Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FaceCreeping Gets Me Everytime

I was recently inspired by Megan from Make It Count and her post about Facebook. Basically she sums up her use of fbook over time and explains on ways she thinks she can improve on her addiction. Well, I feel I need to do this as well. I've been saying for quite awhile that I'm way too addicted to social media and the toxic waste pit of "over-sharing" has become evident when a couple friends wrote me up for social media citations...

So with these citations it's made me really think and take a couple things to heart. 

A. I don't need the entire world knowing what I'm up to. It's OK to go out with friends and not find things to update the world about. My friends are mine, if you want to know what we're up to ask us. We'll more than likely invite you in on the fun and then you can see the memories being made in real life instead of through a still life photo or status update.

B. "likes" aren't meant for popularity. They're actually pointless sometimes. I know I get caught up in how many likes a certain photo, status or share gets and I'm starting to realize that those things aren't important. Just because someone on fbook says they "like" it doesn't necessarily mean they do. Most are being fake and using the rule of thumb "like for a like" and are actually doing it just to make you think they care.

C. The constant scrolling to get to the last status update you saw so you make sure you don't miss out on anything should not be a priority each morning. I'm guilty of this, it's part of my morning routine and I hate it. I hate dreading scrolling through everything that happened between 1 am (I go to bed really late) and 9 am the next morning. Nothing good ever happens after midnight and most people just "share" inspirational quotes.


Alright, now that we know what I don't like about my habits let's go about making myself accountable and doing something about it. Here is my call to action on some simple and tiny deets I'm going to focus on to help improve my addiction issues.

A. Limit myself and my postings even further! I've set a rule into place about only one post per day but it's time to limit it down even more. I normally only post pictures and even more rarely post inspiration quotes. You have to give me a break because I am a photographer so at times the photo over load does happen but I try to keep it at bay. I'm an admin for over 8 "like" pages so I do often post on different outlets at least once a day. I'm getting better at scheduling posts out but I admit sometimes I cross-post them to my personal timeline in hopes of getting a bigger audience to view them. 

B. Don't focus on what others say about my posts. Sometimes I get negative feedback about activities I might be involved in. I need to learn not to take it so much to heart. Yes I love Christmas music, but does that mean you need to remind me that it's too early in the year to listen to it? Nope, it's my facecreep and I'll post it if I want to. In fact: 

Hard Candy Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton on Grooveshark

C. No more catching up after midnight. I honestly think this is the new rule that I will struggle with the most. I'm a big person on the "I can't miss out on the action" stuff so for me, this will be so tough to not know what my friends are up to. I realize I need to just let things go and not thrive off of knowing other people's business and this seems like a good step in the right direction! I'm shutting down at midnight, no if's, and's or but's about it my fbook will be off. I know the notifications still push through on my phone but I'm ignoring them! If anyone knows how to shut them off at a certain time, help a sista out!

D. Time to cut it down!! I currently have 804 friends. Now in my defense yes I know each and every one of them (wow I have a lot of friends) but I very rarely talk to even 1/4 of them. Most are high school friends, college classmates, Czech acquaintances or relatives but I do have a few blog friends thrown in there. I need to get it under control and start eliminating these people though! Most of my college classmates I didn't even talk to when I was in college so why keep them. I'm going to start with those who I don't interact with and go from there. Now don't get me wrong it's not a bad thing to have too many friends but to have that many people on facecreep that don't interact with me seems silly, most just keep me to see what I'm up to or tattle to others on things I'm doing. You don't talk to me. You're gone. Simple.


So, now it's your turn to help me. Hold me accountable if you see me out snapping a ton of pictures and saying "oh I can't wait to share on fbook." If you see me posting a status or inspirational quote stop me. (That's what Pinterest is for right?) 

I blog for a reason, that reason is to have people come and specifically check up on me. You have to type my blog addy into the URL to find me. You can't scroll through a newsfeed and be forced to see me, you must take the time out of your day to see what I'm up to. I truly feel as if I need to focus more on my blog and getting quality posts about my lfie together than updating some social media site that will fade out soon like MySpace. Besides, when I look back in ten years, I want to have a place to call my own, a place to reminisce and smile knowing all of my memories are captivated into one location that describes all the success and failures of my life. A place to call home.

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  1. haha you would be the one that posts something entitles Facecreeping gets me everytime. haha lol

  2. A Facebook citation! How funny....

    Anyway....glad I could inspire your post today. :) The same thing happened to me...I kept seeing Facebook related posts and I knew I needed to do one myself. In your first list, I can totally relate to C. I scroll down to see everything I "missed." Most of it's junk and not interesting anyway, so I don't know why I do it. Good luck to you!

  3. So true! I'm addicted to social media but learned the quickest way for me to get in control is I'm not on it when my kids are with me and awake....plain and simple! You've given us a lot to think about!


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