Monday, October 14, 2013

Farming On The Four's (10/14/13)

I'm sorry, my manners suck. I have about 8-10 posts in drafts from the past three month's worth of Farming On The Four's but I just keep finding reasons not to post them, so right now. In this moment. I'm holding myself responsible and forcing myself to make this post. My pictures won't be added right away so stop back this evening to see them but ready or not I'm diving in head first and this WILL be published on time. 

We're currently working on finishing up soybean harvest. We've got about 1/3 left on beans and then we'll be ready to jump in full throttle into corn harvest. I love this time of year but at the same time I dread it. With harvest comes cooler weather, with cooler weather comes snow. With snow comes a crappy attitude by yours truly. I'm trying to stay positive trust me I am, but it's just tough. 

Yesterday we were on our final field of beans, we knew it'd be close and with the Co-op closing at 5pm we knew we would only have the semi-trucks and the grain carts to fill before we'd be done for the night. The struggle for us was the frustration of knowing we were so close to be done with soybeans but the rain was going to keep us out of the field for awhile. We finished what we could but everything was full so the boys went home for the night and we prayed the rain wouldn't keep us out for too long.

Speaking of rain, we've been blessed lately with off and on showers. Everyone says this year we'll have a hard winter and to be honest, I'm kind of excited about it if it means I get to stay snowed in and we don't get those pity little 1-2" snowstorms. But, for now, I'm ok with rain. I love rain, I love hearing it pelting against my windows, and the smell of moist air is so refreshing! A rainy day is a farmers day off so in that sense I'm equally excited to see what Travis has in store for this evening!

The cattle are dropping babies like hotcakes here lately. Like I said, when the weather starts changing the cattle have a tenth sense and know when to start having calves. This is a favorite for me because when Trav is busy hanging out in the combine I get to go and check up on the babies. See how many new ones we have, how many still need to calve and just do a general wellness check on everyone to ensure no mama's or babies are hurt or missing. In general everyone is usually fine but there will be the odd occasions where someone goes missing and then I report back to the general about it. He goes and checks in the morning to confirm or deny my requests and then we proceed from there.

Travis was pretty excited to try out a new (and much bigger) draper head for the combine. It was a 35' header so that meant the combine we bought this last year was too small for it. The dealership brought out a new combine and the head for Trav to play with and I think he was in Heaven with it. Now we're not really necessarily needing a bigger combine because some of the ground we farm has terraces and a bigger machine just wouldn't work but he is wanting to get a new head to use for beans. The one head we have is four years old so it's been around for awhile. Some of the bigger farmers in the area trade up equipment every year but we try to hold onto ours a little longer. I know the technology is constantly improving and resale value if you keep things longer goes down but we'd rather not be in debt every year so sometimes keeping what works and saving for bigger and better in the future is a good thing. In our case, we'll test our luck and use what we've got for this year and possibly trade up in the future.


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  1. I completely know what you mean about not wanting to be in debt every year for "bigger and better". My husband and his father are the masters at fixing everything themselves just so they don't have to buy new! It almost seems to be a competition among the family...They finally got a new corn head, because they absolutely couldn't put it off any longer!


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