500 if it meant I'd see so many of my friends, family members and community work together with the goal of staying active and healthy. 


  1. Sounds like a great run, I swear you and Rachel are being such influensters on me lately! Next will be running!

  2. I found you on Blissful & Domestic's Link Party. Doing my first 5k this weekend. I wonder if I'll end up having a lucky number too.

    So awesome that your daughter runs with you. I'd love to get to that point.


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